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  1. Absurd the remix album Remixes by BUMBLEBRAIN BUCKETFOOT DJ PITTMAN
  2. When I hear SCOM I think of Ashba fucking it up at the Golden Gods awards.
  3. Livestreamer when SCOM starts Ohhhhhh my fucking godddddd!! Me when SCOM starts Damn no hardskool yet.
  4. Axl's vocals are better then the demo for sure, the song has an old skool GNR sound for sure. Frank on drums?? I cant tell. Duff killed it. Nice solo from slash.
  5. Us concerts are boring as fuck, except when you see Rammstein or Amorphis then people get the fuck up. when I saw GNR in philly in 16 I was the only person in my section who stood and sang to every song, most people wanted SCOM and paradise city, to be hearing Slash on better, CD and sorry was a dream come true. People were like wtf is Coma, just give me SCOM. ive been to everything from Metallica to Cannibal corpse, and crowds are shit. Ive been to hell fest, wacken and heavy Montreal and they go fucking nuts.
  6. My favorite GNR lyric is You don't understand your sexYou ain't been mindfucked yet romantic and poetic.
  7. It’s absurd that i still sing What can I do? With a bitch like youAll I have I ask of youI'll be dammedIf it's not trueEvery word of youA bitch like you
  8. Hard Skool will be released when the damn Cowboys win a super bowl. Never.
  9. Play hard school, or hard Skool or hard stool, or hard skull, who the fuck knows anymore, it’s all absurd to me
  10. If we get Hardskool tonight, I will run in downtown Rehoboth beach naked.
  11. Dick & bones Since I don’t have dick Down on the dick Garden of dick hair of the dick
  12. Well guess I’ll have to wait for the 20th anniversary of CD to hear Scraped live.
  13. When will GNR be a casino act? I say 2023. Skid row and ratt will be the opening acts.
  14. Get in the ring mother fucker, I’ll kick your bitchy little ass.
  15. Tonight Vince Bon Jovi will be taking vocal duties
  16. Mezz too. Love that song. The 10 minute warning version
  17. Did they do the new song My Absurd World yet?
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