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  1. They still market themselves as „Most dangerous band in the world“ ... this band is so ridiculous.
  2. There are millions of people who still have to do and, in fact, do their hard jobs on daily basis besides everything going on in California, in the US and in the world. But GNR aren’t able to compile and to release a music boxset?! Yeah right. I feel so sorry for them and their tough lifes. I know that the fires are huge and dangerous problem. But as far as I know, even though, life goes on In California and its citizens go to work everyday. Hence, As long as the houses of GNR aren’t burning or anyone of them or their families have to deal with a Covid-19 infection, there i
  3. Even if YCBM back then didn’t sound 100% like the studio version (if you say so), it actually did sound awesome. That’s all that matters. Today’s YCBM does sound like shit. And, unfortunately, its not only YCBM that sounds like crap but the majority of a three hour show. Its not something I point out to troll or something, its just a fact that hurts me as a fan of Axl Rose and a fact everyone with two intact ears will confirm, unless we are talking bout the typical yes-men.
  4. Axl couldn’t sing songs like YCBN properly even his peak?! Now it’s getting beyond ridiculous. The casual fans may not notice some rasp missing here and there. But casual fans do notice that the Mickey Mouse voice they are hearing for three hours at a live show sounds like shit and has nothing to do with the voice they know from the radio and they paid hard earned money for to hear live.
  5. Top contribution. You guys are so incredible. Guys like you are the reason why GNR/Axl/TB get away with all the bullshit. Because as soon as you receive a little bit of „quality“ material, suddenly all the shit of the past is forgotten and, even worse, is not even allowed to be mentioned anymore by anyone else. Otherwise those people who speak the truth are tried to get silent with the allmighty „complaints, complaints, complaints“ argument.
  6. Its kind of sweet and lovely (and a bit naive) what you are doing. Really, no harm meant. But speaking of a gap between the band and their fans repeatedly wasn’t that smart from a psychological point of view, at least in my opinion. Anyway, I honestly wish you all the luck in the world with your plan. I personally think it’s just a waste of time and will Fernando make laugh out loud at maximum. But maybe I am just bitter after all these decades being a GNR fan. You seem to be a younger guy. Hence, All the power to the next generation of fans 😃
  7. I agree. A bit of realism wouldn’t hurt; ACDC songs are tailor made for the voice of Axl Rose but GNR songs are not. This is your reality?! Respect. Coma aside, Axl hasn’t nailed any complete GNR song - let alone a complete GNR show - whith his characteristic raspy voice since at least 2017. In my opinion he even has not in 2016. But he was able to tour a whole AcDC tour without struggling a minute. In no way this has only to do with the arrangement of ACDC songs compared to GNR songs. In terms of some songs or some parts of songs maybe, but in no way in general. And, Y
  8. Indeed, its the best video so far. But the best a 55 year old can offer?! Come on. As I said above, just watch any Axl/Dc show from 2016 and you see what this 55 year old guy named Axl is able to deliver if he wants to. It is lightyears away from that Coma performance.
  9. He should have just used his speaking voice within the last three minutes like he did for some verses. It sounds sonmuch much better. I am just watching the Axl/Dc show from Philly 2016 which was weeks ago from GNRs Houston show. Axl was so on fire and that good in ACDC. I still cannot get why he is/was so shitty in GNR but that awesome in a foreign band. Its just like watching/hearing two different people. I am really glad that I saw Axl/Dc back then in Hamburg.
  10. Don’t want to complain but are you guys seriously saying Axl nailed Coma?! You must be kidding. If at all, it was ok. Nothing more. In fact, Mickey was always right about to come through.
  11. Yes, @DurhamGirl should definitely spent some time on listening to all GNR albums for at least one time before she opens anymore pointless threads. No offense @DurhamGirl but its seems very strange to me that you haven’t even listened to GNRs little catalog for at least once (I think thats what you have posted a few days ago) but are posting like a maniac and suffering the end of the band ;-)
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