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  1. No offense but thats not what you predicted. Your statement was: „The vinyl may be released a month or two after the digital release “ Anyway, My question was not meant as an attack either but just being curious about your opinion why such a big band like GNR even needs half a year to release a single, even on CD format. I was relating to our previous correspondence above a few weeks ago by which you stated that this won’t be the case. Once again, just being curious.
  2. Russ, coming back to your post above: What’s your guess on the Hard Skool CD/7“ being released no earlier than Feb/May 2022?
  3. Crashdiet has already been released by two other bands decades ago (Asphalt Ballet and Wildside). For this reason alone, I don’t see a GNR release happen. Even though, I would like it.
  4. Yes, just another money grab. If you want to own the studio version you have to buy the CD as well.
  5. I am just wondering if Hard Skool would have ever been released if it hadn’t leaked a few years ago as part of the locker CDs and caused the buzz afterwards. Maybe Axl has to be thankful for the leak in some way. Because I don’t think it’s very naive to believe that because of the leak and all the hype on Hard Skool he was reminded of this song at all. At least, as result of the hype, he could be sure that a release of this song would be a sure shot. And the best thing for him: He had done his vocal work already 20 years ago.
  6. Slash and Steven in one room tonight? (along with John5 and Rob Zombie) https://www.instagram.com/p/CTCrrYIrLCh/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. Russ, just for the record: I am not saying anything else. 100% agree with you. We are on the same page.
  8. Was it a coincidence that Fernando visited the forum right when @facefirst made his „argument“ he had with him regarding the lithos public?
  9. Correct. And since my reading of Fernando’s post was that they cannot realease anything on vinyl right now because pressing plants are flooded, I assumed that they don’t have a major release in the pipeline but something like a limited 7“ of Absurd which very few people are interested in and which won’t means big money for pressing plants. Otherwise GNR won’t have to wait.
  10. This was also my initial thought. But fact is that everyone in the music business as well as every collector of vinyl knows that pressing plants are collapsing for at least 1,5 years now. Even my girlfriend knows and she is zero interested in physical media 😄 Its just no secret and just because Fernando also is aware of this fact does not mean GNR is planing a (major) release right now. Maybe there will be a limited run of Absurd 7“. But I don’t expect anything bigger. Because most pressing plants simply serve those companies/bands first who pay the most. Hence, if GNR have to wait and stand in line likea small artist, for me this a clear sign that any planned release to be pressed on vinyl will just be a „gimmick“ but nothing bigger.
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