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  1. Anyone listen to the vinyl mix and can compare it to the original record? How does it compare? What are your thoughts on the mix of the UYI tracks, and the Appetite tracks to the L&L remaster?
  2. I posted this in the general musings thread earlier, but I'm glad Lars isn't bitter about it. I know that in the Inside the music about Metallica, all the guys started shitting on Axl and GN'R really badly for the Montreal riot. I'm not sure how true the claims are about the sound system being messed up, and not being set up correctly/Axl may have been sick or something like that IIRC. Either way, a cool time in music, how often could you see Body Count, Metallica, and Guns in a single show? The UYI was such a massive event, I'd love to write a book about it
  3. Sony used some smart strategies, specifically selecting DVD and Blu Ray as the format for their consoles, and pretty much have a lead in console sales because of their IPs. It's all good for me as a PC fan, competition has meant that microsoft is spreading the Xbox platform to PC gaming and now I can play Master chief collection on my gaming rig 😎
  4. Hey guys, does anyone have Among Us? Or similarly play the game Mafia? Over on the GN'R discord a few of us have Among Us and it'd be cool to play with some more people! If you haven't checked it out, it's 5 bucks on Steam, super fun game of deception. If anyone remembers the game Mafia as a kid, or played it at a party, we play on the GN'R discord--The War Room. Would love to have more people from the forum join and play. A lot of us play other games as well!
  5. It sounds more like getting band members a "try out" or demo, or working out the song and arrangements together. They did the same thing with KOHD. Interesting because of the vocal work, but we've seen how every member of the band played their versions of the songs--only difference is Axls vocals after all these years. Otherwise, just meh
  6. I'd prefer a proper version of Estranged from the Chicago or Oklahoma show. Much better than Tokyo
  7. Due to the bands quite terrible/very small live collection, some of the Live Era tracks are incredibly precious--such as You're Crazy from the '88 Tokyo show, Dust N' Bones from the Ritz '91 show, Out Ta Get Me from the Marquee show '87, Paradise City from Las Vegas. It's just a damn shame that the vocals are rerecorded. There are Soo many great performances they could've just picked other ones, but they didn't I honestly think an official GN'R record from the UYI era, no overdubs, would be incredible. Opening with Perfect Crime and Right Next Door to hell, Brownstone, bad Obsessio
  8. Does anyone what went into the mixing of the UYI albums, I mean between the demos--which a lot of the performances sound the same (see the Garden demo/instrumental)-- to the final mix? I went through and listened to a couple demos on a car ride recently and it seems like the grit and rawness of the performances, a lot of the heaviness, was taken out by Bill Price. Matt's drums sound noticable worse. The rhythm guitar sections are too quiet, even Slash's, and everything doesn't have the forward, in your face sound that TSI has; weren't all three records recorded at the same time? Just seem
  9. If they had performed, it would've made the Paris '92 show the most precious and important proshot we would have as a fanbase
  10. That show would require a complete remix of the audio, they have the soundboard of the show (with Live Era being evidence), so if we got a proper sounding release of the show, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. It just wouldn't excite me that much, like 40 shows off the top of my head I'd rather see in good quality The only possible thing that could excite me from this, is the possibility of the remastered UYI tracks. If they were smart, they would tease the remasters early. Otherwise it's probably just the standard vinyl versions of previously released tracks. Sad face. I'm so bo
  11. The lyrics to You Could Be Mine are in Appetite for Destruction, at the end of the LP gatefold. Matt more than likely played a slightly altered version of the drum track Steven had already laid out
  12. Does anyone know some major metal stars, besides Rob Halford, coming out?
  13. Axl looks happy in that last picture :/ wish him the best, but don't think that can be the case with Beta controlling shit
  14. Hmm so while it is true that GN'R blocks videos, I've only seen them block live videos--not content like his--see watch Mojo. I definitely could be wrong. But also sucks he couldn't say a damn thing about the record.. boring--not much to say that hasn't been said yet, but I just want to hear other people's opinions is all. Eh sucks Also, imo, the ONLY record that can compete with Appetite is Zeppelin 1 for best debut
  15. This would only be correct, in some measure if Axl gets the chance to record CD, in a couple years or so, the WAY HE intended it to be. It's very obvious the studio wasn't happy with the product--see the difference in the demos from 1999-2000, 2002, 2006, etc. The final product is just an amalgamation of what Axl could get by with, I think. SMiLe hid under in the shadows--only a few, somewhat incomplete versions of the songs were released through records like Smiley Smile, and Surfs Up. Brian had an amazing voice and was a generational writer and producer. I love Axls voice and hi
  16. Among CD fans, Catcher in the rye, I just thinks it's an awful song Among the contrarian fans--One in a million, song where the verses don't have anything to do with the choruses. I like the chorus, dats it. Coulda been a good love song Among casuals probably either SCOM or November Rain. I love both songs, but SCOM is overplayed, and the production on NR could've been better--see live versions of the song Among hardcore fans, Don't Damn Me. Still have no idea how anyone can stand that song one bit
  17. Great photos, you can sense, feel, hear the power of Axl's singing in the last photo--especially.
  18. So, it depends.. i think, bare minimum--any show would probably look like Tokyo '92. I'm just guessing, or like an upgraded version of saskatoon. Which, i think is more than good enough. I just don't know what kind of cameras they used to shoot the shows--i doubt film cameras, they're just a little too expensive for each show. BUT, if they used professional broadcast cameras--which they probably did (since they had to project screen feeds that are HUGE)--then i think the quality would be more than sufficient! I think all the videos stolen by the crew were just reference tapes, hell Saskatoon d
  19. God yes... Dust N' Bones is probably my favorite track--Duff sort of blends with Izzy in the middle--spilling into the left channel. Dizzy's keys are kinda muted--the overdubs take too much of the soundstage (especially the vocal overdubs). It's a shame, really, such a dirty-bluesy song too
  20. So it seems that it was a comedy of errors that lead to the mix we have now, and how Bill got involved. Surprising that the band chose to not go with Thompson-Barbiero again; say what you want about the drums and the reverb-- Appetite sounds great; I think Appetite sounds much better than the Illusion records. Everything has this soft, hazy sort of sound on the illusions (to me at least). Vs. Appetite and the Spaghetti Incident sound mean, dirty and sharp like a razor. It's hard to describe I guess. Don't Cry sort of exemplifies it, listening to the tone of the live versions and how aged the s
  21. You'd essentially have to remix the tracks and albums. I think you could get it pretty close, especially with someone EQing Matt's drums, turning up Izzy's guitar, maybe tweaking the gain on Slash's guitar. Now thematically, I think if you removed or tweaked a lot of the overdubs and sound effects--thatd go a long way (tracks like Perfect Crime, Garden Of Eden, Coma) could really benefit
  22. Let me get my next paycheck, and that sucker is mine. Prince and Chris Cornell are the deaths that really hit me recently. Not much more than a cursory knowledge of his discography, but you can't deny the value and greatness of this release
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