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  1. One of my favorite ever performances from Axl. Such power behind his voice there, you can really feel the emotion through the way he sings. It's so good I don't even want a studio recording of that song, just a high quality version of that live performance.
  2. Yeah I don't really buy into the fact that COVID-19 prevented any sort of new music release from GNR. I actually understand not wanting to release new music during this worldwide crisis, but I truly believe that pandemic or no pandemic, no music was planned to be released this year at all. If they wanted to make 2020 their big year where they finally release a new album, we would have had at least some sort of info by the Super Bowl show they played. Before the shit hit the fan with the pandemic, we had the whole "no idea how to release music anymore" excuse and they probably would've kept usi
  3. All this talk about what kind of clips Fernando was getting prepared for us, should’ve realized they wouldn’t even go that far. A playlist of studio tracks in the order of the set list is what we get. Great stuff This would be such a fun show to have the pro shot of. Really disappointing
  4. I’m in the camp that thinks SoG is just scratch vocals at the end, but it is weird comparing it to Quick Song’s scratch vocals because those are so clearly not words at all, while in this song it seems like there’s an idea of what Axl wants to sing but just hasn’t really finalized writing them
  5. The Catcher in the Rye from this show was incredible. 2010 Axl was insane
  6. I’m not going to vote because I don’t really agree with either of those options. I love GNR, I love hearing their music and seeing their shows and all that stuff, I just really wish they’d do something aside from non-stop touring. I’ve been to 4 NITL shows and every time it’s still magical seeing Slash, Duff, and Axl share a stage. That was a reality no one thought possible and I’m still grateful that we got it. It’s just frustrating waiting for something to happen when clearly no one in the band cares about doing anything aside from tour and make as much money as possible. I guess thats the b
  7. His mid range voice can actually be pretty raspy with no screams. Not a lot of examples of this recently but off the top of my head I’m thinking of the last verse of Dont Cry and also the verses of Madagascar. When I saw Madagascar in 2017 I was surprised how raspy he was singing the verses
  8. I agree with all these points, my point was that with ticket prices the way they are these days, most casuals probably won’t go to more than 1 show this summer and, even tho GNR is a much bigger/better band, the appeal of a Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett show is probably going to be more appealing than the 4th year of the same GNR show. At least from my personal experience, but I actually don’t know a single other hardcore GNR fan in real life
  9. For real. I don’t know any casual rock music fans that would choose GNR over Motley Crue and Def Leppard especially with the recent Netflix movie. Very crowded market for GNR to try and make a return to stadiums
  10. Fortunately I don’t think the tour name is actually “Larger than Life”. Seems like it’s just a headline describing how they expect the tour to be. From what I can see on the GNR website the tour is just gonna be called the 2020 stadium tour. Doesn’t come near me anyway so it’s not a hard decision for me to skip this tour unless they actually bring some new music to the table.
  11. Knew I wasn't going to be disappointed by the "all new show". It's completely different now, thank u axl
  12. I only listened with my phone speaker held up to my ear so I couldn’t hear clearly, but that was exactly my first impression as well just based on the drums. Tried to hear you’re crazy and couldn’t. Will listen with headphones in a bit
  13. Could it be happening? I’ll be very pissed at Bud Light if they’re getting my hopes up for no reason lol edit: I looked at the date and that’s a pretty old post. Probably doesn’t mean anything
  14. That show is only six months away, which is honestly a bit sooner than I was expecting a US tour to happen. Wonder why they’re holding off an announcing these shows officially. Maybe they’re announcing the tour with another special announcement this Friday. Fingers crossed lol fully expect another cash grab disappointing tour
  15. The playlist is on their SoundCloud and I think Apple Music as well but none of it can be accessed right now. Wonder what they’re planning on doing with these
  16. Idk, Miami is only a one off show and one they might want to play it safe with. My cut off date has been the start of the actual tour for a while, though I agree that using the Miami show to start promotion would be the best way to do that, and if nothing happens it’s definitely gonna damage what little hope I have that a new album is coming. I won’t give up hope completely until the tour starts and nothing has been at least announced. I’ll also give up hope if the US tour is announced without a new album because it would be a really dumb move to market that without a new album, if one was com
  17. Well the people who have heard Hard School aren’t their concern, most people and casual fans have not heard that song, so to the market that brings in the most money it is an entirely new song. Even to us on the forum and everyone else who listened to the leaks, getting a single like that would be huge because that would mean the new album is 100% a real thing that’s coming out soon. That’s what I’m hoping for, I just want to be able to hold and listen to a new GNR album, I’m not concerned about what songs they use as singles
  18. It’s not the bands fault that music leaked out a few months ago, so I’d have absolutely no problems seeing the leaked songs on a new album. We don’t even know how many of those songs were written before Slash and Duff left the band. New music is new music, doesn’t matter when it was written, and there are some really solid songs that we’ve heard, even in just instrumental form, that would make a great GNR record especially with Slash and Duff playing them. Any new GNR record would be a miracle, and I’d be the last one complaining about it especially if getting this one out opens the door for e
  19. Seems a bit more vague than his usual responses on the subject. Like someone else said, he definitely won’t be the one to announce new GNR material so I wonder if he’s being more vague on purpose
  20. There was one on YouTube for a while. No idea if it’s still there or where to find it if it’s not
  21. The stage was wet apparently. After Axl got up he started wiping the floor with a rag. Called it an “occupational hazard”
  22. Just saw the Axl impersonator walking around the venue. Had to do a double take lol
  23. Guns N’ Roses says ‘Don’t Cry,’ but if you missed their Salt Lake City show, you should disregard that advice It would be easy to call Guns N’ Roses’ appearance Tuesday night at Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City a no-frills show — except for, you know, the multiple video screens, the pyro, the show-ending confetti … the fact that they employ two keyboardists. So, all right then, it wasn’t as austere as a nunnery. It is rock ’n’ roll, after all. And pure rock ’n’ roll was the point in this latest installment of GNR’s now-years-long “Not in This Lifetime Tour” — a show t
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