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Status Updates posted by slash23579

  1. If someone wants to buy me a ticket to the LA show, I'd really appreciate it.

  2. Does anybody know if the talkbox solo on Anything Goes is Slash or Izzy? I always thought it was Izzy because it's coming from the left speaker but the more I listen to it the more I think it's Slash.

  3. Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar. Good shit

    1. Towelie


      Wonder how much he paid for it.

  4. "This is a song that was not written by David Hasselhoff"

  5. Got my "hooray for tolerance!" shirt today! I will definetly be rocking that at the Vegas show!

    1. Powerage5


      Glad it got there quickly!

  6. Breakdown is such a great song

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    2. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      I've come to know the cold, think of it as home.When there ain't enough of me to go around I'd rather be left alone. Awesome lyrics

    3. PITBOSS


      it's one of my personal favs

    4. Towelie


      Does anyone have a version without Axl's stupid spoken word rap thing at the end?

  7. I really wish I got a Nightrain membership now...

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    2. Towelie


      Would sooner burn my money than pay to join that.

    3. Taylor2555


      been thinking about it. can't believe its locked!

    4. ZoSoRose


      Got one right before it closed

  8. Slash should make an instrumental album

    1. supercool


      anything rather than myles on vocals

    2. BetterDay7


      I totally agree with you both

  9. I watched a few NuGNR videos on YouTube and now all the ads that I get are either in Spanish or Portuguese. Great.

    1. Uncle Bob

      Uncle Bob

      install "adblock" on your browser

    2. LyndaRose


      yes, I never have ads thanks to AdBlock

  10. RIP 2014: Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014 :(

  11. Can't believe it's almost Christmas and it hasn't snowed here yet. Usually get inches-feet of snow as early as October

  12. Don't forget to drink your milk

  13. So I was about to watch a video of a NuGNR performance, and the ad before the video was a full performance of Slash with MK playing Nightrain. I thought it was pretty funny...

  14. This passive-aggressiveness is making my blood boil

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    2. DR DOOM

      DR DOOM

      your status update is pretty complex, I don't think the old band could have pulled it off.

    3. tinyrobot


      I never meant it as a joke. Nonetheless, it's obvious I am a brilliant mind.

    4. GUNNER PT


      The "less bloated" one is also one of those that never get old ... pls don't stop ... can't wait for the "good mood" one xD

  15. Well it took me long enough, but I'm finally a supporter!

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    2. Nosaj Thing
    3. HenryHill!
    4. WFA


      Nice! Enjoy the supporters section and the MyGNR Hall of Fame :)

  16. My dad just got diagnosed with cancer :(

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    2. Coma16


      Sorry to hear. Be strong man

    3. UK SUBS

      UK SUBS

      As with all the other comments. So sorry to hear buddy :(

    4. Bobbo


      I've been there. I'm still there. My dad was diagnosed over 4 years ago, and it's still sucha a tough pill to swallow. It's painful as all hell seeing someone so underserving getting so royally screwed :-(. He'll never hit remission, but he has been level, and luckily so far, the really painful moments to watch have been at a minimum. I only wish the coming years are as kind to your dad as they've been to mine. Best of luck, hang in there.

  17. I just realized that iiii]; )' was a face wearing a top hat. I'm a fucking moron

    1. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      What did you think it was?

    2. darknightfan


      Hey it took me a while too. It's pretty stupid lol who would have thought anyway?

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