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  1. I gotta say tho, BBF used to nail that guitar solo like nobody else...
  2. LMAO, even the guy who writes the book isn't worth jack shit in the artistic department... Like GNR
  3. Funny how the same is often said about Axl, and, yet, I still don't believe it
  4. A trademark, like Guns N' Roses, exerces a social function. This is a very known concept in the marketing business. So, the impact of the trademark decisions is transfered to the public's perception of it. This could generate a positive, or a negative image of them, which directly influences the success of the band. In example, let's say Metallica does a livestream about COVID-19, playing music, talking and being friendly. They'll be much more remembered than GNR, it'll make more headlines, and, thefefore, they'll sell more music/tickets. Not doing anything is straight up bad management.
  5. Axl is trying to release it, but he doesn’t know HOW to exactly... a handful of people saying it should be a software, and another handful of people saying it should be physical... you know
  6. I miss when 8D was just a smile face with glasses
  7. Guys, there are two sides to what he said, whether you like it, or not I don't think what he said was racist by any means, but I understand other people can see it the other way
  8. Which is exactly the case for both of them
  9. IF anything. For now, let’s assume karma doesn’t exist
  10. If anything, they’re getting karma from everything they did It’s funny because Bolsonaro literally said a week ago that the disease was a fantasy, and exaggerated Well let’s see now
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