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  1. Sadly, I think money takes priority over music in the GNR camp . And as others have mentioned , touring a greatest hits set list with no new album to promote shows lack of artistic integrity . I can’t stand SMKC either. I literally can’t name one song or remember one riff or melody off of any of their albums. I bought them all, listen to them once and then never again. Boring, generic, pop rock. Reminds me of Journey but without the great songwriting or soul . I liked those leaks that came out by the late 90s/early 2000s era of NuGNR much more than anything SMKC has put out .
  2. I read yesterday how Todd Kerns said that a new smkc album is coming out in 2021 which means a tour as well . i’m guessing this means no new guns album until at least 2022 or 2023. do you think they just don’t have the material? What’s the hold up? I know tickets weren’t selling well for the stadium tour that was planned that was canceled due to Covid. From what I read it was not an extension of the ‘not in this lifetime‘ tour but a new tour on its own . Not sure what the tour was supporting ? It’s not a reunion tour anymore. And there was no new album being promoted.
  3. I logged on to the forum this morning and saw that the new album thread was ‘Hot’ . I thought for a second there was some news regarding a new release , but no just the same old bullshit of people discussing irrelevant shit in regards to an album released 12 years ago smh
  4. Here’s the link to Sorum’s instagram with the flyer for the show . It doesn’t show any singers yet but it says more announcements to follow . I’m guessing ozzy might sing a song or 2 as the entire crew of guys that played on his last record is gonna be there . Not sure who else though .
  5. Sorum is playing a fundraiser show and slash , duff and Dave kushner are playing too . VR reunion
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