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  1. I hear parts of the songs ‘world on fire’ by SKMC and ‘touch too much ‘ by AC/DC . The solo is just noodling up and down the neck of the guitar . it’s just like the rest of the SKMC stuff, boring and generic pop rock. There’s no magic, no attitude, no grit . I literally can’t remember 90% of the material on any of their albums, there’s nothing that stands out and it all sounds the same.
  2. The original was far superior in my opinion. A much more musical , dynamic and cohesive song. The original intro was beautiful . Duffs intro sounds out of place . Slash’s guitar work on the song sounds random , doesn’t fit with the vibe of the song . The Chinese democracy era of GNR was very special , very talented musicians . Intricate, layered, technical rock ‘n’ roll for the 2000s. Velvet Revolver was very special as well . Heavy, groove oriented, tight old school style rock. This hybrid line up sounds … off . They should have started from scratch rather than having slash and duff add overdubs and changes to already recorded songs . The fact that they are releasing 20 year old songs makes me realize they are very hard up for new material.
  3. Here’s my review of the show last night. Mammoth were pretty good. Wolfie uses some kind of effect on his vocals which isn’t cool IMO. If you can’t make your voice sound that way naturally then don’t sing the songs. GNR were terrible. Frank destroys the songs. he completely changes the way the songs sound, He disregards signature drum fills and plays them all his own. I wonder if he ever actually listened to any of the records . I can’t tell who was worse in GNR, him or brain. Axl has completely lost his voice . Either he talks the parts in a low voice with a bit of growl or he sings and sounds like Mickey Mouse . His microphone is very powerful though and he takes up a lot of the mix , even when he’s barely whispering he is louder than all the other instruments combined. The band sounded loose and disjointed. Slash is losing his chops as he gets older . He plays nervous without a few drinks in him I think and it effects his timing and feel.,Having a drummer that’s playing something completely different than what’s on the records isn’t helping any . They announced a “new” song which turned out to be a reworked version of silkworms , axl screams “absurd “ a bunch of times for a chorus lol I was in section B5 and it sucked because there was chairs zip tied together, you couldn’t move or jump around or dance etc. it was very tight . I traveled to Boston from Connecticut and between tickets and hotel it was very expensive . It was boring to hear the same old songs again, especially when they sound like shit playing them. I know this is a very negative review and Guns N’ Roses is my favorite band of all time but that’s the truth in my opinion
  4. It is legal here , but no dispensaries close by as far as I’m aware . Closest one is like half hour walk
  5. Anyone local in Boston going to the show that would be able to sell me alittle herb ? Preferably connoisseur grade
  6. Packing my bag and listening to AFD right now , headed to Boston to see my favorite band at Fenway park tonight !! “You wanted the best ?! Well they didn’t make it , so here’s what you get … Guns N Roses!!!”
  7. I’ve seen axl say that the song home sweet home by Motley Crue was what inspired November Rain . That song was released in 86 or 87 if I’m not mistaken.
  8. I hate to sound negative about my favorite band but Axl still sounds like Mickey Mouse . I’m still very excited they are touring again and can’t wait to catch the show in Boston.
  9. I drank 2 bottles of it that were gifted as thanks for holding a spot in line at the Hammerstein ballroom show in 2006 . I was so drunk security barely let me into the show . Security tossed me about halfway thru and than Fernando let me stay and watch from the side as long as I gave my word I wouldn’t cause any more trouble . Nightrain is a crazy buzz !
  10. Sadly, slash seems to have lost his chops. His timing , rhythm and feel have taken a major hit and he pretty much noodles random notes in place of the guitar solos . I hate to say it but Guns N’ Roses as a live band are terrible nowadays. That being said it’s still a great time to go see them and hear the hits. I predict the next tour will be exactly the same as the Not in this lifetime tour.
  11. I actually found it just now , the one you posted was mentioned as well . Thanks for the reply though . that’s the one . I don’t have a clue what the lyrics mean but the song itself is really good and if it was in fact a potential GNR song it could have been amazing if it was beefed up and streamlined a bit . Not much going on in the GNR world lately so might be a cool listen for any other members who haven’t heard it yet
  12. Forgive me if this is the wrong section to post this and I will promptly delete this post if someone can help me find the song I’m looking for. There was an instrumental song that was supposedly recorded by members of the Nu GNR lineup in the late 90s or early 2000s that was sold to a Mexican band who changed it up a bit and released it. It was mentioned a couple times on this forum but I’ve used the search feature and can’t seem to locate any of the posts. Can anyone help me out? It had a very cool guitar part in it that I’m trying to learn. Thanks in advance .
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