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  1. Sadly, slash seems to have lost his chops. His timing , rhythm and feel have taken a major hit and he pretty much noodles random notes in place of the guitar solos . I hate to say it but Guns N’ Roses as a live band are terrible nowadays. That being said it’s still a great time to go see them and hear the hits. I predict the next tour will be exactly the same as the Not in this lifetime tour.
  2. I actually found it just now , the one you posted was mentioned as well . Thanks for the reply though . that’s the one . I don’t have a clue what the lyrics mean but the song itself is really good and if it was in fact a potential GNR song it could have been amazing if it was beefed up and streamlined a bit . Not much going on in the GNR world lately so might be a cool listen for any other members who haven’t heard it yet
  3. Forgive me if this is the wrong section to post this and I will promptly delete this post if someone can help me find the song I’m looking for. There was an instrumental song that was supposedly recorded by members of the Nu GNR lineup in the late 90s or early 2000s that was sold to a Mexican band who changed it up a bit and released it. It was mentioned a couple times on this forum but I’ve used the search feature and can’t seem to locate any of the posts. Can anyone help me out? It had a very cool guitar part in it that I’m trying to learn. Thanks in advance .
  4. Sadly, I think money takes priority over music in the GNR camp . And as others have mentioned , touring a greatest hits set list with no new album to promote shows lack of artistic integrity . I can’t stand SMKC either. I literally can’t name one song or remember one riff or melody off of any of their albums. I bought them all, listen to them once and then never again. Boring, generic, pop rock. Reminds me of Journey but without the great songwriting or soul . I liked those leaks that came out by the late 90s/early 2000s era of NuGNR much more than anything SMKC has put out .
  5. I read yesterday how Todd Kerns said that a new smkc album is coming out in 2021 which means a tour as well . i’m guessing this means no new guns album until at least 2022 or 2023. do you think they just don’t have the material? What’s the hold up? I know tickets weren’t selling well for the stadium tour that was planned that was canceled due to Covid. From what I read it was not an extension of the ‘not in this lifetime‘ tour but a new tour on its own . Not sure what the tour was supporting ? It’s not a reunion tour anymore. And there was no new album being promoted.
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