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  1. I was extremely forgiving on Axl's performance of Hard Skool in Baltimore and was just so stoked they finally played it. I also didn't think Axl was nearly as bad as a lot of people were making it out to be. This performance in Raleigh was extremely bad. It seriously blows my mind that people saw it as an improvement. Axl sounded much worse and the timing issue in the last quarter was absolutely atrocious. Axl desperately needs to rehearse it.
  2. I completely disagree. I was watching a random video a few weeks ago from 2016 when he was in the throne doing Better and he sounded night/day different compared to now. Much more rasp, longer sustained notes and less out-of-breath moments.
  3. Did Axl made the "WGNR" joke tonight? Gets me every time!
  4. Absolutely cannot wait to watch Hard Skool on a Facebook live stream that's going fucking 10x fast.
  5. It was an arena. Of course they wouldn't debut Hard Skool there. It'll definitely be played in Ohio.
  6. I'm fully expecting the official Hard Skool release to not be as good as the demo and then I just continue to listen to the demo.
  7. I'm ready for the fans that are gonna be like, "It was a festival. Of course they wouldn't debut Hard Skool there. It'll definitely be played in Minnesota."
  8. It's sad enough that this was the single mention of the 30th anniversary, but it's even worse with how atrocious the actual merchandise is. It's so unimaginative and expensive.
  9. I'm sorry, but I find it so comical that some fans read this statement and immediately went back to the mindset of, "Oh, clearly Hard Skool was definitely supposed to be played that night, but wasn't because of this." Just stop, people. 😂
  10. I hope so. I've heard stuff from pretty much every show of the tour so far and feel like his voice has pretty much been the same ever since show three or four. Not terrible but not great either.
  11. I swear every show people say, "Best show of the tour so far" or "Axl's best performance of the tour so far."
  12. Idk that Rocket Queen didn't really have the lunch I like but that's just me
  13. I've always had the opinion that that 1988 MTV VMAs performance is the best WTTJ of all-time.
  14. Hey, guys! The other day I bought an original for $99 at my local record store and am stoked to have it even if I may have overpaid. It's labeled under GHS 24198. The front cover includes the "wife beating" and "dark ages" text, but the inner sleeve has a censored version of the naked chick. I'm kind of confused by that. I thought all the original copies had it uncensored. I was thinking maybe somebody over the years slipped a censored sleeve in there which would explain it, but I'm not really sure. Can someone explain this to me?
  15. I went to school with Robert John's second cousin if that counts.
  16. I remember my first one was in 2004 when I was in second grade. It was the classic circular logo that everyone knows. I felt like such an absolute badass walking around elementary school with a shirt that had guns on it. 😂
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