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  1. tremolo picking like that is very unusual for slash. I dig the combination of that and the simple chugging riff. Nice to see slash go outside of his box for a little bit. prechorus and chorus are the typical blues rock tropes. Cool to see that Slash is also breaking out of his usual arrangement for songs. Sounds like SMKC but with a twist this time around. Vocal melodies are nice and catchy, wished that slash would have actually written some riffs for the chorus to match the vibe of the verses instead of doing the usual big--rock-chorus thing But i dig it
  2. am trying to score Pit tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers at face value in the presales. wish me luck
  3. its a fun tune Id imagine that has something to do with the fact that its a cover, and not their own song
  4. That little preview sounds pretty heavy considering its slash. ala Nothing to Say/ Speed Parade Then again, an Eb power chord is always heavy
  5. Anyone have that fan made plugin made to add digital rasp to Axls isolated vocals?

  6. sidenote: I adamantly believe Adler played SOYL. Caram and Axl probably just put samples on all the drums minus the cymbals. And, as we have seen from these other 2 recent releases, made a sterile dry overly compressed drum mix If it was Frank, no doubt he would have changed some fill to be more his style, but all the filles on SOYL are still Adlers fills
  7. Mix sounds like what most 80s bands who release music now adays sound like I prefer even the drum mix on CD to this, the triggers are too one dimensional. However, I wil probably be playing this every fucking day regardless
  8. thanks man I appreciate the feedback!
  9. All guitars/bass guitars played by me. Acoustic drums played by a Fiverr musician All other elements programmed by me
  10. as a hardcore fan: It should have been one album Best songs are : YCBM Civil War Estranged NR Coma The Garden Yesterdays Locomotive I think all those songs could have been on one album and totally could have held its own in the market even as it was at that time. Honestly The Garden could have easily fit into the 90s grunge era (even though it happened to be written in 88ish?). Wouldn't have changed the scene, but would have fit in nicely. YCBM obviously had heavy radio play bc of T2 so no need to worry about that. Estranged was kinda dark sounding so it wouldn't have been lumped into a typical ballad category imo Coma should be after War And Dizzy Reed should have been scrubbed from album performances
  11. wish slash would use a more aggressive rhythm tone, like what he used on "Nothing to Say" However, Slashs solo during the "calm" part was great. The original leaked solo may have been good too, but IIRC there were two solos on top of each other that turned into a indiscernible mush
  12. Well we know for a fact that Axl recorded AFD line by line at least
  13. Funnily enough, Slash plays that simple Absurd riff. in 2001, Tobias was the only one who played that riff in the 1st verse. Maybe Slash is playing yet another Tobias riff
  14. ah I see. I went on Tuesday to a game. but the new mandate went in effect tonight
  15. I went to a couple LA Galaxy games and they didn't check anything or mandate masks at the venue. However some were voluntarily wearing masks
  16. I go for Boston or Albany bc of Axls vocal performance on Street of Dreams House of Blues has tons of energy but Axl sounds week for most of it. And the current quality we have sucks
  17. You know, idk if its just me, but I can still hear them in the official release, however it only occurs twice, and at a low volume in the background. I never really understood why Axl or Caram decided to purposely shift "screaming fucking banshee..." off rhythm. Live he sings it on rhythm like the leak
  18. His lead tone is classic, would have prefered if he used a tone similar to what he used on "Nothing to Say" i.e. more distortion
  19. Dont have time to listen and nitpick. but since Braib is still on drums, do the rhythm guitars sound like the old members? I know the chorus is definitely Slash on rhythm bc hes doing that descending note thing instesd of power chords
  20. Slash is doing a descending note thing during the chorus. instead of just basic power chords. Nice little touch to stray away from the basicness of power chords
  21. Aside from the quality of the songs (which, like GNR, had a couple absolute bangers,but also some duds) not much memorable hooks. Always gotta have a catchy hook for a band to become popular, and I don't remember the hooks being particularly catchy. Good To Be Alive had great verses and prechorus, but the choruas was lacking Times called for different genres also one thing everyone forgets is side projects are almost never popular, or even as popular as bands they came from.
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