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  1. The irony of it all is that Axl started the whole thing. He sued Stephanie accusing her of being the cause his depression, psycological damage and asking her to return gifts he gave her. Even in an interview a few years ago Axl accussed Stephanie, Slash and Duff of causing him writers block. I don´t know whose advice he followed but it was clearly the wrong advice.

    Stephanie just called Erin as witness. Then both women decided to do a counterlawsuit against Axl for domestic violence.

    Erin went to the show in Atlanta as just as a regular fan. She didn´t ask for a pass. Well, I don´t think she asked someone from the camp to get her tickets. The only one she knew was Del James. Maybe she called Del and he got her tickets but I doubt that was the case. The only reason we know she was there it was because she decided to make it public, Anyway in the case of Erin it looks like time healths eveything. She is very supportive of Axl in her facebook

    Axl started the whole thing?

    I don't think so... Stephanie did and he said she grabbed him by the balls and he defended himself. LOL. Also that she wanted to throw a cocaine party in his house (which may be true because most top models from that time were addicts).

    Never heard of Axl "suing" Stephanie for such triviliaty, I guess you're confusing lawsuit with interview. Yes, he did say Duff, Slash and Steph bullied him or something but I don't think anyone advice him to say that. He feels that way and it doesn't sound too crazy to me. Break ups and losing friends can really submit you into depression. I know this is true.

  2. Axl did have difficulties during the shooting of Don't cry, it was hard for him to shoot cause it reminded him those times with Erin, Sorry for going off topic, Steph was the one who contacted Erin to back her up, Erin din't sue Axl cause he "Cheated" on her, both of them sue'd him for physical Abuse. When Axl was in a relationship with Erin, he was pretty serious about her, but yeah he did go nutts many times, but he did love her, when he was with steph, he was fucking around with other ladies too.

    Most of the songs on Chinese are for Steph cause Axl said that he wants Dylan to one day hear the album and know what is the truth, Twat, Prostitute, IRS is for Steph, Sorry is also part Steph and This I Love is for Erin, If you understand the lyrics then I guess you interpret it better

    Edit - Erin did go to see Axl's band in Atlanta, but I guess the security people din't know who she was, If Del or Beta had seen her they would have kicked her out how they dint allow Steven in the first place in vegas

    I know the lawsuits were for domestic violence but Erin didn't sue him until Stephanie started the thing so in part, it could have been a bit of revenge for playing with her. You know, Axl and Steph romance was public and if with all that exposition he was still messing around with Erin in the background, then it really sucks. I'd be as mad as her and more!

    As for the Cd songs and Dylan, I think it's pretty stupid and naive from Axl to think a kid he has not seen in decades would listen to that album and learn the "truth" about his mother. Did Axl really think Dylan would hate or dislike his own mother because of some songs some guy she dated for a short period of time in her 20s wrote about her? I'm sorry but LOL.

    Yes, I know Erin went to see GNR in 2011 but why should they kick her out? If TB did that Erin could sue them because if she paid her ticket and she wasn't disrupting anyone in the show then what would be their reason to have her removed from the venue?

    TB should stop interfering with Axl's relationships and let him deal with people from his past and present by himself, like any other normal person in the world.

  3. I just think there's so much energy on this forum misdirected. If people really got together and tried different creative ways to get a new track released, I bet we could be successful.

    But we shouldn't even have to do this. The band should give us something at least once a year. Again, I'm not asking for an album, just something during the down years that says thanks for being our fans, here's something to make the wait a little less painful.

    I know it's never been the band's style but maybe now is the time to start treating the fans better.

    You want to recreate the years previous to the release of ChinDem? Hehe that'd be cool but I don't think it's gonna happen again. I don't know. You need talibans that are willing to get arrested by the FBI for leaking stuff.

    With CD it was different. We knew there was an album in the making and we knew the name, we knew the people working on it, producers, etc. now we know nothing, absolutely nothing.

    I agree with you they should give us something to pass the time and you know what they have given us? The fucking Appetite For Democracy thing. That's Team Brazil idea of something and they won't be convinced that it sucks and we don't want it or conform to it.

    Oh and the 30 years anniversary shirt. That's all they've done in like 6 years. An awful DVD and a piece of cloth.

  4. He was crazy and madly in love with Erin, not Steph, Steph was just his time pass, he did wanted to marry her, but things dint work out, but he was close to her son, even when he was with steph, he was thinking about Erin.

    Erin said that in the People Magazine interview when she and Stephanie were suing Axl. Erin said that after they broke up Axl was calling her and sending her flowers and other stuff. According to Erin, Axl did that for more than a year.

    Erin and Axl broke up in the late 1990 or early 1991, so in early 1992 or beyond that, Axl was still trying to reach out to Erin. If we believe what Erin has said.

    Ok, thank you both!

    I feel Axl still has feelings for Erin and she posting Axl-related stuff all the time in her social media makes me suspicious but it's crazy to learn he was with Steph and calling Erin at the same time.

    Maybe that's the reason why she wanted to back up Steph's lawsuit claims. When two (or more) women discover a guy have been playing with their feelings at the same time, the guy better run far far away!! Hahaha

    And now that I think about it, must have sucked for Stephanie to be in those videos that are for songs Axl wrote about Erin.

    Does Marc have something to add to this soap opera?? :lol:

  5. TIL was written in Paris in June 1992 while Steph and Axl were still together...Axl at this point was still sending Erin flowers and caged birds.

    Is TIL written for Erin too?

    Who said he sent those things to her? How come... wasn't he deeply in love and crazy about Stephanie?

    I don't understand this shit. Please explain.

  6. So, in 2008 Slash cut a solo for this Italian old fart Vasco Rossi, in a song called Gioca Con Me.

    what a horrible song, btw

    and then this tard used a FAKE Slash on stage!

    I mean, check this out

    this is the new low!

    there is no way this is Slash. He doesn't walk like that, he doesn't flip people like that and anyway, wow,how lame

    Why did Slash collaborated on so many lame songs, any way?


    :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol:

  7. Why does the choice have to come down to either "supporting" Axl, or thinking he's a "sad joke"?

    We all signed up here because we like Guns N' Roses. I would imagine there are very few who got into only the instrumentals on GN'R. The guy might not have been up to par the last few years but to call the guy a "sad joke" is actually kinda hateful sounding. I think each member of the band, past and present, deserves respect. I'm not particularly thrilled with the lack of activity or the last 5 years myself...But Axl helped to create Appetite for Destruction, Lies, Illusions and yes TSI too, along with 8 other also awesome and talented guys. Maybe Axl's project didn't live up to your expectations, but we - sitting here bitching about a 53 year old singer's activity - are more of a joke than Axl will ever be in the sense that, he's sitting in his house counting his millions, while we're here bitching about him not doing exactly what we want. We should try to just look at things more, "glass half full."

    Guns N' Roses released 5 great studio albums between 1987 and 1993, put on amazing concerts, and thankfully, all of the members are alive and well. We should be grateful for that. We're lucky Axl and the rest of the band survived the 1980s and 1990s given his own issues, we shouldn't bitch or say nasty things about them because they're not acting on demand as we'd like it. I'd love it if Robert Plant stopped being stubborn and selfish and gave the world the Zeppelin reunion tour people have been begging for since 1980...But I don't think the guy is a "sad joke" or a "bitter, unprofessional musician" for not wanting to do something I want him to, you know?

    Indirectly or directly we're all Axl fans to greater and lesser degrees, we're all Slash fans, Izzy fans. Instead of bitching at each other or at the band members, let's just be happy we got what we did and that none of the members died in the process, ya know? A little solidarity, eh?

    Totally rock3

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  8. He says "support" which could be translated as "encouragement". Maybe he didn't feel good enough about that song for whatever reasons (i.e. fear of Seymour listening to it? exposing that relationship again after 20 years? who knows) and he got support from this people, just like when someone cheers you up when you feel insecure.

    I don't think he said that in a way that he was forced to do it. Axl doesn't work that way and if he didnt want the song at all, it wouldn't be there, be sure of that.

    Axl just needed a little push to see the song was cool enough to make it to the album.

    Seriously Axl had a fear of Steph listening to it? The song was written for Erin and most of the songs on CD are for Steph, so Axl was not scared of anyone

    I dont know that's why I put a question mark at the end. I'm merely speculating on what could have been his fears or insecurities. Unlike you, I don't pass my opinions as facts.

    When did he say most songs on CD are for Stephanie? Quote him please. I think he said 'This I Love' was particularly about Seymour, not Erin.

  9. slash-01_zpsl3pfwf9p.jpegsetlist-01_zpsdto9ghix.jpegguitar%20in%20hand-01_zpsbpvatflr.jpegbaby%20giraffe-01_zps9cgtbktw.jpeg

    drawing is great, the text could have been funier, though

    the first and the third: i don't get them at all

    Then you say I'm stupid and don't understand things :rofl-lol:

    Everybody got it, but you (don't worry i'll help you): Beta is behind the TV with two puppets, Slash and a journalist, creating a story that makes Axl happy.

  10. He says "support" which could be translated as "encouragement". Maybe he didn't feel good enough about that song for whatever reasons (i.e. fear of Seymour listening to it? exposing that relationship again after 20 years? who knows) and he got support from this people, just like when someone cheers you up when you feel insecure.

    I don't think he said that in a way that he was forced to do it. Axl doesn't work that way and if he didnt want the song at all, it wouldn't be there, be sure of that.

    Axl just needed a little push to see the song was cool enough to make it to the album.

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  11. It's just a fucking rocknroll band. Chill out.

    It's just a post on a web forum that took 30 seconds to write. I was chilling out, genius.

    Oh, it's just a rocknroll band? Hey everybody, tinyrobot says it's just a rocknroll band! Clearly we've all been taking this shit farrrrrr too seriously. No need to have a forum anymore, let's all talk about something important elsewhere. Go home, hug your loved ones.

    God, you're hilarious.


  12. your sarcasm is bad, so you should feel bad

    Btw VR gone to a hiatus, nobody "left" that band. Scott was kicked out

    Yes, Slash is a diva, but at least he showed up on shows in time, and can play his guitar even better now

    Your Diva on the other hand...

    I'm feeling so bad... :(

    Thanks a lot, man. I hope you keep giving me your good advice and have those warm words coming. I really needed them.

  13. Your "dialog" is full of shit.

    Yes, but don't blame me ... blame the "-" guy :lol:

    Following your logic then Izzy, Duff and Adler can´t work with a singer with charisma and strong personality. Duff was also part of VR and couldn´t work with Weiland either, Izzy never joined another band and Adler doesn´t have an Axl like frontman in his band. I guess all of them have the same problem Slash has.


    They all made amends with Axl and returned to play in Axl's band when they were invited (except for Adler, of course). So it looks like they all like the redhead's iron fist in the end.

  14. This is about Axl doing something in a particular way when in reality he wanted to do something else. Or just him not being 100% sure of what he was doing with one song or, even worst, an entire album. It was a situation of to be or not to be. And Axl never came up with the right answer.

    If Axl wants to make an album all instrumental he has the right to do it. But of course that can´t be GN´R. It has to be just Axl with the colaboration of other people like Beltrami or whoever.

    I don't have a clue what you're talking about anymore... So confusing. Looks like you are the one who don't know what he wants and not Axl.

    He said that if he was ever going to make a SOLO album, it'd probably mostly instrumental. He never talked about GNR. He said solo album, so it doesn't look like he doesn't know what he's doing.

  15. Look, if Axl wants to be the new Kenny G or Richard Claydeman he has to be honest about it and doing it. He has to give up GN´R (old and new) and do anything he wants. He has to make up his mind the sooner, the better. Nobody else can do it for him

    Just because he put ONE song in the album with that kind of style it doesn't mean he has to announce himself as whatever. After all it's his band now. Art and artists are free, this is not a Middle East regime.

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