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  1. Hasn't kicked a ball in 2 and a half seasons. Only 13 hours to go until the Queens eleven stuff Jimmy Saville fc at the 'knew camp'.
  2. The venue is still in the centre of glasgow and there is quite a few travelodges and hotels near the venue. Also there is a bus service which is put on to the main bus and train stations. It is also near to the football ground of the most successful and well supported team in Scotland.
  3. I emailed Ticketmaster 3 weeks ago asking for a refund for the Glasgow show but i haven't had a reply from the them.
  4. Glasgow will not be rescheduled for anytime this year, we are 3 weeks behind cockneyland in lockdown measures. Wee nippy won't allow crowds anywhere in Scotland this year.
  5. Becky has just went and got herself pregnant.
  6. Most of the Chinese takeaways are open up here but you have to wait outside the shop until it it cooked.
  7. This lockdown is starting to piss me off, its been sunny everyday since it started and that is something we don't see here very often.
  8. This uk lockdown will last til July or August, it doesn't help when groups of cockneys are out playing cricket.
  9. FFFH and Charlotte flair were the two best.
  10. I think we will get another 4 or 5 week lockdown.
  11. Burnley have admitted that if football hasn't started by august then they are gone.
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