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  1. The SNP are a bunch of nationalist cunts, an embarrassment to the country.
  2. Those big 12 clubs wouldn't stand for a salary cup, look at Barcelona and Real Madrid who are a combined total of £800M in debt and they have signed Alaba on a huge 5 year deal and supposedly Mbappe on the way. Look at Man City, there is no way they are complying with current FFP regulations.
  3. Another great result for the famous glasgow rangers today. The moon howlers are in disarray, 3 shit goalkeepers, 3 useless fullbacks, Only decent ch ( Ajer) wants to leave, The lego man away in the summer, Christie, Elyonoussi and Édouard want away also, They will be left with shite like Ajeti and the (supposedly) racist junkie Thumbheid. Oh and they have no manager.
  4. I think i will have to wait until May until i get mine, i think they are going to give the old folk their 2nd jabs first.
  5. Descipable horrible lot are prague but a decent team. Did you hear what the pr1ck said to Glen Kamara.
  6. Hope those racist prague bastards get pumped.
  7. We only need another 7 points and there will be fireworks, parties, red white and blue balloons all over Scotland. Rangers a proud British club and soon to be champions again. We will see and hear the tarriers tears from dublin to the west of Scotland.
  8. Supposedly Lurgan Flopp has been sacked by Separate Entity FC.
  9. That cow nicola sturgeon will probably delay this by 2 or 3 weeks in Scotland.
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