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  1. Supposedly Lurgan Flopp has been sacked by Separate Entity FC.
  2. That cow nicola sturgeon will probably delay this by 2 or 3 weeks in Scotland.
  3. Long may the Timplosion continue. 55 is coming.
  4. Feel sorry for bruce and the Newcastle fans but i hope they get relegated as Ashley is a fat money grabbing parasite cunt.
  5. One of the tarriers has tested positive for covid. These b@stards think they are above the law, why would you go to Dubai for a "jolly up" when you are 22 points behind the Queens eleven.
  6. All of Scotland goes into tier 4 on saturday, only supermarkets and food shops open.
  7. When I watched the news conference this afternoon i was thinking that boris looked rough. I think its utter madness that only parts of England will be in lockdown.
  8. I can't see Joshua losing but i hope the cunt does.
  9. Maradona was the goat and he liked a bit of powder, legend.
  10. Nonce FC fail to win again, Lurgan Flopp must be close to being sacked.
  11. The taigs get destroyed once again, this is hilarious. Shane Duffy is the worst defender i have ever seen.
  12. All fans of every other team in Scotland hate rangers. The sfa, spfl are all made up of Celtic men.
  13. Child abuse has gone on at Celtic boys club for over 40 years, Celtic fc deny that they are affiliated with the boys club even though the paid the wages of the boys club managers and coaches. The boys club officials took a youth football team to Boston in the 90s for a fictitious football tournament which was in all accounts a paedophile party. All celtic managers including Jock Stein and Tommy Burns knew about this and said nothing (hence the saying 'big jock knew). Scotlands top lawyers Thompsons are representatives for over 50 children who are suing Celtic fc. A celtic boys
  14. What a goal by the way and the savilleites lost again to make it a better night.
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