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  1. Hi, I've only just seen your reply. Thanks for the offer - I did manage to find it in the end, it was fun!! (in a weird kind of way).
  2. "The Band that Time Forgot" is pretty impressive so far. The narrator has introduced them as "Izzy Stradden", "Steve Alder" and "D-Z" (Reed). The bootleg is strong with this one! Didn't know Slash used to sell newspapers.
  3. Nice one, I'd read the previous pages about how naff it is and it kind of made me want to watch it more. Found one called 'The Band That Time Forgot' so that'll have to do for now! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks, I'm in the UK so struggling a bit.. I can see the page on the Reelz website but no cigar.
  5. Hi folks, I'd like to give this a watch, can anyone point me in the right direction, please? I googled it and it said it was on Sling.com but you have to be in the US.. so tried a VPN but couldn't create an account. Any ideas? Cheers!
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