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  1. N Their personality is good too!! Those Three Brothers are very humble N kind. N very approachable. They treat Fans like Friends.
  2. Yup Bee Gees become number one of My fav band/Musicians/Songwriters now. They're actually genius at creating/composing Music. N produce so many good songs. Too bad They're so underrated. N most People only know Them for Staying Alive but never give a chance to listen Their albums before N after 70's I hope so
  3. I really2 want to feel the Halloween vibes like You Guys but I can't Btw I didn't know Spotify have Rapidfire Songs where Axl sings
  4. Sadly We don't have Halloween in here
  5. We need do something to bring back the Women Thread Invite IZZY!!!!
  6. Am I the only one who's laughing at Slash recent IG post? Naked oppai anime girl.... Maybe He is a weeaboo... I miss the old Women Thread
  7. No! Wanna see Them fight! Slash vs Ashba!!
  8. Sucks. I just wanna see Slash N' DJ Ashba together in a room
  9. Soooo when I wanna watch a video about Bohemian Rhapsody (The Movie) on YT, I saw an ad about Sixx A. M. featuring many Artists including Slash!! What's up with that?!
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