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  1. This sucks so bad. I live 15 mins south of Kenosha and have a lot of friends that live there. It's a beautiful city. I drove up there today and parts of it look like Iraq after a bombing.
  2. Damn, that was great footage and sound and it's damn near over before it started
  3. Yeah, everything is still unknown with this thing. One 'expert' says it's going to get worse, then another 'expert' says it's weakening, but the numbers aren't saying that. I had tix for 8 shows and Gn'R and Gaga are the only ones that haven't postponed yet. It's just crazy.
  4. I'm liking this channel better than the one a few years back. I had it on when I mowed the lawn today and heard songs from Misfits, Social D, AIC, Screaming Trees, Loaded, plus Sorry and Coma...good stuff!
  5. Was supposed to see Adler last night...i just hope next year isn't out for shows.
  6. When were you offered refund for the Stones? TM told me that I can't get refund until new dates are set.
  7. Was listening to local sports radio and they were talking about Lollapalooza and Riot Fest here and one of the guys said Bon Jovi was on Stern and said his tour manager was told there will be no tours whatsoever this year and bands should be prepared for no tours next year either...
  8. Wonder how Axl feels about the fact that some music websites picked up this interview and ran stories on it. I saw on Facebook that Blabbermouth did ran with it. I wonder if Duff got a phone call?
  9. Separate rooms backstage isn't abnormal for a band this size.
  10. I'm always skeptical about this but I can't see her bringing that up without truth to it. She wasn't pressed on it and pretty much just came out with it. The fact that she said she heard some of it makes me believe even more that it has at least been worked on. It wasn't too long ago that she hashtagged US Stadiums at the end of a tweet, well before that tour was announced. Who knows when it will happen, but I have the utmost confidence that it will happen unless the band just implodes again.
  11. The amount of people out there that actually believe this story is amazing
  12. Bon Jovi just cancelled his tour as opposed to postponing so people can get their money back right away. I can't stand that band, but that's a solid move.
  13. I would imagine that they have taken care of their own people, but that fund was put together by Live Nation to help all live crews, and on top of that, it looks like a good deed being done.
  14. Aerosmith and Kiss her put out fundraising shirts for the live music crews relief fund. That shouldn't be that hard for Gn'R to do.
  15. If it would be that way, there's no room for Gilby.
  16. If that's the case, rescheduled dates won't be out for a long time considering a lot of these shows are at baseball stadiums and they have to work around the teams schedules. These teams still have to worry about how they're going to possibly play some of this years games and rework those schedules, yet alone schedule next year's games.
  17. Wish that was the case. So far, I've had the Stones and Struts postpone and neither offered refunds. The Struts did say that refunds will be given if the new date doesn't work for us. That one will be fine because it's in Chicago and we'll most likely be able to go to the new date, and the tix were only $35 anyway. The Stones are the problem. We were in Africa last year when they played Chicago, and we want to take our daughter to see them, so we bought tix for the StL show on a Saturday night in late June. Odds are the new date won't be on a Saturday so they better offer refunds once they re
  18. Yep, but they also promoted it pretty well by releasing a single early and putting out videos for 2 songs before the album came out. Their fan base is fanatical and that base was getting pretty unhappy by with the lack of new music. Seven years is a long time for band thats always out there, but it's sure as hell a lot shorter than 29 years. Just based on that, people will buy or download a new Guns album just out of curiosity or disbelief that it actually happened. The fact that they can still bring crowds to these shows 4 years after they started up is a good sign that people will buy what t
  19. Yep, release it on every streaming service, put out cd's and press a limited number of vinyl like everyone else does and it'll do just fine. The platinum albums for rock bands are gone. Pearl Jam's first album in almost 7 years sold 63k equivalent units its first week. Guns would easily match or top that, especially with a strong single. That's the world we living these days. Stop the silly excuses and put something out or just come out and say that there's nothing coming out.
  20. Way off subject, but after some talked about failed projects, did anyone see Duff with Jane's Addiction, and if so, how was it with him on bass?
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