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  1. He shouldn't have been roughed up unless he was getting physical with them...but, if he has a 'lifetime ban' from shows, he's gambling by just being there. Also, why in the world would go close enough for band management/security to see him? If you're lucky enough to get in the door, go to the nosebleeds and stay out away from anyone who would care that you're there. It's an idiotic move all around.
  2. I'd be interested to see how many people who have been to these shows have felt agony at them...
  3. Looks like the upper level is tarped off. Were ticket sales that slow? We went to the show up there in '17 at the Vikings stadium and it was jam packed. Axl used to get decent crowds on his own up there.
  4. This almost exactly how the movie with Michael Douglas portrayed Liberace to be...minus the guitarist.
  5. What a blast tonight was! Beautiful setting and a great 3 hour rock show...bummed that it's my last one on this tour.
  6. I adore these albums and would easily buy a shirt or something for the anniversary, but these are awful!
  7. The lady on the local sports talk station here started her show this morning just raving about the concert last night. She's probably in her mid-30s and had never seen them before. She went in with low expectations because of all the negative comments about Axl on social media, but couldn't stop talking about how good he sounded. Her partner on the show was shocked. Even the Sun-Times gave it an extremely positive review. The reviewer even claimed that Absurd was a highlight of the evening. People can complain about setlists, etc, but these shows are extremely entertaining and everyone in the crowd left happy. Once again, I heard a handful of people praising Axl. The guy next to me in the pit turned to his buddy to say 'Axl sounds great, I don't know what people on Twitter are talking about'. People need to stop reading the negative comments from people that don't even go to the shows and just buy a ticket and have a great evening at a fantastic rock show.
  8. Axl struggled more than I remember on the 3 other shows I saw on this tour, but everyone around was talking about how good he sounded. I guess people read social media comments about how much he sucks. He didn't talk as much tonight but he was smiling and happy. I didn't expect HS, so I didn't care that they didn't play it. A buddy who is in town for the Dead this weekend went and had an absolute blast. They put on a fantastic show, and it sure seemed that everyone there had a great time.
  9. No Axl at soundcheck but they are soundchecking Hard Skool
  10. My buddy flew in from Long Island for the next two shows and is staying in Wrigleyville tonight. He heard part of the soundcheck today but didn't hear Axl, which is bad for a Hard Skool possibility. They have some Gn'R flags hanging on the marquee.
  11. The shows I was at had massive pits, but they all look half full because there are no runways on the sides of the stage so everyone is clumped in the middle. They certainly look bigger than the NITL tour.
  12. That's crazy...pit went down and other sections went up in price.
  13. Come on Russ, you can do it. We drove back to the northern Chicago burbs after the Indy show. Of course I was useless the next day, but it was well worth it!
  14. Being a Bears fan my entire life, I'm just numb to it at this point. Being the only member of my entire family, besides my wife and daughter, who wasn't born and raised in Wisconsin doesn't make it any better. My football life went into the toilet as soon as Favre showed up there.
  15. Did they close the lawn completely for Green Day? Summerfest has been weird with ticket sales. I know they want to make back some of the money lost last year, and they put a bunch of $ into renovations, but prices have been high. Foo Fighters usually charge anywhere between $25-45 for lawn, and they had them at $75. Green Day and Gn'Rs lawn was the same. The Foo's sell out everywhere and they had a number of tix available the day of their show. Green Day has been packing stadiums and that show didn't sell out. Dave Matthews used to sell out two nights at Alpine, and he has almost entire sections available tomorrow night. It sounds like Stapleton and Zach Brown are the only ones who've done well up there so far. The vaccine mandate didn't help, but it was this slow before they put that in. I see they did drop bleachers to $73 for Gn'R, but there are thousands of tix available.
  16. So far only bleachers have dropped, but only to $73
  17. That's crazy...Wrigley Field shows always sell out partially because it's Wrigley Field. I really hope there aren't going to be a ton of empty seats on Thursday. The Dead still have tix available for both of their shows as well, and they usually sell their Wrigley shows out pretty quickly.
  18. Pj could've brought Dave A back and everyone would be happy. They'd have their best drummer back and Matt could become the monster drummer he once was in the mighty Soundgarden.
  19. Grab a ticket, I'm doing the same. I'm waiting out Summerfest to see if they'll drop pricing, but they've only done that for the Jonas Brothers so far, and many shows there have sold quite poorly. It looks like they just closed the lawn for the Guns show and tix are still full price, which are quite high. I don't feel like paying $115 for bleacher seats. There are thousands of seats available for that show. I was going to say Go Bears, but after both teams' performances yesterday, it's better to not talk about it at all.
  20. Wrigley pit down to $89...just pulled the trigger on them
  21. Summerfest in Milwaukee is the same. We're fully vaccinated and know the gamble going to events, but being locked in most of last year, I needed shows and games to clear my mind. I'm on the road 50% of the year for work and have been in front of one customer in the last 18 months. It's a choice and I fully understand people not going. So far, this tour has gone off without a hitch, other than Wolfie's crew member. With possible lockdowns coming again, I'm going to these shows and am on my way to a college football game tonight. We're smart about it...not hanging in the huge crowds, have our masks with us, etc, but I need these events at this point.
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