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  1. I'm a huge SMKC fan. Not only is this the worst single they have put out. It's probably Slash's worst single in his career. I will even go as far to say it's the worst SMKC song I've ever heard. This is a real kick in the balls because I really enjoyed River is Rising.
  2. Ooooo not bad not bad. Excited It has a very live sound to it even compared with river is rising
  3. I understand what you guys are saying but I actually predict he will release another song before the album. So be prepared
  4. What would you rather have, another single or wait for the album? Personally I'm impatient and already want to hear a new one. February seems too far away.
  5. Ok wow I was wrong. This IS better than HS. Fantastic choice of single and super hyped for the album!!
  6. But....isn't it the same way apocalyptic love was recorded? I definitely remember something like they recorded the songs live or something. And imo that's such an outstanding album. It's Slash, he's never been lazy. He's always put his heart into everything he does.
  7. Sounds awesome! And it really seems like this is basically a live album. Which I don't mind because every time I've seen these guys live the chemistry has been perfect.
  8. I assume Slash will delay this out of respect to Frank and Alexandria?
  9. What's the chances that the song C'est La Vie is a cover of the amazing B*Witched song?
  10. I understand what you're saying. Of course he has to be super positive to promote. But he's not saying "this album has our best chemistry since whenever" or "the songwriting is much tighter" or even Saying things like it's the most technical or best produced etc etc. He's gone all out and said it's the best record that he's made with SMKC.
  11. I been doing a little bit of research and I don't think he actually has said that before? I could be wrong of course. A lot of sites are advertising that he's saying this about the new album too which is getting me really hyped!
  12. Can't wait. Has slash ever said before that he thinks his new record was gonna be the best yet?
  13. Ah, so this is why insta was down. Couldn't handle slash! sounds great!
  14. Yea I never thought about by the sword, which is a really great song. However we are talking about the singles with SMKC, which have all been quite generic and no where near the quality of the other songs on the albums. So it's fair to say that his new single, if he follows the same trend he has been doing with SMKC, will simply not be as great as HS. On the album as a whole, I am hoping it returns to the likes of Apocalyptic Love. Todd seriously needs lead vocals on a song!
  15. Well in my opinion the chorus of Hard Skool could have easily been on AFD and overall the song has a UYI vibe. Now if Slash can come up with another Anastasia or Wicked stone then ok. But based off Slashs recent first singles: driving rain, world on fire and you're a lie, I really don't expect this first single to be as good as Hard Skool. I'm more than happy to be proven wrong though as I absolutely love slash and prefer seeing SMKC live over GNR due to the overall energy and vibe.
  16. As much as I love SMKC, I just know it won't top Hard Skool. I think it would be a bad idea to release his new single so close to HS. People will realise you simply can't beat that old gnr sound
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