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  1. It's a nonsense isn't it. A perfectionist wouldn't put 'Scraped' anywhere near a B-Side, let along on the album. 'If the World' was utter garbage. Then he almost admitted it and said it wasn't supposed to be taken seriously and was a joke song making fun of corny James Bond songs. It was 100% meant to be taken seriously and I believe he wanted it as a Bond theme.
  2. The most interesting one is 'State of Grace'. Never mentioned beforehand and not know by any of the 'insiders'. 'Perhaps' too - although it did appear on the list from Jan 2008 that got re-uploaded earlier in the thread by Sweersa. 'PRL' is also interesting. In 2001 (years before Chinese Democracy was release) there was an article saying the new album was going to be called Chinese Democracy,m and the follow up was already recorded and would be called PRL. That was largely ignored and 'PRL' was never mentioned as a rumored title until the locker discs were found. It's thought Chi
  3. Mass appeal isn't a great indicator, when when the comeback song from the biggest rock band in the world is given that response, and seemingly 60/40 poor response by actual Axl fans (myself included) it's safe to say it's pretty average. What do you think of Riad and the Bedouins and Scraped, out of interest.
  4. The attention/reviews it did get were negative. I think it didn't get wider attention because it was just a completely uninteresting song. A lot of people had forgotten about Guns, and one listen to this validated that. Which was a shame, because he had The Blues, Madagascar, Better, State of Grace, Sorry etc to come. It could be and it would highlight how further how utterly average (to put it kindly) the song is.
  5. You're right, it is personal view and way too subjective. My World - they tried something different, but there is just no real song there, behind all the studio work. OMG sound wise was nothing out of the ordinary. Behind the music, it was the most basic of songs, with a non-descript chorus. I don't think it was the sound that surprised people, it was just how utterly average the song was. He likely had Madagascar done at around that time which people would have enjoyed. Launching the new band with OMG just set the whole this up for failure. He later went on to say it was on
  6. On a personal level, I didn't want the past repeated at all. I like some of ChiDem. OMG is just a catastrophe of a song and the general public reacted accordingly. In regards to your second point, maybe you're right. It's a hard question to answer as it's all very subjective, but can you think of an example of a great song (that is pretty unanimously thought of as 'great') that wouldn't be good played stripped down acoustically?
  7. I don't think it's anything to do with the sound. It's not overly experimental anyway, it's not like it was something nobody had ever heard before. It just goes nowhere and the chorus is woeful, Great songs can be progressive and experimental - but underneath that sound there needs to be a good song at the core. Something that would sound good played on a n acoustic guitar unaccompanied. Imagine someone picking up an acoustic and playing OMG in a bar....
  8. Agree, the verse lyrics are interesting, and given what we know about Axl very personal. The song is pretty bad though. I've said all along, if a shitty band like Sun 41, Good Charlotte, Green Day etc put OMG and Scraped on one of their records, they would likely be the weakest tracks - let alone GNR.
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  10. I think people over-analyze it massively. It's a poor song. Regardless of sound or genre. It was a terrible comeback song and the first in a long line of decisions by Rose that ensured the failure of NuGuns. It's not that people 'weren't ready for that sound'. It just wasn't good enough. It's staggering that he valued that song enough to actually record it in the first place, then release it as a the introduction to the new band - and then seemingly re-record it with Buckethead and Ron later on. I know some like it on here, but we are all big fans of Rose.
  11. No, I think Marco got sent that keyboard piece to record it with an orchestra, Question is - who wrote and played that keyboard piece.
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