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  1. Hope you told him the vocals were two decades old?
  2. I believe what she says. I believe Axl played her the song and I believe he suggested it might come out soon. The one we've heard on the Village Sessions.
  3. I've a feeling we all know that answer lol
  4. Nothing sorry. I just mean you obviously know a lot and I was wondering if you'd managed to get a copy.
  5. You're a good source of knowledge. Have you read any excerpts of Sorelle's unreleased book?
  6. How so? It's exactly what I've been saying all along. IMO - 'The Vault' is empty and we've heard pretty much all there was. That consisted primarily of the Village Sessions, and some follow up work in 05/06 where he did Better/TIL alt. vocal/Scraped/General etc. All the other stuff (Seven/Zodiac etc) were instrumentals written by ex-employees and featured no involvement from Rose. I think apart from The General and maybe a cover or two, we've already heard Axl's contribution to the next album if they ever bother releasing it. I think at this stage, a live album with bonus Absurd/Hard School is more likely.
  7. You're right - poor songs don't necessarily prove he isn't a perfectionist. I'm aware Axl says OMG was a demo, after it was received poorly on release. Why a 'perfectionist' would release a poor song in demo form as the long awaited comeback song beats me. CD2 was going to come after CD but then the reunion happened? The reunion happened a decade later. It's my opinion CD2 didn't come because he didn't complete the work. I still don't think he's completed the work, which is why we got Silkworms. There may be tons of other stuff? There may be. I keep saying it. If there is, you'll be right. If the album comes out with the tracks I suspect - I'll be right. Let's wait and see.
  8. Because of the material he has released over the last 20 years. And because he's released an 'new' single and yet again, it contains vocals we've already heard. It is of course plausible to suggest he's recorded a load of songs we haven't yet heard, however I strongly believe he hasn't. We'll see if this album ever comes out.
  9. I think he recorded the bulk of his work in 99, and very sporadically recorded some other stuff during the other 21 years.
  10. No I do understand. He can simultaneously be a perfectionist and release awful songs as the quality of the songs themselves are subjective. However awful songs, poor but and pastes, spelling errors in linear notes, performing out of shape and out of breath and employing DJ Ashba suggest he's as far away as a perfectionist than is humanly possible.
  11. Scraped, Silkworms, OMG, Riad, Atlas Shrugged, Eye on You etc are utterly appalling and not the work of a perfectionist. It's the work of a guy at a complete standstill creatively throwing shit at a wall and trying to create something.
  12. I don't troll. The thought of a 'perfectionist' releasing an album with songs Sun 41 and Avril Levine would be embarrassed of is nonsense. Some of the album is fantastic but it's not the work of a perfectionist.
  13. "Riad and the Bedoiuns, had a chance and thought they'd win, but I don't give a fuck 'bout them, cause I AM CRAZY!!!!" Also, this guy, when in his late 40s, looked at DJ Ashba and presumably thought "I NEED this guy in my band, he can't play very well but he looks so cool"
  14. Yeah but Axl is a cringe edge-lord with several past misdemeanors re misogyny, racism, homophobia etc. I'm imagine he thinks 'grab her by the pussy' is edgy n' cool.
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