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  1. Of course it's probably average, and that's being kind. It's 30 years since Illusions now. And that tiny body of work contained utter, utter garbage like Silkworms, Riad, If The World, Atlas, Cather, OMG etc. And total mediocrity like IRS, Chinese, Hard Skool etc. Even This I Love was written about 32 years ago. Of course The General is going to be average. You still think this guy is hoarding epic classics? I'd say it's likely to be average at best. My guess would be it's probably terrible.
  2. I happen to think you could walk in to a record shop with a blindfold on, pick out any rock album and Atlas would be one of the weaker tracks on whatever you pick up.
  3. The biggest red flag for you should be the songs they've released are the ones where Rose's vocal was already finished from the Village Sessions. Some in here acting like it's some coincidence! They have 3 more songs left in the well. 1 average (Perhaps), 1 garbage (Atlas) and one probably average (General).
  4. He potentially saw an opportunity to release new music without having to write. It's a good job it never progressed as when it came round to actually doing it, he wouldn't have recorded a vocal.
  5. One thing we won't have is a new album to discuss Pure desperation trying to hang on to the belief that these songs actually exist. He's a good poster and I don't want to argue - but of course he hasn't heard it. He's tried to imply he has but now seemingly admits he hasn't.
  6. Agree with all of that except the opening line. He has always been a cheesy, cringy, edgelord - capable of ruining songs with some utter shit he finds funny. I dont vant to do eet I see you standing there, you think you're soooooo cool Had a plan and thought they'd win, but I dont give a fuck 'bout them, cause I am crazy!!!!!!! Whatever the shit at the end of Breakdown was Stupid Michael Jackson noises everywhere Sex noises in Rocket Queen shouting "with your ass in the air!!!" in YCBM
  7. Exactly - if the standard is Perhaps/HardSkool/Atlas/Silkworms, then the album will be average to garbage. Nobody should be building their hopes up. Rose has completed so few songs over the last 25 years, and those few included OMG, Shacklers, Catcher, Atlas, Rhiad, If The World, Silkworms, Scraped etc. Can you imagine how bad the 'leftovers' would be (if actually finished)? It's fairly nailed on that 'The General' is going to be a massive disappointment when we finally hear it.
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