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  1. ok so i noticed that a few of us have interest in soaps here and have been posting them in the TV Show Thread and ran it past Gracii that maybe we need our own thread! so @dontdamnmeuyi2015 @marlingrl03 and anyone else who watches soap please come post here! my first post is @dontdamnmeuyi2015 when you mentioned DOOL that got me thinking. i used to watch that way back in the day and i always loved the Bo/Hope story line. so i was watching some episodes on YouTube and saw that BO has DIED?? i saw the part where he dies and while it was very sad i thought it was kind of weird that they were full on making out before he died cos they both knew he was dying right then! but then i thought hey, there could be worse ways to go! so anyone who likes soaps, watches them or has watched them and wanna get caught up come on in!
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