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  1. Axl: "Listen, motherfuckers, to this song that should be heard!" Me: "Okay!" Axl: "Pussy full of maggots! Absurd! Absurd!" Me: "Um..." Axl: "Listen, motherfuckers, to this song that should be heard!" Me: "Yeah, but-" Axl: "Pussy maggots! Absurd!" Me: ... Axl: "Listen, motherfuckers, to this song that should be heard!" Me: "I'm just not too keen on the-" Axl: "Pussy full of maggots! Absurd! Absurd!" Me: "You lied. I so didn't want to hear this."
  2. I've been a Club Member for a good while now. It is excellent value for money. It being a lifetime membership is a very good deal for members... it may, however, make raising funds a bit difficult over the longer term? Sooner or later everyone who's interested in becoming a member will have the membership and that ends that source of income. I wonder, then, if creating an annual membership would be an option? I know that it would create yet another membership tier, and you're probably not keen on that, but I would be happy to pay 10 - 20 dollars per year to support the site and others might be as well. I know that I am not the most active poster. I tend to be more of a lurker. This site has offered me so much, though, over the years. The members here are extremely knowledgeable. And the times I watched shows with other members have been excellent fun. I am definitely fond of this site and would gladly support it on a more regular basis. As it wouldn't be mandatory nobody would be excluded from the site. There'd be the free membership, the Club Member option and whatever this would be. Something to suit every pocket.
  3. I get that people are excited for something new(ish). And some people like it. That's cool. Different tastes and all that... but it's not for me. I understand that I don't have to like every single GN'R song, and I don't, but I think that this one's the worst one out there for me yet because I simply don't feel anything when I listen to it other than, perhaps, a sense of mild disgust at the mental image of a pussy full of maggots. Anything else I feel is about the fact that this is the song they chose to put out there to catch the headlines. I mean, the sound is outdated and the lyrics are like something dreamed up by a bunch of young lads trying so, so hard to be edgy, and it's like the band doesn't know what they are now, like they cannot move on. I get that same sense when I see them drop f'n' anywhere and everywhere they can. They're middle-aged multi-millionaires. Singing about a pussy full of maggots just seems shallow, inauthentic and, frankly, sad... I hope they figure out a more mature sound. It could be awesome. They could be awesome. And yeah, I know that plenty of people see this as a joke, as trolling, whatever, and if you're one of them you'll think I'm not 'getting it', but that won't stop me from cringing at this move.
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