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  1. Nice to see Izzy actually enjoying himself Seems curious Axl's parents watching the show, I thought he was still at odds with them at this point
  2. Quality looks and sounds really good considering 86 ! Loads of songs too. It's real easy to find that footage btw, no need to ask for a link at all
  3. Lol wut. In the history of GnR, and specifically them breaking outside of the US, the UK was very important. Just look at how Live Like a Suicide did in the UK. And how Alan Niven cleverly used his knowledge of the UK media to make the band a household name very quickly. And remind us where Slash was born again please, lol
  4. It's crazy to think, that in the entire 4 year mammoth tour, apart from Download festival they only played 2 UK shows, on two consecutive nights, in only one city, London. Why the hell didn't they do more UK shows?
  5. I remember at Manchester in 2006 they brought Izzy on and went straight into Think About You, to my great surprise.. I thought it was an unexpected choice of song but enjoyed it of course
  6. It has also been claimed that "100 million Bon Jovi fans can't be wrong". But it turns out they were all very, very wrong. I rest my case lol
  7. The thing about him coming across as bitter, etc: Slash's book was also full of blame and complaint, but no one finished it and thought oh what an asshole. Apart from Axl
  8. Absolutely. I think November Rain is crap actually. It's too saccharine. I don't think the rasp voice suits the intro. Clean voice like Patience would have worked better. It's too long. It's way too indulgent on Axl's part, the other band members clearly think it's a drag playing it. Ask probably hates doing it now too. The Slash 'solo' isn't really a solo, like SCOM. It's just a 4 bar loop repeated. It's not even catchy. Doesn't have a chorus hook as the other hits do. If you ask the average person about it they might know of the song, but will struggle to
  9. Actually having read it, it does have some interesting bits and things I haven't heard before about influences on their sound and early songs.
  10. Let me guess "We were the only five guys that could blah blah blah crawling round L.A." the end
  11. ..who happen to sing at every concert about drink driving and overdosing on heroin
  12. I never understood the hatred for Matt from some fans, I find him very likeable. His spoken recollections of the GnR era are always interesting and seem pretty candid. Wry sense of humour. At the time he was one of the few people who didn't take Axl's bullshit, probably to his loss in the long term. Drumming wise I prefer Adler really but Matt's Tom sound is awesome, the intro to New Rose and YCBM being good examples.
  13. But either way, if the record company releases a single which they've played on then they would surely be informed of that ?
  14. That's what I was thinking - as far as I recall, Steven said he wasn't sure if it's him on drums - and I thought, well surely it should be clear who's on drums because if it was Steven he would have to be credited and paid for it, so how can it even be a case of uncertainty who it was? I found one lying on the street by my house, pretty pleased with that, lol 💪
  15. "We're just a rock n roll band" "We were the only five guys who could have made up that band" "All things considered.." What other interview stock phrases have they endlessly repeated? 😑
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