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  1. If I'd been in the studio, the only thing I would have told them to change would be the choruses on Michelle and Anything Goes, they are both great songs on the greatest albums but those choruses are verging on, I dunno, jock rock or cheesy Crue type stuff. But obviously they would have just called me a fuckhead or whatever and fired me.
  2. I have watched a few of the vids in the past and thought, the mixes are weird, the lead guitar is abnormally loud and the whole thing doesn't gel properly. Saying that, I just listened to the Brasilia selects and was surprised how good they were. Axl is really good on Jungle, barely any Mickey. Almost like UYI quality, or at least the overall sound of those hybrid mixes on Live Era.
  3. I also came here to say The Garden would be a good choice. Album version is a great song imo. If they did it live it could facilitate as a deep cut for the fans who care about that, but also easy for him to sing, it's not too demanding and doesn't require rasp, so no Mickey.
  4. Why would Axl be in a rush to release an album, when A.) He's a perfectionist B) He'll be working with others and the whole project will have to come together as a codified body of work that everyone is happy with C) The last album he released got critically panned
  5. I think that's partly just him naturally misremembering things. For example the way he recounts the St.Louis incident in his book, it doesn't exactly match what anyone including he would see in the video. And he has no motive for describing the sequence of events slightly differently, there's nothing to be gained, it's just him speaking from memory rather than checking and cross referencing every detail.
  6. I really like Steve Jones (Jonesy's Jukebox), he may not come across as a professional interviewer but that's kind of the appeal, it's more like just watching him and another musician having a casual conversation, more natural in a way. He's not out to dig for a scandal. Maybe it's easier to vibe off him as as viewer if you're British too, sort of get what his personality and manner is about.
  7. Does Kurt Loader even still do music journalism? He must be pushing 70 now, lol
  8. I reckon the 'book' he mentioned at the China Exchange is basically a sort of extended legal deposition detailing his side of events surrounding disputes, something that could in theory be expanded into an autobiography if it was made less to sound like a list of incidents of him being in the right. That's possibly how the Slash book began as well. But I don't think Axl has the appetite for an autobiography. I think he regards his (limited) lyrical output as his 'story' for the world. Slash is not a lyricist but was expressive in interviews so easy to see how a book suited him. Also to attempt
  9. I honestly couldn't care less if this gets released or not.. an old album with slightly different audio, wow There's only really a few genuinely stand out songs on it anyway, imo Locomotive, Coma, Civil War, Estranged, The Garden A few other half decent ones And a load of filler The original mastering is a bit shit as well tbh. Somehow it's too shiny, yet at the same time muddy, weird midrange on the guitars and Axls vocals buried, sounds like he has a peg over his nose for some tracks, like Breakdown, verses are just "shner n ner n n der der" So yeah I
  10. I remember waiting for it on Top Of The Pops (British chart show.) I like the instrumental but tbh don't really like the lyrics. It's kinda mean spirited, like Back Off Bitch. I know I'm gonna get called all the f#ggots under the sun for saying that, lol
  11. Totally agree with that, album version of DTJ is overall too mechanical and sterile sounding in production to be great. But the UYI era live versions are amazing, Argentina 92 or 93 probably the best, or Tokyo, Paris is good too.
  12. I remember the first time I used YouTube around 2006, found it through the Greek GnR site. It had like just 5 pages of GnR videos, on the whole of YouTube!
  13. I read on A4D recently, a band being mentioned which was basically the sound they wanted for Appetite. I had never heard the band before but gave it a listen. And now I can't remember its name.
  14. Tbh I don't think it sounds that much like him, other than being a high raspy singer of sorts. I've heard better, like that Juan the Beast guy. It's better than most people could do though.
  15. I tuned into this by chance, it was a surprise to see GnR on normal TV. They had a few programmes in a row, like a GnR night. The Las Vegas show was mostly terrible, I can't believe it was selected for recording, let alone broadcast. Nightrain was the only half decent vocal performance. It demonstrates that he is able to sing that song raspy quite easily, due to the pitch being high ish but not as high as other AFD screamers. The documentary after was crap. Interviews with nobodies saying stuff that was either things everyone already knows, or just not true. Total waste of opportuni
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