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  1. If only he had a cool, non corny, rock dude name like Dizzy, or Duff, or Buckethead
  2. Seems a bit stupid the way they've used footage of Axl bringing the mic to his face and singing at the points where there's no singing at all on the track
  3. Considering that Craig Duswalt managed to sync up Axl's teleprompter to the required song at a moment's notice in the 90s, you would have thought the visuals guy could sync up instantly in 2021 ?
  4. Having just listened to the Adler band, I think that vocalist is probably the best of all the singers that have been hired by ex GnR members to cover GnR songs in their bands. Including the snakepit singers, Myles and Weiland. Though I suppose he's got age on his side.
  5. I'm into Hard Skool, after a few listens I had it going in my head so definitely catchy. The one thing I'd change is that sort of ascending bridge part near the end. Absurd is fine instrumentally but the vocals are sbsolute tripe, so I won't ever listen to it again voluntarily I guess.
  6. I really don't understand why he didn't put Hard Skool on CD. I think it alone would have changed the perception of the album. The inclusion of a more classic style rock track would have assured sceptics that it had an aspect of GnR that people expected, and meant less of the "load of tortured ballads with a couple of weird industrial tracks" criticism.
  7. I called a UK radio station once years ago and asked them to play it so I could hear what it was like They didn't play it Probably because GnR were deeply unfashionable at the time, plus its not very good tbf
  8. The only years he has really had an amazing voice are: 85-89, 92-93, 06,10, and AC/DC '16 I think the reason people think it sounds better at concerts than in videos is because when you're in front of the PA the overall barrage of sound doesn't highlight the voice weaknesses, plus the crowd is singing along so you don't hear it clearly. I noticed that when I went for a piss out of the main stadium bowl I could hear the mickeying clearly from that distance, noticeably worse.. Overall the main reasons it's not good anymore are: AC/DC effort took its toll; less motivation to go all out on GnR because it would hurt / totally break his voice; it's not as exciting singing the same old GnR stuff week in week out so tends to go through the motions. That said, I don't think he's deliberately slacking, it's just that he really can't sing it all at full throttle anymore without totally breaking his voice, so he trying to compromise. Plus people still buy tickets. Really though it's become indefensible to charge people for that. Imagine playing a newbie current video and saying yeah this is my favourite singer, he's awesome. They would bee like wtf.
  9. Ah. Curious though, why would her story be any more unverifiable than the one with the Penthouse girl that did get included in the documentary, the scenario of which indicated there being no other witnesses to the event (whereas there were apparently other witnesses to the Michelle incident, even if they couldn't be verified / unable to give evidence) ?
  10. Since all that she has also said she's partaken in a documentary, giving an interview about her experience. It hasn't been aired yet though as far as I know. If/when it does and gets a lot of publicity then I think Axl's public image could take a dive.
  11. Is it really that much of a big deal that Seymour rubbed Sorum's balls? They're a bunch of coked up & piss drunk rockers. That kind of shit will happen. It's not like she fucked him is it.
  12. Not much, no - we need to see the original post I made about it really but I can't find it - I can have a go at finding the clip again but might be hard, I will have a go though ...
  13. There is at least one unreleased AFD era show close to pro-shot quality, I found a small segment of it buried in a fairly obscure interview video a while ago. I posted about it on here, to my surprise no one had ever seen it or knew what it is, but the conclusion was a TV company probably has the rights. It looks great though, decent audio/video and Axl even has the teased hair, lol
  14. Dead Flowers is what they based Used To Love Her on, it would be easy for them to use it as an intro / medley style, I'm sure that's been done before.
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