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  1. I find it surprising all of those people with the band were so willing to speak to a random fan and let you close to them / Axl.. I would expect them to try to keep fans away from the band apart from a few autograph signing opportunities. Maybe they were less concerned with keeping people away from the band since 2001 was a time they were relatively out of the spotlight and there was less hype around them. I think Axl was probably still conscious of being wary of potentially crazy fans though, hence he was keeping an eye on anyone who got within a certain distance. I know a lot of people compl
  2. Tbh if I had to sing the same ten minute soppy love song about a woman I fell out of love with over 20 years ago a million times, I would not do it with enthusiasm either I think he would have a better chance of pulling it off at the Superbowl though, singing a couple of songs is not as demanding as doing a three hour set, he could go all out for 15 minutes and it might sound ok
  3. I noticed that discrepancy too, but it's clearly not "lies", it's just that he was recalling the sequence off the top of his head and it's slightly different to what the footage shows. There's no reason for him to try to deliberately mislead the reader, especially when the actual sequence of events can be seen on the video. It's a very minor discrepancies anyway, doesn't detract from the story.
  4. I've always been fascinated by the GnR/NWA thing too. I don't think there is any track with Axl and Easy on though. I think Slash said there was some demo, that was more GnR than NWA.
  5. Any new 1987/1988 proshots or just decent video and audio of full shows from then. They do exist. I found a snippet of one that no one had seen in the middle of an old TV feature a while ago, posted it up here and no one had seen it before or knew of the full video. I think the conclusion was that the TV producers must have the full show in their archive, the snippet had its logo on it. Axl was singing KOHD with the teased hair, haha
  6. Matt, good: reliable, professional, and amazing low tom sound (e.g. New Rose) Matt, bad: shit snare sound, bit ploddy tempo overall sometimes I think his personality is fine, can be a funny storyteller. The thing about ego etc isn't an issue for me. I think he was basically the one band member who wasn't shy to get in Axl's face and tell him to get the fuck back on stage when he was flouncing. The others would just hide and drink. I'm not bothered about Frank, if the band's happy with him then I am, I don't get the excessive hatred he receives, half the time it doe
  7. There is an Axl biopic in the works. My friend sent me the application link that the production company put out to find their actors to play 3 Axls of various ages. (Because I'm a pasty white guy with red hair.)
  8. I don't believe Gilby and a horn section 'caused' the band to implode, not at all. Ok it happened around that era but don't confuse correlation for causation. If anything, Gilby's addition enabled them to continue. And they still did the Skin n Bones tour after they'd dropped the backings section.
  9. You cannot point to Tyler and say that Axl should be able to sing with a strong high rasp because Tyler still manages to. It's not a fair comparison at all. Tyler's natural speaking voice his high and raspy - It's way easier for him to sing a few hours like that. Axl's natural speaking voice is way, way lower, and his high rasp was always forced (yet well controlled), but it's not natural for him. It's a considerable effort for him to force it for hours at his age. A much more difficult task than Tyler's.
  10. Does anyone know: what is the technical term for the vocal style Axl used to get where it sounds like there are multiple voices / tones coming out simultaneously?
  11. How difficult would it be for the band to adjust to playing some songs tuned down? Would it just be a case of them saying, "right guys let's do it in D" and off they go, or would it require them to sort of re-learn how to play the songs tuned down, lot of practice and then do it live?
  12. It's not an indication of a bad relationship or animosity just because they don't have their arms around each other all the time, they are not wild 20+ year olds running around the stage with their tops off sweating and headbanging either. They are generally more sober, chilled out and reserved in their behaviour now altogether, because they're much older. It's just a natural consequence of growing up. "These shows are rubbish because Axl wasn't touching Slash enough" is just... Come on.
  13. I thought Pitman was fired because Duff didn't like him or something. Axl told millions of people on live TV that Pitman would be fired next anyway, so he can't say he didn't know it was coming
  14. In theory I should like them, as I'm into brief, fast rockers. But something about the UYI mastered sound doesn't sit right with me. If they were rough like the first side of Lies I'd probably prefer that!
  15. Actually, having said it's just filler.. I think there are a couple of Mates rehearsal studio instrumentals of the song from around 1990, and it sounds fuckin nice there. It's the polished UYI version with the vocals I don't really like. The raw bones of the song are good though.
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