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  1. Or did AC/DC save Axl Either way The Sun is about as bad a source as the National Enquirer tbh
  2. Last time I guess it was just a case of, "new SMKC album slated" full stop
  3. Oh wait I just remembered the funniest one - it's from 87 or 88, camera view from side of station - Axl screams " Do you know where you are? Good, then go home" 😄 Then immediately reverts to his normal voice and days "IM JOKING!!" Almost as if wary of crowd trouble haha
  4. I seem to recall one of them saying they wanted YCBM on AFD, but held it back to put another song on it.
  5. The UYI tour one with a long winded Axl rant followed by the band fucking up the intro and having to fudge a restart, with the blame attributed to Slash being wasted on most videos of it, even though if you listen closely it's Sorum's fault for starting the drum intro half a beat late, which causes Slash to turn around with a panicked WTF look, before they get the rhythm correct on the second go That one
  6. Great work cheers Do you guys have a transcription of a release that came out called Appetite For Conversation? I had a cassette of it years ago, it was an interviewer talking to Slash and Duff, pretty bad audio but funny conversation during the AfD tour I think. ?
  7. I'm pretty sure the Axl timing issues are to do with audio delay on the huge PA. Anyway at least he doesn't have the old timing issues of singing all the songs 5 hours late
  8. In that sense, Anything Goes, Back Off Bitch and a few others are also covers..
  9. Good point. It's quite an easy song for multiple guitarists to play on too, as evidenced by that TV clip where there are like 10 famous leads all playing it together.
  10. Anyway if this thread isn't to your taste you can always go n hang out in the one asking for a video of Robin Finck falling over, I've heard that's a hot subject right now
  11. If you like this thread, you'll love the YouTube video "Axl Rose asks for some Reggae 8 hours 34 seconds" (Yes someone has actually made and uploaded that)
  12. Has anyone else ever noticed, that the instrumental piece the band used to go into after Axl would call "Gimme some reggae!" on KOHD isn't really reggae at all? Reggae is generally pretty slow, with that signature off beat guitar chord chugging along. What the band actually plays in that bit of KOHD sounds more like Calypso style, double the pace of reggae and with the bongos going wild etc. What do you reckon?
  13. November Rain is definitely well over rated, imo. It did have the potential to be a good song, but missed the mark for the following reasons: 1. I don't think Axl's raspy voice suits the intro. The softer voice as used in Patience would have been much better. 2. It doesn't have a memorable chorus, which is the key to a catchy song. 3. It's too long 4. It's a bit overly saccharine, schmaltzy even. 5. The Slash 'solo' at the end isn't really a solo, it's just a 4 bar riff repeated over and over. A true solo is a longer passage without such repetition. 6. Th
  14. Arguably it breaks up the monotony of a song which goes on for too long really But yeah I don't give af either way tbh
  15. What's so bad about the telephone call on KOHD? It doesn't add or subtract from the song for me. It's just a thing that's there. I can't see why anyone would be like omg that's do terrible. ?
  16. Well, for GnR it's actually 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 2008. Even if some of that was re-release and covers.
  17. Yikes, that's a weird mindset for Slash to have - to be giving the benefit of the doubt to MJ due to being friends with him, but keeping his son away from him just in case. I get that's it's hard to digest terrible accusations against someone you know, though.
  18. I'm pretty sure the first time I read about Desi was in either Slash or Duff's book, but don't think it mentioned her age.
  19. Hm it kinda is a bit obsessive over minor detail, though it's also the sort of thing that band members talk about in their autobiographies, indicating that they consider such things part of the narrative I guess.
  20. Sure, there might be audio mastering issues, I was just saying that isn't something that would cause skipping on a new pressing, if the tonearm etc is set up properly.
  21. If an LP is skipping, that's going to be because it has a scratch, has collected surface dirt, and/or your stylus or tonearm need adjusting, not because of an error in the original pressing
  22. So have they used my "Sorry folks, show's cancelled, the Surgeon general says it's hazardous to breathe!" line yet? Fernando if you're reading this, you know what to do All I ask is a %37.5 cut
  23. Fortus doesn't have the back catalogue or iconic stature of Slash, but he is undoubtedly on a par with him in terms of skill, to the extent that I'm actually surprised Slash is comfortable being in a band with another player who could easily match him playing lead. They've got a great symbiosis though. Hey, as the Fox News slogan should be, "No news is good news"
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