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  1. It's not an indication of a bad relationship or animosity just because they don't have their arms around each other all the time, they are not wild 20+ year olds running around the stage with their tops off sweating and headbanging either. 

    They are generally more sober, chilled out and reserved in their behaviour now altogether, because they're much older. It's just a natural consequence of growing up.

    "These shows are rubbish because Axl wasn't touching Slash enough" is just... Come on. 

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  2. Actually, having said it's just filler..

    I think there are a couple of Mates rehearsal studio instrumentals of the song from around 1990, and it sounds fuckin nice there. It's the polished UYI version with the vocals I don't really like. The raw bones of the song are good though. 


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  3. 1 hour ago, soon said:

    I have a feeling he would have also joined them elsewhere in the Paris PPV, along with Perry and Tyler for the performance of Train Kept a Rolling. Because Beck was in Yard Birds and Yard Birds played that song.

    Good point. It's quite an easy song for multiple guitarists to play on too, as evidenced by that TV clip where there are like 10 famous leads all playing it together.

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  4. Has anyone else ever noticed, that the instrumental piece the band used to go into after Axl would call "Gimme some reggae!" on KOHD isn't really reggae at all? Reggae is generally pretty slow, with that signature off beat guitar chord chugging along. What the band actually plays in that bit of KOHD sounds more like Calypso style, double the pace of reggae and with the bongos going wild etc. 

    What do you reckon?

  5. November Rain is definitely well over rated, imo.

    It did have the potential to be a good song, but missed the mark for the following reasons: 

    1. I don't think Axl's raspy voice suits the intro. The softer voice as used in Patience would have been much better.

    2. It doesn't have a memorable chorus, which is the key to a catchy song.

    3. It's too long 

    4. It's a bit overly saccharine, schmaltzy even. 

    5. The Slash 'solo' at the end isn't really a solo, it's just a 4 bar riff repeated over and over. A true solo is a longer passage without such repetition. 

    6. The whole vibe is centered so much around Axl's tedious relationship woes that you get the impression the rest of the band are just playing along, going through the motions and looking forward to it ending. 

    7. Cake.

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