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  1. Yikes, that's a weird mindset for Slash to have - to be giving the benefit of the doubt to MJ due to being friends with him, but keeping his son away from him just in case. I get that's it's hard to digest terrible accusations against someone you know, though.
  2. I'm pretty sure the first time I read about Desi was in either Slash or Duff's book, but don't think it mentioned her age.
  3. Hm it kinda is a bit obsessive over minor detail, though it's also the sort of thing that band members talk about in their autobiographies, indicating that they consider such things part of the narrative I guess.
  4. Sure, there might be audio mastering issues, I was just saying that isn't something that would cause skipping on a new pressing, if the tonearm etc is set up properly.
  5. If an LP is skipping, that's going to be because it has a scratch, has collected surface dirt, and/or your stylus or tonearm need adjusting, not because of an error in the original pressing
  6. So have they used my "Sorry folks, show's cancelled, the Surgeon general says it's hazardous to breathe!" line yet? Fernando if you're reading this, you know what to do All I ask is a %37.5 cut
  7. Fortus doesn't have the back catalogue or iconic stature of Slash, but he is undoubtedly on a par with him in terms of skill, to the extent that I'm actually surprised Slash is comfortable being in a band with another player who could easily match him playing lead. They've got a great symbiosis though. Hey, as the Fox News slogan should be, "No news is good news"
  8. Hm I don't think that's quite fair. It's not so much that by proofreading interviews he was looking to censor stuff he'd already said, more that he was looking to flag any article which had taken quotes out of context, or omitted things he had said, in order to create a sensationalist 'scandal' piece as some unscrupulous journalists do. Happens in politics all the time, we will have seen examples of that.
  9. Apparently RIR has always been a difficult venue to play, with multiple sound issues. 2011 was atrocious, 2017 was vocally bad and even in the 1991 shows Axls mic cuts out and he messed up lyrics. Part of this might be the band's fault but it is also because combined with technical problems and a deafeningly huge crowd, it is difficult to play a good show.
  10. Separate rooms has been the case since UYI tour though, any major band will be the same. They're middle aged millionaire rockers, they're not all gonna be squeezed into a single backstage room are they lol
  11. It's like, Maiden tried to be all scary but came off as cartoonish metal, cringeworthy. GnR by contrast actually were quite edgy. Only Axl could manage to look totally psychotic singing a love ballad too (SCOM)
  12. One of the things that attracted me to GnR was the song subject matter being totally not all of the goblins and wizards bollocks of Maiden. GnR was sex, drugs and the perils of urban life. Way more real and relatable.
  13. The beat is near identical to that Björk track too, haha
  14. The result of a magic mushrooms session.
  15. There are only a handful of genuinely great tracks on uyi. Civil War, Estranged, Locomotive, Coma A few other good ones and a load of filler. I don't think the playlists flow on either album. Also the audio mastering is muddy, levels wrong, aspects buried in the mix.
  16. It was a disappointment at the time, but why would anyone expect Axl to reunite with Slash just because the Hall of Fame was trying to force it? Also it's curious that no one seems to be enraged at Izzy for not showing up. Because of course he is allowed to be elusive and mysterious. Who cares now anyway, they reunited in their own time.
  17. It's highly doubtful that Axl and Slash sit around saying "right what else can we sell to make money.. Hey what about a toy truck, and a laundry bag?" The GnR brand and all the crap that gets sold is a separate entity from the band members, even if they make some money from it in theory. In fact the band have tried to prevent gimmicks being sold, as that designer from Universal told me, about the box set. It was the record company that insisted on all the junk going into the finished product.
  18. I think the first verse suits casual usage rather than full blown habit because of the "I don't worry about nothin" line, which suggests being dosed up on smack
  19. Woah. Are you sure? If that's correct then this completely resets the fundamentals of the GnR clock. We need to holler that guy who runs the a-f-d website with all the archived old interview transcripts, a great endevour. What's his name again? Not Browstone, somethin else
  20. Oh Len. Relax, the question is tongue in cheek and yes, I had the genius to notice Izzy was referring to brown, hence the sentence in the original post that he probably catches up on sleep during the day with a few opiate induced nods. I am familiar with the lifestyles of junkies, having known a fair few. But - @King_Johnny makes a pertinent point: the getting up at 7 thing seems to be Izzy referring to the early, 'honeymoon' stage of usage, when he has a regular sleep pattern - but then descends into the comparative chaos of a serious habit and getting up whenever..
  21. So, let's assume that Mr.Browstone is an accurate depiction of a day in the life of Izzy Stradlin, circa 1986. He gets up around 7 am, which is fairly early for someone with not many responsibilities other than paying guitar and occasionally selling some drugs. He has a lie in, and finally gets out of bed around 9 am. He then potters about the house, for about nine hours, until say 6 pm or a bit later when he has to set off for the show, which starts around 7 pm. He and the band go on stage around 9 pm, finish up and get on the bus around 11 pm. By this time Izzy has been awake for
  23. I can't see this page because I'm in the UK, would someone be able to copy/paste the text of the article please? EDIT: Ok I accessed & read it through Tor Browser but can't do a copy/paste for some reason.
  24. Much as Buckheat is clearly one of the most talented persons to grace the GnR camp, I can well imagine that for someone like Tommy it would take a lot of patience to work with someone who insists on wearing a mask all the time and having a chicken coop in the studio. There's only so long he would tolerate that kind of oddball behaviour, become sick of pandering to it and eventually snap. It may not be classic rockstar egotism but in practice it's not very different to be making such bizarre demands. So if Tommy got sick of it and became assertive I can see that could then be characterised as b
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