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  1. can we have a hard page limit upon which we will edit the title with "UPDATE: SHE LIED"?
  2. Normally I would say I have, but then by "shuffle accident" or not I listen to Nightrain, Paradise City or any of the greatest hits once and I love them again (briefly), honestly It's sad to see how the band operates nowadays, but the music, the history... In its heyday best band in the world, the best case scenario is to somehow release a last album to finish this great journey with semi-dignity
  3. there actually are some bootlegs of this show floating around, pretty ballsy for metallica to blame g'n'r for anything after such a joke of a performance:
  4. ok we're officially on page 250 of this thread, can we get an "UPDATE: She lied" in the title?
  5. isn't this the same account which "C O N F I R M E D" a new album a bit ago... Where it never was in any way shape or form confirmed that this is actually fernando, not some random troll
  6. Still here, after so many years of these "C O N F I R M A T I O N S" I'm now firmly in the camp of only believing a new album is coming if these happen: 1. There is an actual release date (like a specific day) announced directly by GNR 2. I'm holding the CD in my hand
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