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  1. Wheter the setlist is legit or not, it doesn't matter. They only played So Fine and You're Crazy from all of those songs. And we have video evidence of the others being rehearsed, so they were going to be played sooner or later. This year's tour was going to be the "all new show" BS that was being advertised, so in GNR's world those 4-5 songs make it an all new show They will be played once they come back, I'm sure of it.
  2. You really need to get more into the 2006-07 and 2009-10 era of Guns N' Roses. That's Axl at his absolute best since the 90s, for me 2010 is his best year.
  3. Slash and Duff are not founding members, but besides that I agree with you. It's insane how anyone would prefer the god afwul 2011-2014 era to NITL (at least 2016-2017 NITL). I would understand it compared to 2009-2010, though. They should've done something different for 2018 (new album, a blu-ray, new setlist, something), these last 3 years kind of ruined the reunion for me. I LOVED 2016 more than any other year being a GNR fan, but it's been shit (and probably shittier than 2011-2014 GNR) since then.
  4. The thing with Chinese Democracy is that, even 20 years after the songs were written, they still don't sound dated. At all. That's why I think they should totally bring CD2 songs to the new record. It's a timeless record and so are most of the leaks. I love CD and I wish we would get a boxset with everything that was ever written. That would close the chapter for me. But at the same time, I think that stripped-down versions of those songs can really kick ass (aka the Hardschool treatment). That intro Duff did sounded waaaay better than the leak intro, and I'm really confident that th
  5. Considering that AC/DC's newest single got 2 million views in one day, how many do you think Gn'R would get if they were to release a new album? Less? Or more? Axl and Slash's first song in almost 30 years would get a lot of views for sure, but is it really something the general public cares about in 2020? IIRC, Shadow's video (the closest thing to a new song being released) got 600.000 views in it's first day, which is not too much. They should've released it in 2016, when they announced the reunion. That year Gn'R felt like they actually were that huge band again, everyone was talk
  6. Fun fact: the only place where they haven't been since the 2009 Black Ice tour is South America. It's been more than 10 years since they were down here. I still haven't been able to see them live. I was too young back then, and having the Live At River Plate show makes it even more sad! That may be one of the greatest recorded shows in rock history and I wasn't able to witness it in person
  7. It's out there. Just google MTV Video Music Awards 2002 (Promo DVD) DVD9
  8. I believe there is one more Selects left. 1) because of the post they did a few days ago (asking for suggestions). 2) because the playlist originally had 20 videos and after they fixed it now has 14. So maybe the next selects will be 6 songs long.
  9. Okay, this is a good thing. I believe some people from here were asking for this. But... this Chinese Democracy sounds a lot like Double Talkin’ Jive
  10. Now postponed to november 2021! I wonder if GN'R will be there
  11. But Axl was using the GNR name to sell tickets, though. So I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. I don’t know how much tickets would Axl’ve sold touring only as “Axl Rose” compared to Slash. And I say that being a huge nuGNR fan. I consider Guns N’ Roses everything from 1985 to 2020.
  12. IF it has to be one show only, then yes, Houston would be my choice (or Los Angeles 2016). But if you asked me, I think the best choice would be to do a "best of" were you have great performances and also lots of countries represented. This was a HUGE tour, it would be a shame to not use that. I'm sure that if we were able to share YT videos here without them being deleted, we could create a really good NITL playlist. I honestly think that a potential NITL release should be a mix of different countries while also respecting the "good performance" rule. Using a full show to represent
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