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  1. Only hardcore fans were asking for new music between 2010 and 2018. Since then it’s been hardcore fans AND casual fans. It got incredibly more frequent since 2019. ALL of their posts since then have “we want new music” type of comments as the most liked ones. It’s really noticeable. I’m sure they know that. And it’s obvious that an album won’t be difficult when it comes to label deals now that Slash and Duff are back. At least Axl had the “they won’t accept a new album without Slash” excuse back then. Now it’s even more obvious that the only barrier stopping new music from being rele
  2. Frank’s latest Instagram post was commented by Beta, so hopefully we can put the stupid 'Frank fired' rumor to rest. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ2gdAABHWC/?igshid=1fxzot2knubfn
  3. The Slash relapsing stuff was made up by someone over the gunsnfnroses forum. There’s still no evidence of those stories. You guys have to be careful with what you say, because people read this forum and then shit like this gets to Facebook/Instagram and then it might get to Slash himself. Not cool.
  4. He liked all the comments, so it’s obviously automatic or he just doesn’t even read them.
  5. Why do they keep hiding Axl? Are they planning to do this stupid shit on a potential Blu-ray release as well? Every NITL Selects shows a bit more how underrated Richard Fortus is. He is the only one who seems to enjoy being in the band. It’s really sad what the current state of the band is. It legitimately makes me sad. Axl needs to step up or call it quits. This videos are hurting the band’s image.
  6. If I remember correctly, Axl was sick for this show, hence the scarf. So expect more shit vocals. Thanks again Team Brazil!
  7. The Perfect Crime documentary The 2010 SA Tour documentary Every single CD era song that has Axl in it Proshots from 2001, 2002, 2006 and 2010 (The Joint, Hong Kong, Hammerstein and Bucharest are some examples) Houston / Dodgers 2016 proshots. Another option could be a NITL best-of proshot with the list made by people from this forum AFD 1999 The VMA 2002 rehearsal (doubted about including it, but it’s one of those that I’m really curious to check out) One of the 1991 theater shows that were shot on film, those would allow an Eagle Rock remasterization Y
  8. Not sure if it's 'the best', but Tokyo 2009 needs to be mentioned
  9. This 1000000 times. I honestly don’t remember when was the last time that I listened to GNR on my own. The last song that made me feel 'something' was Atlas Shrugged.
  10. My top 3, post-90s Estranged performances, in no particular order, are: Rock in Rio 2011 (Great version, people overlook at it because the show was absolute shit, but Estranged was the debut that night and it's, to this day, one of their best versions). Chile 2011 (Axl's raspiest version by far) Mexico City 2nd night 2016/04/20 (Best NITL version)
  11. @SAU3R I don't see Locomotive from Wichita in the list. Even though it's not featured in their "YouTube Selects", the full song was uploaded to their Facebook page. I think it should be included
  12. The song has 20 years, it's not new at all. The fact that they were going to play it live could be just a 'nod' to the hardcore fanbase, acknowledging us that they are aware of the leaks. That's all. What you could assume, though, is that a potential new album will most likely feature Hardschool, because the big 3 have already said (one way or another) that CD stuff will be used. But what you can't do, is assume that just because they were going to play Hardschool live, then a new album can be confirmed. We don't know that.
  13. Asia 2017 was already shit. The last few good shows were the ones in Brazil in 2016, and even those were a few steps behind the NA leg. He destroyed his voice with AC/DC, it's as easy as that. He probably didn't rehearse his voice between the 2016 SA leg and the 2017 Asia leg, and that's what really made it worse. There's no coming back unless he goes trough some magical operation like Steven Tyler did. His current state can't be fixed with cardio and a vocal coach, his voice is toasted for good IMO.
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