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  1. This, so much this! It doesn’t get any better than this, guys. I said it the other day, but this is where the bar should be set. An Axl that gives a fuck could pull of performances like this without struggle, if not better. I really dig this version of Yesterdays (The one from 2014 is much better though). It’s a mix between rasp and clean voice that I can tolerate. Slash’s solo though...
  2. You just did the same regarding the CD solos: “As for Slash's unmemorable solos on CD stuff... well it's unmemorable stuff from the start. ” You obviously have a pair of malfunctioning ears, because Slash doesn’t sound good these days and it’s has been like that for a LONG time. He still shines on songs like Estranged, NR, Don’t Cry, etc, but he’s clueless on the “fast” songs and plain down pathetic when he has to improvise. The CD solos are unprofessional, to the point were no musician in the CD era reached that point of “dontgiveashitness” with Slash’s solos. It’s just plain disrespectf
  3. I told you this shows were good! Great job, @Fernando
  4. That's right. The first dates after AXL/DC were the ones from the SA leg, which were rough because Axl was reportedly ill. I mentioned them above, Argentina, Chile and Peru. He was noticeable better for the Brazil ones.
  5. It's the 2016-2017 break that made him sound like shit. Probably didn't rehearse at all during that time. The Asian leg, right after this one, was fucking awful. Those Japan bootlegs are unlistenable.
  6. The Brazil shows from 2016 were on NA levels. Really good stuff. Axl was ill (yeah, for real ) for the first ones (Argentina, Peru and Chile) but he recovered and was firing on all cylinders for the Brazil dates. Really, really looking forward to this one!
  7. Everywhere, basically. I don't have a link ATM, but it's been mentioned by Slash multiples times. Axl asked Fernando for Slash's number, and he called him during the time Slash was touring South America with MK&C back in early 2015. I believe it was specifically in Peru, so the call was done sometime between March 8th and March 10th, 2015. And of course, later that year in October, Slash went to Axl's to have dinner. EDIT: you can check this thread for a more detailed answer.
  8. Where is Berlin 2018? Rock In Rio 2017? Also: Fernando's Discord call being recorded and shared online Rick Dunsford getting a lifetime ban from Gn'R shows Walker getting a backstage talk with Angry Fernando Axl actually being the one that phoned Slash first for the reunion and not otherwise Rerecorded AFD 1999 The Chinese Democracy multitracks stolen from Rockband's internal files Axl fighting Tommy Hilfiger Bumblefoot's WTTJ Star Wars solo Adler giving blowjobs for drug money Matt Sorum's book (specially the Duff-Stephanie story ) Axl breaking his foot on his first
  9. They just tweeted THE SAME FUCKING VIDEO from five years ago. GnR’s laziness can’t stop to amaze me. Aaand there it goes my ultra rare positive post on this forum. Thanks again, Team Brazil!
  10. The build up to that show is without a doubt, one of my happiest days as a Gn'R fan. The rumors of the fake band playing the Troubadour, then the radio stations in LA saying something was cooking at Tower Records. Then the GN'R flyers that they started to place there. Then Fernando delivering pizza to the people that were camping in line (probably the best thing he did since he manages Gn'R ). Everything that night was magical. I'm from Argentina and I stood awake all night, trying to find every piece of information that I could. Some of the best MyGNR CSI work was done that night, prior
  11. They played it at soundcheck before their last show. So they were probably going to play it as part of their advertised “all new show”.
  12. Well, Axl and Slash reunited, for what is worth. Something that EVERYONE here thought was impossible, happened earlier than a new Gn’R record. Which was also thought to be impossible, before Chinese Democracy got released, but never in the “Axl - Slash reunion” level of impossible
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