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  1. That doesn’t prove anything. That intro could’ve been already in a hypothetical 2006 or 2014 version. Remember we heard a really old demo from more than 20 years ago. And even if Slash and Duff really worked on it, that doesn’t prove anything either. They “worked” on the Better intro too (even if it’s stolen from the bridge of the song).
  2. I really miss @IncitingChaos's posts regarding Axl's voice during 2016-2017. He always seemed to be really aware of Axl's performances show-by-show, which made for some really good discussions. I'm sure that if there's someone capable of making a best-of NITL playlist, it would be him
  3. It's got to be Slane Castle. More than 80.000 people were there. This video uploaded by Susan is mindblowing: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUom13bg419/
  4. That's a highlight of the whole tour for sure. There's a few more of those... Estranged from Mexico City (night 2) comes to my mind.
  5. 2016 is what I’d expect from Gn’R on a regular basis. I’m not asking for Houston levels, but this is pretty standard and reasonable. They are totally capable of getting to this level again, even Axl.
  6. I don't doubt that Axl has kept himself busy behind doors (even today). It's totally possible that he still writes new stuff. That was never the problem. For all we know, Axl may have to this day (counting full albums, instrumentals, sketches, whatever), probably 3 or 4 full albums of different lineups rotting somewhere in his vault. The problem is that he doesn't release anything, not that he doesn't write. I think we all can agree that, after the Village leaks, the amount of written material is definitely not the problem.
  7. The thought of people paying full price for these tickets or even getting that shitty "Nightrain" suscription for a presale is just... Reminds me of those that spent $1000 for the "Limited" AFD box (limited = 10.000 units ) only for it to be sold for $500 just a month later and $300 in Christmas.
  8. It was a special show, of course. But the rasp was there for all of 2010. There were better YCBM from that Europe run. I particularly love Nice Boys from that show though. That one did sound straight from the old days.
  9. Apparently @cineater finds your post funny. I wonder why? Aren't you Mojo's friend?
  10. Well, Metallica's "By Request Tour" is basically that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metallica_By_Request_Tour
  11. 2016 was an amazing year, probably the one I enjoyed the most since I follow Gn’R. Sadly that level of hype that you could feel in this forum is never going to happen again. It was all good news, one day after the other, for a whole year. The show threads were loaded with pics and videos and happy stories. So many memories. Not even a new album or an AFD5 reunion can bring that back for that amount of time. Surely this place would meltdown but only for a couple of weeks. 2016 was truly the perfect year to be a Gn’R fan, and I think it was something that cannot be replicated again.
  12. Yes, I agree 100%. 2018 was another wasted year, I should have included it as part of the 'cashgrab' years. I didn't do it because, in my head, I was imagining they used that whole year to make the new album But regarding what actually happened, and their live shows, then yes, totally, it was a shit year. On the other hand, I think the CD leftovers reworked from scratch can work. There's a lot of potential in the Village demos, it would be a waste to not use the best songs. I don't think they have much from the mid 90s sessions, but if they do, then I would expect some of that stuff too.
  13. TBH, I don't think it's fair to put in the same bag the wait between CD's release (2008) and the dissolution of nuGNR 3.0 (2014), and the wait between NITL's announcement (2016) and today (2021). First, it's unrealistic to expect GNR members from older lineups on the first material of Axl and Slash together in decades. That's simply out of question. The new album will most likely be CD leftovers redone from scratch by the NITL lineup (minus Axl's vocals and if you want, Frank's drums), and a few Axl/Slash/Duff songs. What that means is that even if CD2 was ready for release back in 2014,
  14. One of his recent solos that I enjoy the most is the one in “The One You Loved Is Gone” from Living The Dream. So I totally agree
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