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  1. Anyone know what's going on with the Toronto show? My tickets say "Past Event" on the Ticketmaster app.
  2. Probably because Doc Oc is easily the best Spiderman villain.
  3. I can’t spoil Y&R because I know I’m a day ahead in Canada, but Sharon and Adam are going to owe me a new TV soon; be still my heart The whole week was pretty solid. Didn’t expect Alyssa to return and now be trying to expose Adam and Chance for what happened in Vegas. I’m also still hopelessly torn between Billy and Amanda or Billy and Lily.
  4. Sharon and Adam definitely weren’t social distancing today. Guess the rumours of them being a real-life couple are true
  5. I actually thought the first batch of new Y&R episodes were pretty solid. The writing actually seems a lot tighter now than pre-COVID. Maybe I’m just biased because I’m beyond happy Adam is back in Sharon’s orbit
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