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  1. Probably because Doc Oc is easily the best Spiderman villain.
  2. I can’t spoil Y&R because I know I’m a day ahead in Canada, but Sharon and Adam are going to owe me a new TV soon; be still my heart The whole week was pretty solid. Didn’t expect Alyssa to return and now be trying to expose Adam and Chance for what happened in Vegas. I’m also still hopelessly torn between Billy and Amanda or Billy and Lily.
  3. Sharon and Adam definitely weren’t social distancing today. Guess the rumours of them being a real-life couple are true
  4. I actually thought the first batch of new Y&R episodes were pretty solid. The writing actually seems a lot tighter now than pre-COVID. Maybe I’m just biased because I’m beyond happy Adam is back in Sharon’s orbit
  5. Classic Y&R has been a heavy dose of nostalgia for me. Today's Canadian episode was from 1998; such a golden age for Y&R. Nick and Sharon still married, Sharon just found her long-lost daughter Cassie, Grace Turner ready to boink Nick, Nikki was shot by Veronica Landers and on her "death bed" so Victor divorced Diane to make Nikki happy (but of course never goes back to Diane!!), Michael outta' prison, dating Phyllis but needs Cricket to help him get his law license reinstated..... Makes me want to stay in the 90's forever! Next week is Rivalries Week!
  6. I think Dark Fate is easily the shittiest of the sequels despite having a fairly decent opening. Salvation is probably next shittiest with its only saving grace being Christian Bale. T3 also has a solid opening and still late prime period Arnie but a shitty John Connor. Genisys has a shitty Kyle Reese, but other than that I’ve rather grown to like this film. Easily the best casting for John since T2 and I enjoyed the twist of him becoming a Terminator. Was actually hoping Dark Fate would continue with this plot twist instead.
  7. What a cliffhanger for Y&R to end on with a heartbroken and devastated Victor being consoled by Nikki. I rarely feel bad for Victor but can see he just wants his family to be happy and get along and it sadly just never seems to happen. Have to wonder if Adam will let bygones be bygones or come back more determined for revenge than ever
  8. Might be a few grand worth of games for all you know
  9. Marvelous quarantine music.
  10. You’re all being way too hard on the 64. Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. have all aged fine and look good on a decent TV.
  11. The N64 market is also thriving right now. Systems are harder and harder to find and games I bought months ago have now doubled or tripled in price.
  12. Renard getting impaled by a rod is almost as anticlimactic as Carver just standing in front of the giant saw thing making no attempt to duck or run. Can’t even remember how that idiot in DAD in the dumb Power Ranger suit died, but at least Trevlyn had a solid death.
  13. Neil Winters’ daughter Lily had ovarian cancer 10 years ago or so and the whole storyline was so well done. I think I actually liked it a bit better than Sharon’s cancer storyline so far even though the actress is nailing her scenes. Nick and Sharon were high school sweethearts and were married for a decade or so until Nick had an affair with Phyllis 15 years ago or so after Sharon’s daughter and his adopted daughter Cassie died in a car accident and ended up having a daughter with her and leaving Sharon soon after. They’ve had a few teased reunions over the years, however, including
  14. Beyond devastated that stupid Kyle and Summer got Theo fired from Jabot. Really hoping Jack comes to Theo’s rescue, but I just don’t know. Nick and Sharon shared a lovely scene together. I’d love these two back together but I’m torn because Rey is such a good guy to Sharon. Looks like the Billy/Amanda/Lily triangle is full steam ahead!
  15. Recently re-watched the Dalton and Brosnan flicks with my Pops. I had mistakenly remembered Denise Richards being in Die Another Day. Had she been, TWINE would've perhaps been almost as tight as GoldenEye.
  16. Plus Victoria might want Billy back if she see him torn between Amanda and Lily
  17. I've always preferred Phyllis with Jack and Nick with Sharon. Rey and Sharon have really grown on me, though, so I guess I'm okay with Nick and Phyllis if it means Sharon and Rey can remain happy together. A Phyllis/Nick/Jack love triangle could fantastic now that I think about it, and a good throwback to how Summer was conceived Are you ready for a Billy/Lily/Amanda love triangle because I definitely am. Maybe Nate will lose interest in Amanda and find his way to lonely Victoria? That's sweet. Don't forget he also played an awesome villain in one the Planet of the Apes movies.
  18. The Missus has been making some damn good fried egg sandwiches lately.
  19. Wasn't too keen on Jojo. Parasite was a vastly superior film.
  20. Theo just can't resist Lola's spinach empanadas I do love how Theo has put so much thought into their first date and appears to be a true romantic while Kyle and Summer just seem to be mindless sex like her parents.
  21. His cameo in Titanic was a real hoot in the cinema back in the day
  22. Nice to see some love and appreciation for the criminally underrated Phantom Menace.
  23. Theo and Lola are taking things pretty slow, if you ask me. They haven't even gone on their first date yet while Kyle is off boinking Summer.
  24. I'm worried Theo isn't completely into Lola, though, and a big part of his attraction to her is that it gets under Kyle's skin. I also fear Jack is going to cut Theo off from the family once he finds out he's working with Kyle's secretary to dig up dirt on Kyle.
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