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  1. Lopez was too big for Loma, after tasting the power (albeit on the arms and gloves mostly early) Loma was afraid to commit, I think they tried to take him into the later rounds then turn it on but just couldn’t turn it on. Teo fought a blinder but, looking closely, Loma was always a little shaky at lightweight, Linares dropped him, he struggled against Luke Campbell, its clearly not a comfy weight for him.
  2. Good call cuz Lopez won that clean, though the desicion ain’t in yet.
  3. At the halfway point i got this figbt 5 rounds to Lopez with maybe 1 even, what the fuck is up with Loma? Is the fix in or what?
  4. Edgar Berlanga is a fuckin’ G
  5. City this afternoon. You gotta wonder about this fuckin’ fixtures list, so far we’ve had 3 games against Liverpool, Leicester in there too and now City. And its only been like 6 weeks. I think its good though, get a chance to see where the squad is at.
  6. Right, well, there go his chances of winning the election
  7. You fuckin’ blasphemous taffy cunt
  8. Fuck you, The Who know everything!
  9. To my mind thats not saying ignore science completely, its saying that all concerns during this pandemic cannot be approached or solved scientically. Science can give answers in terms of the illness itself, yes but not necessarily in the approach to it. For example, take herd immunity, it'd probably work y'know, its just that you'll end up writing off a lot of elderly and infirmed people. Now practically speaking, perhaps even economically, it'd be the beneficial thing to do. Morally however it is abhorrant. If one were to take a clinical approach though herd immunity is probably a good a
  10. I just think its a wonderful piece of work. First of all the nerve of it, to release that. To my understanding conceptual art is not about the thing but rather what the thing is saying, the intent behind its creation, the idea or concept behind it. Unfinished Music, what is unfinished music, if you pick apart music, the building blocks of it...its just noise isn't it, sound? So like...all noise, all sound is kinda...unfinished music, disordered music. It kinda blew my mind first time I thought of it like that, its artistically liberating, to people who are kinda...stuck on form and ridgid
  11. I love that album. It was actually not that popular and, so some say, led John to take a backseat from music, or its lack of popularity played a part in the desicion. The concept behind it is great though, to be like a news/newspaper where you write songs on current shit, put it out quickly etc, he was apparently going to make a number of albums in that vein if this had gone well but apparently it didn't. I think thats a wonderful idea though, The Clash kinda semi picked up on that idea with their notions of being a 'news giving group'. The fuckin' talent it must take though, to make s
  12. Mesut Ozil got an 8 million bonus the other day. ain’t kicked a ball all season
  13. Nah, they knew I was a foreigner, the name and skin tone give it away And to make things worse, Mark was black.
  14. Why’d they expel me and my mate Mark for robbing the changing rooms then? (along with another charge of selling shoplifted goods on school property) 😂
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