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  1. See therein lies the issue, I’m way past the 90s, I could go on at length about 50 Cent, Eminem, hip hop in general pre and post 90s, Grime, Garage etc etc etc but who’d listen on a forum full of metallers? I could talk about Sleaford Mods or Mike Skinner or Tempa T or Wiley but someone around here would have to know who they are first
  2. I never thought I’d see the day where you’d be lecturing me on modernism
  3. And thats modern is it? I had to google the wankers to find out who they were, Europop/disco? Welcome to 1972
  4. Stand a million miles away from a couple of dots of a prefab stage and watch the show on a giant telly hanging over ya...and get yourself a T shirt on the way out for 20 quid, bollocks to that.
  5. Wankers. A mickey mouse New York Dolls with all the make up and none of the charm, gormless.
  6. Rock n Roll ain’t fuckin’ Coca Cola sponsored bullshit, its played in cavernous dives and bars and clubs, stadiums are for selling hot dogs.
  7. Thank you, this ain’t a 1940s pub He’d better have the way he did those jumps onto his knees.
  8. Stadiums are cold impersonal, there’s no such thing as stadium rock n roll, not really.
  9. Well how the hell is Freddie Mercury (or anyone for that matter?) into it on a stadium stage? I posted Pele up there!
  10. There’s always an argument to be made
  11. I dunno, I think he looked exstatic in 69, just happy to be on the job and really belting em out, just watch Thats The Way It Is, does the bloke performing Suspicious Minds there look to you like he’s not into it?
  12. Elvis, 1956, thats what its all about.
  13. I don’t care, none of my business, he could shag his Mum for all I care, I’m just in it for the tunes. Again, I don’t care whether they enjoyed it or not, thats their lookout. I don’t think that has a bearing on how great they perform, you’ve got to realise that for all of em, on some level, its a job.
  14. Controlling a crowd with shit taste ain’t hard, Robbie Williams can do that I am the last person on earth to ever argue for anyone over James Brown.
  15. I mean in terms of ‘crowd in the palm of his hand’ kinda way. Take Live at the Apollo, he works em like crazy there, probably the greatest example of that shit I’ve ever seen. But then what The Doors did with The End or When The Musics Over, with the different dynamics of the song and the way they like...controlled the vibe of the crowd, its up there. Maybe not equivalent but certainly up there.
  16. Oh he was something else. He was the first proper confrontational lead singer with a sort of a live theatrical performance, at once charming and antagonistic. Even when he wasn’t on 100% form vocally he had a certain charisma that just made it so he could pull it off. They thought he was a drunken mess, which he kinda was but it was deliberate, he was a champion shit-stirrer. And when he was proper on it he could work a crowd like anyone, I put him right up there with James Brown in that respect, he could bring an ampitheatre to stony silence followed by riotous noise, pure class.
  17. Nothing like ginger leg hair to make a girl go all moist eh?
  18. I can't tell why for the life of me but this little exchange has really made me laugh
  19. I think maybe its cuz we joke a lot...and for a joke to work it has to address a commonly held belief.
  20. My comment wasn't to suggest that lots of people think Belgians are pedos or the Welsh actually rape sheep, it was just a pithy humourous comment I heard and I was wondering as to the root of it, just a passing curiosity rather than a sweeping declaration that vast swathes of the British public believed that shit
  21. No, it suggests that its not something specific to England, I mean a stereotype is by definition a commonly held belief (one that is sort unmalleable and lazy), stereotypes are what they are because a lot of people think that way, I’m pretty sure if you look it up in the dictionary it doesn’t say ‘commonly held belief by English cunts’
  22. Surely the very existence of stereotypes around the world suggests otherwise?
  23. One thing I’ve always wanted to ask, what is this association with Belgians and pedos? Its like the go to thing people mention when you say Belgians, in the way they say ‘sheep-shaggers’ when you mention the Welsh or ‘terrorists’ when you mention muslims.
  24. See the thing there is that you had 3 incredible musicians, they rarely faltered even playing live. On the other hand you got a bloke who wrote lyrics for fun and probably had a stockpile you could fill a barnyard with. When he wasn't drinking til he pissed his pants
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