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  1. Yes, we can clearly see that from the capslock.
  2. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/boxing/errol-spence-sent-best-wishes-20553410 Poor Errol.
  3. 'Ja? Ist there a man, in zee test match whites who comes to your establishment, well versed in zee history? He is very much liking the Rhythm and Blues. No?..'
  4. I wish we could take some down the breakers yard and try all different things out...there’s a blaupunkt! There’s a steering rack for a 1989 Hyundai Pony!
  5. I think the Trudeau case is much ado about nothing. I think I said earlier on some thread here somewhere that, well, its fancy dress isn't it, the whole premise is the ridiculous so he came in a ridiculous dress. First of all it wasn't even blackface in the traditional sense of the gollywog with the lips and the curly hair, it was an Arabian Nights theme right, so its more an Arab caricature than anything, not that I'm justifying that I'm just saying, blackface is a specific thing y'know, like the gollywog, it certainly weren't that. There was that thing also where one of the princes of Eng
  6. Blackface is to do with a history associated with blackface and minstrel shows and racism, whiteface doesn't really have the same connotations because, well, no one apart from Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle have ever done it. Blackface and the big painted on red lips and the curly gollywog wig and the whole minstrel show thing was deliberately and cruelly racist. Just have a listen to a minstrel era song here: In case you can't make out the lyrics it begins: 'its the same ol' tale about a palpitating n!gger everytime, yes everytime, its the same ol' trouble with a c
  7. David Blaine was it? Ever hear that Chris Rock ‘I’m in a box and I ain’t gon’ eat, how the fuck is that a magic trick motherfucker, pull a rabbit out of a hat, make an elephant disappear, I’m in a box and I ain’t gon’ eat, that ain’t a magic trick, that’s called livin’ in the Ghetto’
  8. But he didn’t though, did he? It was little more than santized versions of 50s rock n roll 20 years after the fact by a slaphead nonce in shiny spacesuit shoulder-pads.
  9. I coulda told you days ago it would be Pricey for Chisora.
  10. Oh yeah, I mean the shit ain't for free but I got two lines at the moment on the one thing for like £55 quid, must've been on that for 5 years or something...and each time round I get a new phone when my contracts up, when you could just stick with the same line, out of contract, rolling along...but then upgrade, 18 month contract and fresh phone out of the deal, whilst still paying what you were always paying so it feels like a free phone
  11. I think we should all buy his shit just to get him to No 1 again for a wind up
  12. Often they don't buy em, its just after your contracts up they give you an option for an upgrade, you end up paying fuck all for the phone, keep the same terms as before and get a brand new phone out of the deal.
  13. @action You're right about it making you thicker too, cuz you just tend to fuckin' use it for all sorts of shit and it dulls certain senses. Like for instance, I've got the tube all my life, since I was like 11 or 12, prior to that I always made my way working out the tube maps, was never late anywhere, never took a lot of time, now you just google it all, which train goes where, takes you where...but you kinda rely on it to where you ain't usin' your fuckin' noddle anymore. Or driving too, no one has a fuckin' sense of direction now cuz they just bung it on their phone and follow the
  14. Yeah I suppose you got a point, it effects people work and that, point taken. I had one more or less thrust upon me around the time the 4 came out, free too, through work, since then I’ve always had one. The best thing about it for me was that it was like an ipod and a phone in one, I’m a bit mental about music, I want it with me everywhere I go so it was like a phone and an ipod in one. Thats the main thing for me whenever I get a new one, how much memory has the shit got, so I can get as many tunes on it as possible.
  15. Its all a load of bollocks man, 'such and such is cancelled because we dug out a video of them making fun of 'x' ', its mickey mouse, no one takes that shit seriously, its just a written down form of like, for instance, a bunch of GnR fans no longer liking GnR anymore because Nirvana came around, it don't mean nothing, the tides of time will wash all that bullshit away and what will stand of any woman or man is their works. There are levels to this shit though and I think it boils down to, if a person expresses certain convictions well expected them to be tested by onlookers. And if
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