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  1. Alright, I'll have another go: 'We're fuckin' losin' our fuckin' country maaaan, shit is fucked up maaan, fuckin' border jumpin' beaners and n!ggers and fuckin' A-rabs and China. Fuckin' crime and shit, this used to be a good neighbourhood maaaan, I remember when me and Maw and Paw and lil' Janie would get in our ol' jalopy and go on down to the drive thru and watch Attack of the 500 ft Potato Aliens from Outer Deep Space Nine and order our milkshakes from the waitress on rollerblades, fat chance of that now unless we learn fuckin' spanish. Oooh I wish I was in the land of cotton, old t
  2. Yeah, kick the black bastards out, thats what I say. Leroy and Paki Patel, comin' over 'ere, taking our jobs, stinking up the place with their fuckin' curry, 100 years ago they'd be slopping out the stables and cleaning my Grandads boots. I blame the Labour Party, I mean bloody Gandhi, wouldn't eat his dinner and they give him India!
  3. There’s a negative association with those? I’ve got one, who the fuck are The Proud Boys?
  4. Yes, it certainly appears to be one. Subjectively speaking of course
  5. I’m not sure how to respond this. Yes it does mean that if I don’t like them. There isn’t any kind of objective fact when it comes to taste and according to my taste Metallica are absolute shite. If your opinion differs from that thats fine but there’s no objective truth here.
  6. See personally that has its charms too, I just wish he was a little less earnest and a lot more brutal about it
  7. On a side note, who wants professional out of their bands? Was Jimi Hendrix professional, shit, depending on how much acid he'd dropped you never knew what the fuck you was gonna get out of Jimbo. In the peak of the Stones, in the 70s, you had to wait til Keith Richards came down before you got a blinding set out of him. The Who, Keith Moon passing out on his kit rammed full of horse tranquilizer. Or Johnny Thunders. The fact is when the aforementioned (those who actually made it to professionalism) got professional they kinda lost a step. I think the things that made these bands great,
  8. I suppose it is to a point eh? The internet in general if you think about it. Sort of a ghetto-ized version of greater social media, yeah.
  9. The fact is Guns n Roses, on the worst day of their fuckin' existence, is better than Metallica at their best. A load of fuckin' dull noise, thats Metallica. Guns n Roses piss all over em on every level.
  10. If you stare into em long enough I also take your soul
  11. Not the whole fuckin' eye you mad cunt, obviously the white bits are white, I'm talking about the round bits. If you stare at em hard enough a few people say they're just really really really dark brown but most just fuckin' see black.
  12. I dunno why it is, never met anyone else like it, you can see the little centre bit of my eyes, its all just black. My sister always said its because I'm the spawn of Satan
  13. I agree with everything you say about McCartney. In fact I'd go further that the old thing of Paul being the twee melodist and John being the wild and woolly artsy type is not entirely accurate either. Paul was the one who got the tape loops for example, I believe it was on tommorow never knows, having got the idea from living near and meeting Brion Gysion and William S Burroughs who pioneered the cut up technique in art and literature and cinema. When John moved out to Surrey Paul stayed in London and immersed himself in the local art scene and brought a lot of those kinds of ideas into Th
  14. They're indivisible if you ask me, I'd never pick one, fact is their best work was together. I feel like I'm shit-stirring between two brothers by making a choice either way on that one, they are one half of, in my opinion, the greatest band that ever walked the earth. They might not have been musicians with a capital M, they might not've been as adept as any number of others, they might not have been as tight as something like the James Brown band or Cream but what is difficult to deny that they were a hotbed of creativity the likes of which the world has never seen, just songwriting/hit-ma
  15. I don't think he believes a word of it, he's just on an earner, nobody can be that batshit without ending up in a padded cell.
  16. I've got black eyes Weird phenomenon, I've never met anyone else with em.
  17. That bloke needs a fuckin’ slap.
  18. 20 quid on Arsenal to win tonight returns 130. I fear the odds are that way for a good fuckin’ reason though
  19. YES YOU FUCKIN’ GEORDIE SLAGS! (No offence @DieselDaisy )
  20. It was a bit of an up and a downer weren’t it? Hit the woodwork 5 times, a record apparently, they deserved something from that, at least a point. But deserves got nothing to do with it, to quote some old cowboy. Chelsea game was pretty mental too, tighten up that defence and they are a rough night for anyone.
  21. I went to see a Rocky double bill and arrived only to find they'd stopped serving at the cinema that morning. I was halfway through when it occurred to me that the Hollywood Bowl and Italian Restaurant next door had a bar in it. So I waited til the end of Rocky (at 9:30pm) and went to the Hollywood Bowl who said we've just shut, followed by the Italian restaurant who told me they'd stopped serving at 8:45pm. I thought the fuckin' new time was 10pm?
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