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  1. One of only a handful of people in the history of 20th century pop music that could concievably be described as being possessed with genius. Bob Dylan is another. Honestly, I really struggle for other examples without stretching and/or diluting the notion of genius.
  2. Are they actually pakis...or are they just paki looking?
  3. Why don't you just go down the supermarket? Not that I don't appreciate your support of the community, I just mean like...if they go to the supermarket all their gear and brands must be there. You're a big softy really aren't you, under that gruff northern exterior, going shopping for the old 'uns and all that, bless.
  4. I wouldn't say that I necessarily see it happening either, otherwise I would put it stronger than 'guarding against a tendency', it just sprang to mind when I see extremely zealous shoutey people in large groups having a go at some diner or something. Again, this obviously is a small minority in the bigger scheme of things but thats how things start. Also, I find this seperation of movement and organization slightly troubling. Was just listening to that thing Dies' posted yesterday with Piers Morgan, its a really odd thing, you have a movement and an organization by the exact same name
  5. My original post did say that you should support, stand up and lay your money down for the cause, what I'm talking about is the importance of guarding against a tendency to make the whole thing a self serving exercise. Its something to do with the nature of empowerment and self actualisation.
  6. The Case for Dies' Being a Racist: 1 - knows a lot about the Nazi's 2 - comes from up North where they're all racist anyway 3 - likes cricket, colonialists sport 4 - big tachioed racist looking cunt in his avatar 5 - doesn't like dark Magnums 6 - hates hip hop Verdict: Guilty
  7. So why is the whole white saviour thing bandied around so much? No I'm not, I'm talking about those people who do that shit, whether there's 1 or 2 or 50 of em, not the whole BLM. Like the old pervert next door just waiting for Sally to argue with her family so he can 'comfort' her Why would I want to do that? I did say in my post 'support by all means, stand up, put your money down etc etc' words to that effect, I was just talking about the tendency to overrun and smother a thing and the importance of guarding against that. No one. Well, not me an
  8. The thing about the whole white zealot thing for me is, like, OK, I'm probably not gonna put this well so bear with me. Since this whole thing is essentially being worked out on racial lines, as a white zealot, how well like...positioned are you to pontificate about this shit? Aren't you literally talking about yourself when you're talking about the opressors of the black man? And your fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers? Should you really be the ones trying to put people right at this juncture? It is, at very least, indicative of a sort of arrogance. And if black empowerment
  9. @Forsaken gave me a brilliant warning once, it just read 'I got mind control over Deebo' Having wiped your arse with the previous one...several times
  10. Wasn’t really a reference there, just a comedy club, was making light of the shit humour Kinda like going ‘thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!’
  11. I'm not surprised, have you ever met anybody with polio? (Len Cnut, Live from the Embassy Club, Teeside)
  12. Maybe I fuckin' live in a different world to everybody else but when did this suddenly start happening that white lads could call black lads Uncle Toms and not get their fuckin' heads kicked in?
  13. I suppose what makes a good...person in a particular field don't mean to say it makes a nice person. Look at your Jaggers, Lennons, Hitchcocks, Hemingways etc etc etc, by all accounts they were/are not entirely pleasant people.
  14. A cousin of mine once dropped a delivery to Georgie Bests house. He wanted to give him a tip but didn't have any cash with him but offered for him to like, take anything in the house, apparently there were some old medals or awards or whatever...he thanked him and refused.
  15. Yeah, you got a point. That sort of shit fuels a kind of intensity doesn't it? Intensity, I hate that word as a character descriptor. Along with 'doesn't suffer fools gladly' its another one of those things you often call someone who is a bit of a cunt or whoose behaviour is slightly cuntish. But anyway, its all petty really, the older I get the less important it really all is to me but its like a reflex thing almost, old habits die hard and that. I mean Keanes doin' alright, isn't he, in the house(s) that prawn sandwiches built, what do I look like a 37 yr old man still carrying thes
  16. I'm not taking it to a human rights tribuneral or anything, I'm just saying the feelings mutual.
  17. I weren’t tryna put you right or anything, just a passing observation when you said ‘conjured up the term’, I know that interview y’see and, thinking back, he never actually said it. And good. Fuck Keane. My mind was permanently made up on him when he was asked to describe his feelings towards Arsenal and what he came up with was ‘hatred’.
  18. I’m not sure that he did y’know, strictly speaking. What he actually did was make some comment about how away fans were hardcore but the home fans sat their with their prawn sandwiches and didn’t know what was going on on the pitch, words to that effect. The exact term ‘prawn sandwich brigade’ followed on from there. He’s great for a soundbyte or a youtube vid but you must admit he comes off an absolute cunt of a man. Even his teammates don’t like him, every time he commentates with anyone they sort of tolerate him with a chuckle and a sigh and a roll of the eyes. ‘doesn’
  19. I dunno, its a tricky one. I mean Dillian is clearly limited and Povetkin is a former Olympic champion and a class heavyweight, with losses only to Klitschko and Big Josh. As I say, its a slippery one and if he doesn’t concentrate Pov’ll put him away but honestly I think Dillian has enough for him. His boxing fundamentals are nowhere near Pov, ones an Olympic gold medalist and the other only had like a handful of amateur fights...like six. He just took Pov lightly, should do it this time. P.S. I’ve never won a boxing bet in my life
  20. The Panthers were quite literally Malcolm inspired and he did say when he founded the OAAU that he was willing to work with all and sundry if they were interested in those common goals. The Panthers did have a distinctly Marxist bent though so I dunno if he would've been all onside with that but then he wouldn't necessarily have to be, would he? More analagous? Yeah, I'd say so, at least more than the aforementioned. Broadly speaking though they didn't exactly have many white members, they did encourage the formation of a White Panther Party to do parrallel work (hence John Sinclair
  21. Who, Roy Keane? Yeah, he's a fuckin' miserable old cunt but a certain generation of narrow shouldered Fred Perry shirt wearing gel-heads like to wank themselves off over the idea that he was some kind of hardnut, instead of a profoundly insecure 5 foot Irishman.
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