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  1. Somebody else already used the word Aurora Borealis
  2. I have Never has a film come so close to ruining the orgasm for me! See, they've just crossed the line now There is literally no fuckin' evidence whatsoever of Elvis being a racist aside from one aprocyphal story where he said 'the only thing a black man can do for me is shine my shoes', a story with no time, no date, no witness, no claimant reporting it, just something floating out there in the ether. Meanwhile, back on planet earth, Elvis came from like the fuckin' poorest of the poor, literally grew up in a shotgun house, a proper rat soup eating motherfucker that actually
  3. Not sure I'd go that far...just seems a bit like overcompensation to me. Or rather, a firm going over and beyond logic cuz they don't want to lose money when a popular social movement turns its arrows towards them. Its all very cynical really.
  4. Well you don't have to agree with it to understand it, I figured you generally...know things (whatever that means ). If he's a rice grower whats wrong with him being on a packet of rice, I mean he's not a slave or anything, right? Unless they look at it and see like...a caricature of a 'house negro' or something, which surely is a racist act in itself, isn't it, seeing a black bloke on a product, particularly an old one and immediately equating it with some sharecropper sitting on the porch of a shotgun house singing spirituals? How about Aunt Bessie, isn't that sort of a racial stere
  5. Why is Uncle Ben racist out of interest? Not being funny, genuinely interested, was he meant to be a caricature of a ‘house negro’ or something?
  6. 6000 and something cases now, so whats up, we locking down again or what, how many does a lockdown require?
  7. I dunno, i find it as interesting as ever. Sort of renewed in fact, since Artetas come about. Are you sure this isn't a United fan thing cuz yous lot are having a bad run of it? The trick with supporting is you stand by em in the bad times as well as the good
  8. So like...if thats the case and people are getting infected but basically we're handling it now, to a point where it ain't deadly/fatal as much as before, why all the lockdown stuff?
  9. Someone explain me something, why is it infection rates are waaaay up but like, death rates are kinda minimal?
  10. An old mate of mines youngest brother became a copper, he won’t go see him no more, keeps a distance and that. Can’t say I blame him, I just can’t be havin’ em, rozzers and all that, how can you chill out with em?
  11. A part of you cares deep down, tell the truth. A little bit? Wouldn’t you want to see em do well given the choice?
  12. In short, the way we stand for black rights by posting videos of some black bird we bunged 50 quid and a the price of a McDonalds meal to get spit-roasted and spunked on by 5 geezers, how empowering
  13. My old man met him in Costco once.
  14. fret ye not Luke me ol’ son, it looks like there’s hope yet.
  15. West Brom are getting a bit of a fuckin’ pasting.
  16. I think I tried to watch the first one a very long time ago but like...for one reason or another I never got much into it, didn't even finish it. I was very young though.
  17. I was more interested in the teachers tits And they were a pair boy, I'll tell you that, if she ever felt on her face she'd pop back up like a subutteo figure.
  18. As I say, I struggle to name others. Long black overcoats are pretty ubiquitous fella, why would anyone give you weird looks over one of those? As far as beat up, well get a new one, eventually it'll look beat up if you wear it long enough.
  19. That is more what you are looking for. I have one myself, only in blue. Anthony Sinclair, conduit cut.
  20. One of only a handful of people in the history of 20th century pop music that could concievably be described as being possessed with genius. Bob Dylan is another. Honestly, I really struggle for other examples without stretching and/or diluting the notion of genius.
  21. Are they actually pakis...or are they just paki looking?
  22. Why don't you just go down the supermarket? Not that I don't appreciate your support of the community, I just mean like...if they go to the supermarket all their gear and brands must be there. You're a big softy really aren't you, under that gruff northern exterior, going shopping for the old 'uns and all that, bless.
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