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  1. Piss Shitman, I like it Why has this post not got a thousand likes, come on people, that was class
  2. He needs someone whoose as big a cunt as he him, when he gets lippy just fuckin' get lippy back, cunt him off. I realise this makes a mockery of the whole enterprise somewhat but it can't be any more of a mockery than it is now.
  3. he's lookin' a bit chunks ain't he, bless him.
  4. Oh well, in that case fuck him, why didn’t you say before, where were ya? But again, this is all immediate benefit, who knows what army of wogs Biden will wipe out once he’s got the dancefloor to himself.
  5. Can i just say I’m pissed as fuck right now so just tell me whats on the table here
  6. I'd be reasonably optimistic about him/her/it. Doing what, suing to keep the NHS open?
  7. I don't think that far to be honest, I don't think I'm qualified, thats why I think these leaders have such a precious job, it ain't every yahoo that can make those sorts of desicions, its certainly beyond me. See, lives are balanced on those sorts of desicions, I am not that brave. Would I know for 100% sure that the one I was talking to would fulfil his promise? If the answer is yes I'd go for the one who said he's not gonna close the NHS. And I weren't tryna be funny with my answer, you know me a little right, I just wanna get ratted after a good days work, read a book or see a d
  8. I’d tell him my life weren’t important, there’s an entire country out there. I never asked or cared for my life to be better.
  9. Yeah but what the fucks any of that got to do with what I've said? Yes, they affect people in different ways, my point is that on some level they all do enough that is fucked up to make it so 'there's not a lot in it'. So it might be good for one set of people but tragically horrible for another. There's no modern American or British leader that can leave their fuckin' job sayin' they've made it so they've been fair and just to everybody...and this ain't me having a specific go at them, its just they're the only ones I know about. Ergo, to a person with conscience, you leave it thinking 'O
  10. The fact that he makes desicions that effect the world and my assertion that 'there is not a lot in it' in terms of who gets voted in can comfortably live alongside each other. Says who? No I haven't, nor have I said that. I haven't but thanks for the advice. Really? Cuz for a moment there I thought I was seeing a therapist. Ah, the 'someones getting fucked as long as it ain't me we're doing alright' school of thought, I see. Take Obama for example (if in fact his healthcare shit was on the level, I don't know) sorts out healthcare for his people, dron
  11. Unless that fat arse Michael whatshisname, him with the documentaries, has been lying to me you could tie Bush Jnr into a fair bit of corruption too.
  12. I don't think I'm cynical, I believe in the general goodness of people (well, some of em ), I just think politics is a dirty game and you have to play dirty to get ahead in it. And, unless I'm woefully out of step with your average person, I don't think I'm unique in my opinion about politicians and politics.
  13. Well my argument is that it doesn't. Its all a load of bollocks. These people don't give two shits for the common man. Here's how to run a country successfully right, keep the banks full of money and serve the interests of the few, its as simple as that. For your common man it don't matter if its a Bush or a Trump or a Clinton or a Nixon, these people don't give a fuck and would have me and you and our families blinked out of existence if they thought they could make a few bob out of it. They don't give a shit about me and mine so why should I give a shit about them? These people that fu
  14. I wasn't arguing that they were identical.
  15. Right and in illustrating that point you brought up Obama and Bush Snr so I referred to that example, since they fit neatly into my prior assertion regarding contemporary American presidents. Take Obama out of it, make it about Bush Sr and Clinton...or Clinton and Reagan. Whatever works for ya. And again, I didn't say it didn't matter, I just said that there's not been a lot in it in recent times.
  16. Many argue to the contrary but lets take your word for it for a moment, a few hundred or few thousand less one way or another, where are we morally speaking that these are the kind of rationalizations we are forced to make to dole out credit in one direction or another? I think it stinks. Perhaps, for some, there comes a point where the lesser of two evils isn't very much of an attractive proposition when his opposite number is pretty well weighted in that regard also.
  17. Your post ended with: ...I think Bush could fuck up a cup of tea with no sugar.
  18. OK, well, you can make an argument but thats all it is, an argument. Perhaps this is the case. We were talking about American presidents of recent history. Well it appeared to be that you were highlighting the contrast in humanitarianism between Bush and Obama, putting Obama above Bush in that context so I responded by pointing out slightly less than humanitarian aspects of what he got up to, thus illustrating my point that, to a great many, the shit don't matter and it kind of evens out. To a guy in Pakistan or whatever other country they like bombing I don't suppose
  19. You do remember who Bush was/what he was like, don't you? Bush benefits greatly from Trump I feel, Bush was the World Heavyweight Champion pranny of American presidents of recent history until Trump came along and took his title from him
  20. Not having a horse in a particular race tends to lend you some semblence of rationality in your response as well. The fact is American politics doesn't really mean shit to me in terms of like, me backing someone, I mean I quite literally can't do it, can I, I don't have a vote so its all just chat. And pretty meaningless too, which is why I find it difficult to get passionate about, though I suppose you can argue a principle passionately without caring ever so much about the key characters in a given situation. Its interesting on some level I suppose or I'd totally ignore it.
  21. Its difficult to argue about how some other American president would've done dealing with Covid cuz its a unique situation where we don't have a basis for comparison. Likelihood is someone else, maybe, would've done better but as I say, we'll never know. OK. Thus far I've not seen the heavy penalty we've had to pay for American Covid policy here in the South East of England but I'll take your word for it. Yeah, it matters, it matters which ones crooked shit best serves the interests of a majority but to the ones who get it up the khyber from them its just the same monster wit
  22. Well, I guess I don’t REALLY mean it, no, not when I think about, I don’t genuinely wish a cunt for a leader for any country. At the same time, the whole ‘people will die’ thing, people have died under every president, I guess you’re talking about Covid maybe? A lot of people were always gonna die in America on population size alone right? Would less have died under a president who took it more seriously? Possibly so, so yeah, on that level I guess you’re right. I dunno, I’m just so cynical about the whole thing, I don’t really see one president as massively better than the other, Trump is
  23. I didn’t know any of em was based on real life wars and battles, I thought it was just generic war bollocks. I’m not much of a computer game person I’m afraid.
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