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  1. No, I'm sayin' fuckin' with those whiteboys has made them lazy In all seriousness though, I'm illustrating a cultural difference and explaining how it effects a peoples and their mentality and makes such comparisons unfair. You're enslaved, you're freed into being a sharecropper, you migrate to the cities maybe and work your fuckin' guts out doing menial shit or stay on the farm...cut to the early 60s you're still second class citizens...what value could education have for you, over all, as a peoples? Thats not to say that some highly educated people didn't come out of black America in tha
  2. Because they come from a different culture with a different set of values, especially first generation immigrants and their kids. They don't aspire to a holiday in Spain every year or...I dunno, creature comforts. Like I remember growing up and like...the only food in the house was essential shit. Like the stuff needed for the three meals of the day, snack foods weren't a concept in my house. Never went on holiday my whole life really. Never went out to a restuarant to eat, like a family thing, didn't really go on family outings, never went to the movies until I was old enough to go mysel
  3. Unceasing labour with little to no social life and an inclination towards running their own businesses.
  4. Whiteboys do love to talk about race, don't they? I was talking to this fella about it, recently in the country from Ghana and he's like...why is everybody so obssessed about race here? See, I find myself like...giving him little pointers like 'don't say 'x' around here, it might be thought of as racist'. He ended up saying like why is this country so obssessed with race? You are putting ideas in my head that I otherwise might never have thought of or considered. To point out that someone is exceptionally black or make fun of perhaps an Indian or English accent isn't considered racist si
  5. Its not a question of being sacred its just...why encourage and proliferate something that will almost inevitably be third rate? Like the great Joe Strummer said ‘the way to a better world is to not put up with a sub-standard anything’. I like the sound of that. Then again he also sang ‘vaccum cleaner sucks up budgie!’
  6. I was never into that Sci Fi space monster shit. The only ones I ever really watched were Arnie driven i.e. Total Recall, Predator. But yeah, I'll give em a go next time I get the chance.
  7. Y'know, I've never seen any of the Aliens movies.
  8. See theoretically thats great but...you don't need to spray-stencil and graff up the pyramids for people to understand why they are a marvel, its the persons job to find out why something is highly regarded. You can take something like, oh I dunno, Kiss Me Deadly, do a modern version and even make a good 90 mins or whatever of it but...you lose the 1950s, you lose the now lost Los Angelian architecture, you lose the clothes, you lose the tone, you lose the living in the shadow of the atom bomb tension. I don't believe in pandering. If something interests you and you wanna know then
  9. Can't stand remakes myself. They are indicative of an empty creative well and cynicism and thats not want I want from cinema. Cinema is a very special medium, I think its going to outlast the music industry in terms of cultural value, I just think so much more can be done with mainstream cinema. Remakes and superhero films and reboots and re-whatevers just bore the fuckin' pants off of me if I'm honest. I don't even regard spoofs that highly in the field of comedy because...well, you can sort of see the whole joke before you even start watching, though I understand they are just supposed t
  10. This was my first ever Stones album. Bought it on CD out of HMV, it was all in paper with Japanese writing down the side. First ever proper album that is, had 40 Licks before that.
  11. Well...this is all very un-Arsenal. I must say I’m quitely confident with Arteta this season, though to keep things in perspective its only Fulham. Still though, so far so good, as the man who fell off a 20 storey building could be heard shouting from the window of each floor.
  12. bunch of moanin' cunts eh? give em a forum out of the kindness of your heart and look what you get in return, a load of verbal
  13. The pharma firm whoose gonna get in on the ground floor with eventual treatment meds?
  15. I read The Sun or What Car...thats all they have
  16. Well I figured its a bird so you can’t tell her to fuck off, thats just aggressive, so why not be sarcy and wind her up? There’s probably a lot to what you say though, that particular strain of my humour does go over some peoples heads I imagine, or else its just not funny and just irritating
  17. Yeah, I was doing the Stepin Fetchit dance too You wanna have a word with my mate @action then, he'll blow your mind
  18. Under threat of the rack no doubt. Personally I'd prefer the rack.
  19. I'd like to add I was wearing a white t shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms at the time Herr Soulie
  20. No, it was a sort of tiled roof supporting thing, I think i was a sort of egg-shelley-biege
  21. Some bird had a go at me in Tescos about it the other day. Well, I say had a go, she more sort of like nearly walked into me and went 'ugh, social distancing mate'. I was pissed at the time and shouted 'right, yeah, social distancing, I'll write that down somewhere, thank you' as she stomped off in a huff. The worst thing is the fuckin' blind cow walked into me, I was just standing against a pillar a good meter or two behind her...anyway, you're supposed to go round after you're done at the checkout, not back the direction you came, thats where the people are queueing. Slag
  22. I wonder if he talked them through it like 'look, look, he's about to jump through the cake here, look! BOOM! Dere it is! See what I'm sayin' though?' *blank faces*
  23. Oh, right, so the working class are to blame for fucking the world up? Charming.
  24. What the fuck are they doing? As a fan of the 60s though, do you not see a little of what you were into in that lot? Crazy, kooky fuckin'...weirdoness. There was a lot of political craziness and protests and even riots even in them days, where do you stand on those, though of course the issues were different. Grosvenor Square got pretty violent, didn't it?
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