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  1. Mind the cloth Trotsky, mind the cloth

  2. aiyyo, Gucci down, Wally boot, Jamaican hat, long four pound, ask n!ggaz how i get down..

  3. BERT:  I don't know how that rat-face can do a thing like that.

    ARTHUR: Cuz she's a bitch and a whore.  She's got no heart on her, she's a swivel-eyed git.

    BERT:  She's wants pole-axin'

    ARTHUR:  Some people'd nark on their own mother.  We're livin' in a jungle, we are n' all. 

  4. i recaaaaaaaallllllll Central Park in faaaaaaaaallllll...

    1. RussTCB


      How you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess.

  5. Chi-nese...Tai-wa-nese..

  6. you in that dress, my thought I confess verge on dirty

  7. Sunshine plays a major part in the daytime, peace to mankind Ghostface, carry a black 9 n!gga, word up, its like that.

  8. she looks like John Cleese in an Indian headdress..

  9. 'Thank you very much to the person who threw this glass bottle at my head, you nearly killed me but you missed again so keep trying next week' - Iggy Pop, 1973

  10. getting hung up all day on smiles, walkin' down Portobello Road for miles..


  12. Live a balanced depression, Consume your fate; Do what you're told to like, Don't be late; Blend your virtues and sins, Insure your rise and fall; Hang on to your future and broadcast it all.

  13. I'll tell you this: the only performance that makes it, that really makes it, that makes it all the way, is the one that achieves madness.

  14. any living thing that cannot co-exist with the kid must to cease existing, lil n!gga now listen, your mammy your pappy that bitch you chasin', ya little dirty ass kid, I'll fuckin' erase em

    1. -W.A.R-


      You sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster

  15. it's gonna be so beautiful in those leopardskin limosines when they spread you out in white all over Harpers and Queens

  16. Mama look a boo boo, they shout, their mother tell dem shut up your mouth, that is your daddy, oh no, my daddy can't be ugly so!

  17. Merry Christmas cunts!  Shhhmile, we're all alive on the same planet together :D 

  18. After all this time, to believe in Jesus, after all these drugs i thought i was him, after all my lyin' n cryin' n sufferin' I ain't good enough, I ain't clean enough to be him.

  19. Please remember Victor Jara, in the Santiago Stadium, es verdad.

  20. i don't wanna hear any of that commie talk around here @soon stirrin' up the good christian folk of MyGnR!

  21. i used to have to pack a mac in the back of the Ac' but now I relax and stack platinum plaques in the shack but don't think i won't counter act cuz n!ggaz is strapped and quick to lay a bitch on his back.

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