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  1. Cuz you’re a fuckin’ pervert and there’s an erotic aspect to it? Nah, that is a cracking film though.
  2. Don’t blame the old man, its like what Kipling said ‘when you’ve spunked it all on one game of pitch and toss, then you’ll be a man my son’. Something to that effect anyway
  3. The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) I love this film. It was written by a Klansman y’know, the original book. To me though, the Eastwood directed movie is about the inhumanity of war and how it leaves no side innocent. One of my favourite movies and perhaps the best thing Clint Eastwood ever directed.
  4. Its amazing innit, how a population turns the minute you hit em in the creature comforts and all that, imagine these people during rationing. And its usually these types that are first to bellow ‘I’d be first in line if war ever broke out’, course you would sweetheart.
  5. Reminds me of that Clash lyric ‘if Adolf Hitler flew in today they’d send a limosine anyway’, perhaps alter that to ‘if Adolf Hitler set up a twitter account he’d get a blue tick either way’, in case I’m being vague what I meant to say is social media is brimming with wankers, its representative of such a wide array, there’s a fair few of every type out there, likes are not hard to come by.
  6. I was thinkin’ when I watched it that a fitting end would be for the bloke (or bird) who has to pick that plastic shit up crept up behind him nice and slow, tapped him on the shoulder and chinned him just as he turned around.
  7. I was thinkin’ ‘whats this dizzy cunt telling me about the Welsh Wetherspoons menu for?’ Come to that McLeod too, he was like ‘sausage beans and somethin’!’, when if you look at my post I was trying to rustle up a way to blag 3 pints into 9 for him. I just figured it was the long term effects of pillin’ on 90s club casualties
  8. Watching the Borat movie, Sascha Cohen, you’re a PROPER cunt I love this fuckin’ guy, crazy fucker. And brave, brave as fuck. And funny as fuck.
  9. Whats the cheapest thing on the menu, get three plates of chips and you've got a good sesh in there, 'yeah, the other two are for my wife and mate, they'll be arriving in a minute, they're always late them two, I think they're havin' an affair y'know', you might get a sympathy pint out of it!
  10. It was you weren’t it, tell the truth, someone told you they kept the Tennants Super under plastic sheets and before anyone knew what was happenin’ you was like McLeod in a bakery.
  11. I'm not the man to be sticking up for the government as you well know but, at the same time, if they are scrambling, getting things wrong etc its cuz this is kinda unprescedented for them as much as anyone else. No one REALLY knows the correct way to react to this shit but end of the day (and this is more optimistic than I usually sound, I know) its kinda for all us that this shit is being done, not cuz they care about the fuckin' man at the bottom or whatever but that they're trying to put something in place to the best of their ability or understanding, however limited that may be, to try a
  12. Wouldn't it be better served doing something that actually bothers the government though as opposed to making some poor cunt, as McLeod said, on minimum wage, the same minimum wage people that he's ranting about in the writing beneath the video and how some are hard up to put the heat and now they can't buy kids clothes, have to go around picking a load of fuckin' plastic sheeting up?
  13. Had to google him, I must say, he does look like a cunt Not to judge a book by its cover or anything Some people just have it written on their face, like Cliff Richard.
  14. I know, thats whats funny about it Though I wasn’t speaking about this forum.
  15. One way or another its gonna be a hilairious outcome, if Trump loses it'll be funny seeing the Trump-ites hunkering down and boarding up their windows and reaching for the AR-15 in preparation for the fag revolution and if Biden loses there's gonna be some cracking 'liberals cry like bitches' memes doing the rounds
  16. I just think that like, with the human race, when you boil it down, in life there are two great equalizers, argument settlers. Violence and money. Money, to quote Henry Rollins, will cool motherfuckers out everytime. Give a man human rights in his left hand and 'x' amount of stupid money in the other 99.99999% of the human race will go for the money every time. Take all the ideals in the world, stick em in a mans lap and let the bidding commence and I guarantee you, for the vast majority of people out there, their fuckin' lip will start quivering when the bids reach a certain point.
  17. I had no idea about any of that, thanks for telling me. My range of understanding of the whole old firm thing is that like...Celtic represent like, the anti- England brigade being Catholics and Rangers represent like, the ones who side with England, being Protestant, or thats how it was explained to me when I asked someone to make sense of why Celtic have Palestine flags in the crowd and all that.
  18. Well your last name is McLeod! Do you have any jock in your perchance, must do with that handle.
  19. I'm gonna try and cack-handedly tie this together, catholic priests = pedos, Jimmy Saville = pedo?
  20. Out of interest, not being someone who follows Scottish football, why’d you call em Savilleites?
  21. Middle aged immigrant birds in suits with a sort of dominatrixey air about em? Dies' would've been great in British India eh, sitting there on the veranda, one leg crossed over the other as the listless punkawallah moves the great fan back and forth, peering out from under his safari hat at a field full of hardworking peasants girls going 'hmmm, yes, that one. Third from the left. Have her washed and sent to my quarters in one of Margarets dresses'. I'M GOING TO TAKE YOU TO MEET GREAT WHITE QUEEN IN IN-GER-LAND. WAY ACROSS MIGHTY BLUE OCEAN. WE SHALL LIVE IN THE KINGDOM OF NEW-CASTL
  22. There's types of bankruptcy. Fif' (and indeed Trump) were never bankrupt in the 'I'm penniless' sense. Its a bankruptcy in the sense where courts give you time to organize your finances in an effort to assist you in putting together a payment arrangement for a creditor or creditors. Like take a little from here for there, remortgage something etc etc...and all you have to do is declare some dummy finances to make a person look like you're worse off than you are, Fif' has stacks of fuckin' cash as does Trump, they ain't calling up Mum to see if they can get their old room back I don't
  23. TV everywhere is floundering really, too many other outlets.
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