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  1. In terns of God look at it this way, if it weren’t for the fucked up shit that happens how would you know the difference between right and wrong? I mean without wrong as a concept, how would right exist? Perhaps God has to create fucked up shit so that you can have a right and make a choice between one and the other, otherwise everything’d be right, right? And no one would know any better.
  2. I would fucking LOVE for her to become Christian, i think it would be hilairious, God and Satan under the same roof Thats exactly the punishment you deserve!
  3. It was something to do with He Man or Mum Ra or something, don’t worry, there weren’t no cancer cure formula to it
  4. Fuck all mate, McLeod text me earlier saying where you been etc so i went on and this was the message calling me out, fuck alls up except work, what have you done with Dies’, my mans buggered off too according to Chris, what am i gonna talk about politics, know what i mean? And thats what this place is about these days.
  5. DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I knew you loved me! I felt a lingering sexual tension every time we spoke 😂
  6. Oh well, it’ll be nice to get a touch of the ol’ currant bun at least
  7. So all the trade benefits and none of the regulation? Sounds alright to me!
  8. So whats different between the deal we’ve made now and what we were when we were part of the EU?
  9. I had always suspected this was the case!
  10. It looks like Pac is crawling out of Sister Jack Hacketts vagina
  11. I’m not sure they’ll fight again y’know, though they should.
  12. I say Canelo does him. The first two were anyones guess but I’d say Canelo does him this time. Movement is what you need to beat GGG, slippin’ and slidin’ and just being sharp all night, not getting involved etc.
  13. Were Arsenal every really dominant enough to be considered in any opoly? We were always like...y’know, just sort of persevered and managed to do it a couple of times a decade...unless that decade was the 60s or the last one.
  14. Told you, easy work for Canelo.
  15. Its all a big hype, he’s going to get smashed. Easy work.
  16. Bit of a sleepy undercard but G will bring the fireworks and the swan vestas I imagine.
  17. Been listening to a lot of it lately as it happens. There's not a lot going on in music so I just like...I dunno, gave it a bash. I don't know fuck all about it though, just pick a famous name on spotify and stick it on. I mean its not like pop music that I've been like, conditioned on, its hard to like...reccomend shit like 'check out 'x', its a fuckin' banger!'.
  18. Ozzy was almost done full stop the last I heard.
  19. The ones most likely to die of it and the ones most exposed to it, i.e. doctors and nurses and all that.
  20. I love how, when he’s talking they got what clearly they feel to be a bunch of European gear on the table...big sausages and french cheese Thats production values for ya, thats some fuckin’ skivvy they sent down the Co-Op in 1971s afternoons work that is
  21. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python
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