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  1. Watched The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. What a load of fuckin' pants, they've hardly done anything to it, alls they've done is put a little 3 minute scene that was previously in the middle of the film where Michael proposes to bail out the Archbishop in exchange for a controlling interest in International Immobiliare at the beginning and then basically just taken out the little 6 second bit where old man Michael falls off his chair and dies, instead putting a black screen at the end explaining when Cent Anni means (100 years basically) and 'A Sicillian Never Forgets'...what the fuck was the point of that? I don't even think there is anything wrong with The Godfather part III but the most valuable bit, Michael dropping dead all old and alone at the end, is basically what they've taken out of it, all 6 seconds of it, I repeat, what the fuck was the point of that?
  2. I've not seen it, no, looked a load of bollocks to me. I tend to avoid films that look overly complex, never really saw The Matrix properly, never saw the Bourne films, never saw Sixth Sense and all the gear that director made.
  3. I have the exact same thing...either that or like, I just can't be bothered to invest the attention in watching it throughly cuz it just looks shit. I never watched any of those M Night Shamalyam films.
  4. We ain't taking it mate, we're gonna do what we always do, go stand shoulder to shoulder at the mosque and beg Allah for a cure, followed by a quick scourge and a back-hander for the wife
  5. They need to roll this shit out responsibly though. Try it out on the old folks and the cripples first, lets face it, they got less to live for. Then like...Millwall supporters, the unemployed, people with ginger hair. Then like...country folk, all up north first basically. And when we're absolutely sure it ain't gonna make you grow tits or have strange dreams about your mum, then try it on the normal people.
  6. Leading the fuckin' way as usual, while all you foreign bastards shit yourselves, always a pleasure *stands on a chair and screams at the top of his lungs* AND DID THOSE FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET, IN AINCENT TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMES (watch it kill a bunch of grannies now )
  7. I ain't drinking now, til at least the summer, I've turned into a great big fat cunt. Looked on the scales the other day I was fuckin' almost 16 and a half stone. 16 and a fucking half, its a fucking disgrace! I fuckin' drank all my life, this has never happened before. So yeah, knocking it on the head, I'm gonna sober up, get up 5am every morning and run like fuck, sweat this fuckin' shite off. I was 12 stone standard, all my life. The worst thing is I don't get proper fat, like all over fat, I wouldn't mind that, I've just got a big fuckin' stomach like a fuckin' Darts player.
  8. But see a great many people can and do socialize on it. Shit, people play basketball on it, Mike Tyson just fought an 8 round exhibition on it, point is not everybody sits around drooling on it. Myself, I’m one of the sit around drooling types when I’m on it and I don’t mind that, its a ‘me time’ kinda thing for me but I recognize that the whole world ain’t like that on it. In fact most ain’t.
  9. Errol Spence out here handling business!
  10. Anthony Yarde vs Lyndon Arthur kicking off in a bit...then the big yank main event in the wee hours, Spence vs Garcia.
  11. Oh I know the ones! Oh what the fuck were they called now? The first video was Rumble in the Jungle weren't it, free with this little magazine. Fighters or Fights or...no, I'm not even close, fuck knows but I know the ones you mean. The advent of youtube is a treasure trove for me, people forget how hard it was to fuckin' watch old fights back in the day, now since youtube I'm like a rat in a cakeshop, most times if I'm not doing nothing or watching a film I'll be watching some old fight from fuck knows when. But in them days it was like you had fuck all. They did these odd retrospectives on VHS every time a fighter got a little fame, you'd get Tyson, Naseem Hamed, Frank Bruno in some bargain bin thing...other than that, nothing. I remember this video collection that came out, you found it in newsagents for 3.99 a pop, it was basically episodes of some American TV show presented by Marv Albert and Fredie Pachecho where they'd show and then analyze a fight. Overall though there was just fuck all. You read about it. I first saw Duran vs Ken Buchanan on the magazine video thing you were talking about.
  12. There's a slow and dim-witted associations to krauts? I've never come across that one, I've always thought they were considered like proper sharp fuckers. humourless perhaps? So there's no word on why Jerry? Hmm. Weird.
  13. Why DO we call em Jerry? I've never thought to look it up or ask, I usually tend to look this sort of shit up. And The Bosh.
  14. Trying to think what I've ever bought Merchandise-wise with Guns. An Use Your Illusion I shirt from the market when I was 13. Used to have the Charlie Don't Surf shirt but thats not exactly official shit. What else? Struggling to think of anything. Oh, yeah, I had a Slash shirt, a big fuckin' picture of his face, again not official merchandise, a big picture of his face with a fag on, something like:
  15. Berbick was a bad motherfucker too, he’s dead now, if I recall correctly his nephew shot him in Jamaica. Did you not think Facing Ali was a crock of shit? I mean it was great to hear from Georgie Chuvalo (another tragic life, lost two sons to drugs and a wife to suicide as she couldn’t handle her sons death) but all that bullshit from Veronica ‘I saw God in Ali’s eyes’, give me a fuckin’ break, I mean he’s a great man and all but lets not be silly here. The man you wanna hear from in a Facing Tyson is Mitch Green
  16. Sailing through the air like a piano dropped off a cliff 😂
  17. Did you ever see Trevs car park brawl with Larry Holmes?
  18. Tyson had crabs at the time. Thats not a joke either.
  19. Nah, its Mozarts little known debut, he switched his style up in later life.
  20. I think its a disgrace setting Mike Tyson to rock music This is the correct soundtrack to Mike:
  21. There’s very little doubt that he was on steroids. I remember hearing somewhere his wife was a ‘pain management specialist’. I think steroids are much ado about nothing, an song Tyson beats Holy’, steroids or no steroids. A lot more boxers are than is known, Roy Jones had his little steroids controversy, Pacman is also suspect in that regard.
  22. They were all their own kinds of brilliant, Ezzard Charles perhaps the most underrated of them and least respected historically but he was a fucking monster, were it not for Marciano he would’ve been the name of the 50s. Tunney was a huge evolutionary leap, lateral movement and footwork of a kind unseen in the HW division prior to that. Jersey Joes best talent was the unpredictability of his shots, strange awkward clubbing overhand shots and short hooks to the body, go look at his stance and hand placement, it was weird and off kilter but it meant he hit you with shots you couldn’t see or predict. Dempsey and Johnson, again, evolutionary leaps, boxing pre Johnson was...heavyweight here, was mostly just big circus freak looking fuckers (they look small compared to todays lads), Johnson gave you feints, angles, tied fighters up, thats why he really pissed over the top competition of his day. The man was a phenom’, he was handling pros in sparring even later in his life, there’s rumours he handled Joe Louis I think, in a spar. Dempsey, again, was an evolutionary leap but what really set him apart was his fuckin’ viciousness, Dempseys brother says no one ever really saw the all of Dempsey, that was seen in the boxcars and barrooms, you caught a glimpse of it against Firpo when the guy put him down and he got up and just smashed him. A proper proper vicious bastard, he had that fuckin two arm wave punch that I cant remember the name of, those sweeping combos and swung so far but kinda used the arms as a kind of makeshift defence. Watch Dempsey Willard and its like two different eras meeting, Willards this big lumbering old time fighter and Dempsey, in 1919, is slipping and moving and weaving and getting inside, quality stuff.
  23. Jordan only means something if you're American though, over here he's just a name on a pair of trainers. Tyson was worldwide.
  24. I have a theory. You can't be a great and start boxing when you are 16 or 18. There are fighters who are taken in off the streets by trainers still, Lamont Peterson and his brother for example. Gervonta Davis was damn near on the streets too. A lot of people say that Angie ain't that great of a trainer in that he never developed a fighter from a kid and just kinda took on fully formed fighters. Ali and Leonard were already olympic champions when they came to Ang'. I don't agree personally but its a theory out there. No trainer beats Ray Arcel, 20 world champions...20 for crying out loud. Also, it wasn't a flash knockout, luck of the draw kinda thing, or some fluky Oliver McCall eyes closed punch, he beat the shit out of Mike. I cried when I saw that fight the first time (fuck off alright, I was a kid, what do you want from me? ) That bastard Mike Tyson broke my fuckin' heart, robbed me of my innocence, made me realise that I wasn't born in a time of heroes
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