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  1. Wow, this is great. Whoever produced this needs to produce everything Myles is on, including AB and solo albums. Sounds way better than what he's been doing with Elvis. I also thought he sounded great on Back to Cali and Starlight, which again was a producer other than Elvis.
  2. New producer would be very interesting. Myles works almost exclusively with Elvis Baskette, with Apocalyptic Love and AB's first album being the only exceptions I know of. I think he even worked with Elvis on the Mayfield Four records. But there are plenty of us who are tired of Elvis' compressed sound, so I'd love to hear a new producer. Maybe someone who will push Myles a little more.
  3. I'm also surprised there wasn't a thread on Mammoth WVH before this one, especially considering this is GNR's opening act for the summer. After a first listen I really dig the album, very impressive debut from a one-man band. Some of my favorites are the opener "Mr. Ed", "Mammoth," "Don't Back Down" and "You're to Blame." I think Wolf is a much-needed shot in the arm for the rock industry. He'll be winning over lots of new fans on tour with GNR. Especially because he is writing, recording and releasing new music, an unfamiliar concept to Guns fans. He said he's already working on songs for the follow-up.
  4. Axl could be a good grandmother someday but he needs to move quickly on having kids and then a sex change.
  5. According to the article, the forthcoming interview with Slash is "about the new Guns N' Roses pinball machines and his new collection of custom Gibson guitars." At least they let us know ahead of time he won't talk about new GNR music. Maybe some new info on SMKC since (1) he is allowed to talk about it and (2) there is actually new music coming from that band.
  6. Where did you hear that Frank Sidoris is in his band? I'm not doubting you, just wanna check out the interview or whatever. That would be great.
  7. Along with AC/DC, Wolfgang Van Halen just proved it's possible to release new music during a pandemic with this excellent tribute to his dad - https://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/223962-wolfgang-van-halen-distance/
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