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  1. 33 minutes ago, Gibson_Guy87 said:

    I had a dream last night where I was in Skyrim (the video game) and I was going to a laundromat in Rockford, IL and some chick wanted to get into my pants but I was trying to do my laundry. Then I used an airline called Southeast (not Southwest. Southeast) to pick up my best friend who is currently stationed (Marine Corps) in Japan. It took like 5 minutes to get from Japan to the States. That's all I can remember :lol:

    Yeah man, ive had those kind of crazy dreams too 

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  2. 18 minutes ago, tremolo said:

    My least favourite song of the album. The song is not bad, but the bridge feels anti-climatic and the end of the song is just MEH (with capital letters).

    I liked Chinese Democracy, but I find that Prostitute was a poor choice as a closer. It feels like a shitty orgasm, or a lousy shag that never really gets there.

    Shacklers Revenge as a closer would have been better 

  3. 9 minutes ago, BlueJean Baby said:

    I have weird dreams a lot. The strangest was about millions of snakes crawling all over the place...they were turquoise and black colored snakes....woke up all freaked out.

    Thats scary 

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