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  1. Please read my post, apologies if it comes across wrongly. My suggestion is the alternative to having a secure payment provider would be to move hosting to a country that doesn't recognise or care about US copyright laws, ie Russia or China.
  2. That was an alternative. The 3rd party provider could be US based if that makes you feel safer.
  3. Apologies if I'm missing something but why can't you use a secure service provider to ratify memberships with some form of ID? I know it's seems simple but if you had to link a PayPal or credit card you could quite easily stop the dickheads from joining, unless they went to a lot more trouble. If you use a third party details would be kept secure and not in the hands of the mods. Alternatively move your service provider to Russia or China, I doubt they care about takedown requests (this is just an assumption). Or go the other way.... Lift their bans and allow them to post, it might dissi
  4. Perfect crime/Reckless life to open, Rocket Queen to close. I did like the Rio opening - Jungle, ISE and Brownstone - gets the show off to a good start. I've said it before but I never get bored with ISE, fucking great song.
  5. I agree, it's happening again... I'd prefer a film I think in a similar vein to FWWM, or potentially a few tele films. I bought the blu ray just to complete the collection but haven't watched it yet. So can you explain to me what the fuck happened??!! I know you like your filmaking, check out moment lenses, I got the anamorphic just to make my phone vids look better and it's pretty good for a mobile lens.
  6. I have to confess I wanted to put it in my list but chose Jungle to save getting shit from people I can't be bothered replying to. Well played. That being said, live, Jungle is one of the best, I'd be devastated to go to a show and not see it.
  7. @Jabberwocky you beat me to it mate! Was just about to comment and tag you! I really hope it's less disappointing than The Return, for me anyway, I understand it's a divisive topic. I've been meaning to give it a rewatch and see if I like it better. As an aside, I appreciate what you do on tpb 😁
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