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  1. Managed to score tickets for the Birmingham show, so fucking excited as its my first FNM show!
  2. Somehow this band is even worse than KISS, and they’ve even brought out an album more recently than GNR
  3. I don't often get a lot of time to check the boards which I why I very rarely post, but locking people out if they haven't reached 3000 or so posts would be BS and i'm sure a lot of people would get bummed out and leave the forum if they haven't hit that number. All I'm saying is there has to be a better solution such as number of years as some have suggested. Also, an obligatory Fuck Team Brazil
  4. Third highest grossing tour of all time yet theres hardly any evidence of it happening due to the takedowns, Beta and Fernando could at least have created GNR Lube before fucking the fans in the ass
  5. Full song is out! Edit - Guys can you stop asking me to send you all the song, its on the internet somewhere and my emails have taken a battering
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