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  1. Not a fan of slipknot either, but this sucks that Joey's has died. I know he has had a history of drug abuse. too many rockers gone too soon. RIP Joey. This has not been a good couple of weeks for rockers.
  2. OMG just read this on blabbermouth.net. How sad is this? Wow! Well, this sucks big time. RIP Dusty.
  3. Russ do you think this would go over well with so many morons who aren't vaccinated and burning their masks not? Maybe if we fine them but then again who knows? it's just common sense to stay well and keep the people around you well. Why are people being so selfish and making it like wearing a mask is a bad thing and messing with you rights? I just don't get it?
  4. Dallas numbers are way up and infecting more younger adults and now children are in the hospitals too. Medical personnel are going around with ambulances trying to get more people vaccinated. No mask mandate here in Texas. Having your child wear a mask is up to the parents. No more plexi glass separating the students desks. Not sure how many middle and high school students are vaccinated. My daughter is in the 5th grade, so she is not vaccinated yet. I'm very worried about this, but nothing can be done right now. All students have to attend classes in person right now. Mo
  5. Good to know Axl is rehearsing with the band. I think in the past he would do it on his own. Anyway, if the tour goes on, I will see them in Dallas on September 1 and be wearing a mask or maybe two. Can't say I won't be a little anxious about being in a venue with 20,000 fans.
  6. Dexter is now living in upstate New York. The SHO premiere is November 7. the trailer looks awesome. It would be cool for it to continue after this one season. I also read a lot of the characters who were in Miami and dead might make appearances too. Maybe a lot of flashbacks or what? I really hope it's the "old" Dexter and not the one after he got married and softened up. I want the Dexter who kills bad people and doesn't feel guilty about it.
  7. Don't damn me Sympathy for the Devil Back off Bitch Shotgun Blues Don't cry alternate version Prostitute
  8. Enjoy and stay safe. I would suggest still wearing a mask. It sucks, but it's not safe to be in crowds. I was hoping the concerts would be pushed back until next year. Texas is one big mess.
  9. I agree about Paris and Finn. I can see it already. Now that Zende and Paris are no more and she's moved in with them. Bet it happens. Today Ridge went over to talk to Steffy. I find it funny that he wants her to get married right away when she had a baby with Finn without being married? lol I don't care what they do but it's just weird that he wants her married now and now he's questioning who his parents are? lol It will suck if Finn falls for Paris. I hate when soaps break up good couples. Still want Quinn and Carter together and go work for Spencer. I want Brooke to see their relati
  10. Well, Vince was awesome in this movie. he's a serial killer who switches places with a teen age girl. It was horror and Vince was funny playing a teen girl. It was better than I thought it would be. A 1970's movie "Alice sweet Alice"
  11. Temperatures in Dallas will be over 100 degrees this week. This is not good. Thank goodness schools have central ac, and hopefully the Texas grid will hold. After February's freeze you never know?
  12. Numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are up in Dallas. School starts on August 2 and the Gov won't make a mask mandate for school kids. Dr. Fauci and other doctors agree, if the numbers keep going up in cases and numbers of vaccinations go down, by October, we will be back on course to have another surge and be back where we all started again. You can doubt it, but just wait and see.
  13. I do like Daniel Craig as Bond, but i heard that actor Luke Evans might be up for the Bond role after Craig leaves. That would be interesting. He certainly is handsome, but can he fill Bond's shoes?
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