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  1. I know a whole week without GH. Very annoying. Yes, I am not addicted to B&B. I have been dvring it now. I did see Steffie's emotional performance and I kept saying is anyone going to go comfort her? I thought it looked terrible enough how all of them were so far apart. Anyway, would have went to hug her after all that. I don't understand how GH can hug and be hear their other actors and the B&B keep their distance. I thought it was terrible how Stef had to endure her pain alone. Anyone in her place would have needed a hug and comfort. I'm so glad she realized for her child's
  2. Does it sound like the cd? I haven't opened my vinyl up. I don't think I will, but just curious.
  3. Yeah, I hope so whoever wins. I just hope if Trump loses he doesn't act like a spoiled brat and has to be physically taken from the WH. How embarrassing would that be for the world to see? America needs a change but honestly I don't know if either one of these guys can do it? I said put a gag on Trump's mouth or yeah, mute his mic. That would be funny. Being from New York, I know we tend to interrupt other people I do it myself, so I understand when Trump can't keep quiet and has to keep talking over Biden. Even when he was quiet he still had something to say. Sometimes it was
  4. wow. Things are getting worse again. Is it flu season in Europe yet?
  5. Heard a funny story today on the news. It seems in a zoo in England there are 5 talking parrots that have been cursing up a storm and even though the workers think it's very funny, they don't want little kids to hear them swear. Apparently they are using really gross words. lol Anyway, the zoo has separated the 5 parrots and put them with the other parrots hoping they will stop cursing. lol There are over 200 parrots in this zoo. How funny would it be if the 5 parrots even though they are now separated taught the other parrots how to curse instead of them learning to clean up t
  6. Trump is like the Fonz from Happy Days, he can't admit when he's wrong and can't the word. All he showed is what a huge ego he has and how he thinks everything he does is right. I would be so ashamed with how many lives have been lost to the corona virus and how nothing has been done since the beginning of the year to slow it down. Trump still says there will be a vaccine by November. No there won't be.
  7. Well after watching the debate, nothing was a surprise to me. I knew Trump would constantly talk over Biden and the interviewer. He can't help himself. At least Biden got some stuff in by ignoring Trump and looking into the camera and telling us some of the things he wants to do for America. Again, Trump called Harris the Native American name, even though her family is from India. How rude that was? And I'm sorry but Trump should leave family members out of the debate. Glad Biden didn't go. It would have been going on forever with Trump's family. lol Anyway, what a mes
  8. It looks like a combination of a freaky clown and the NUN. lol Are these movies good? Never heard of them?
  9. Tonight is the debate between Biden and Trump. I'm dvring it because I don't think I could stand to watch the whole thing all the way through. I will watch it to see if anything weird or exciting happens. I do hope both of them answer the questions they are given with an intelligent answer and not have a yelling match. We have to have a President that will do what is right for all people and bring America closer. We are all too far apart and between the virus, race relations and fires and storms, something good has to happen in the next 4 years or we're fucked yet again.
  10. I used to watch Chopped, but then I felt they always picked the wrong chef. lol Got tired of it. I am now watching the Halloween baking shows. I love all those desserts they have to make with the scary theme. Wish I was a judge on those shows.
  11. Just saw a picture of Genie reading a script. it said she was back on GH taping in September, but maybe due to the virus she decided to stay in Maine. I hope she returns soon she is missed very much.
  12. The Presidential debates begin tomorrow. I will dvr it incase something stupid happens! lol I know it will, but honestly, I hope both Biden and Trump answer the questions on the subjects given to them because I want to know what they plan to do for me. With Trump's taxes being revealed and this woman judge he wants to appoint to the Supreme Court, he's given plenty of shit for Biden to throw at him. Let the games begin.
  13. Finally the cool front has come to Dallas. It's only in the 70's and lower 80's which is low for this time of year, but then again, Texas weather is never the same year after year. I welcome the cooler weather so much. Not a hot weather person at all.
  14. Well, it annoys me when parents don't get their kids the proper vaccines they need. I know here in Texas parents can get permission to allow their kids in schools without the vaccinations they should have. I don't understand how any doctor can agree to this? I know our doctor would not agree to not getting my child vaccinations that they need to be healthy. My mom remembers having the measles and chicken pox and how painful it was back when she was a kid. I'm so happy they now have the vaccines available. I hope that whenever a covid vaccine is ready my doctor approves it, so we can all
  15. Oh wow. That sucks about Genie, but there was a surprise character today on GH! Was so happy to see them back! I can't believe that Nelle could actually be dead? I was shocked that they would kill her off? Guess time will tell. So glad you got back okay. Yeah, I haven't been on a plane in a long time, but yeah, the older I get it does take time to get back to normal. Well, my mom used to watch OLTL, but that was in the 80's. She thought he looked familiar, but it's hard to remember all the actors from back then. lol
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