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  1. So far in the US 1500 have died from covid. Still not getting the vaccines out quick enough and it's terrible how unorganized the whole thing is. Biden said he wants all the vaccines sent out to the states and given to anyone who wants a shot. Meanwhile, I haven't heard of anywhere in my city where I can get the shot. None of the doctors can store it or have it. Not even Walmart yet. In a few weeks Johnson and Johnson will have a vaccine that only takes 1 shot. Hope it works. Everyday on yahoo.om Dr. Fauci has something bad to say about the vaccines and other shit. Damn, he anno
  2. Biden made an excellent speech yesterday and I really hope he can get those things done. We need those vaccines to get out quickly to everyone who wants the shot. We're all still waiting here and everywhere else. Hope we can get those vaccines and try to get most of us protection against this virus.
  3. I know I saw it on a soap rumors on youtube.com so it might not be true. you know how that goes. Anyway, saw Bold today and loved Finn telling Liam where to go. Hope is right about Steffie too. I do hope the baby's Finns, but who knows how they will play it? And Zoe trying to pressure Zende to admitting he has feelings for her. And if she just started dating Carter when Zende returned, why accept a marriage proposal that soon? She's just doing this because Paris wants to get with Zende. And Steffit needs to take that picture down of her and Liam. I know divorced people with
  4. Someone posted on youtube.com that Billy Miller (Drew) is coming back to GH. It will most likely happen before Peter and Maxie get married and possibly that might be the end of Peter August. OH well. I was able to watch Bold today. And Days on youtube.com I think GH didn't air at all today. Hopefully, it'll be on tomorrow and Brick returns. I love that guy.
  5. Same Shit different day. If I hear one more doctor talking about what should be done about the virus and the vaccine I'm going to go nuts! So sick of all of them having an opinion and still nothing changes. While more and more people are dying. Congress is trying to impeach Trump who probably won't be alive in 4 years to worry about him running for President again while they should be getting the vaccines to everyone who wants one and giving more money to people to pay their bills and feed their families. I can't believe all the people waiting on food lines and not having a job
  6. Well, Days and GH were both off today due to Congress and the impeachment trial. Trump isn't going to get impeached, so this is another waste of time. Well, I think Liam and Hope are done. How can she get over if he's the father of Steffie's baby. I think Finn is very forgiving, and I think even if Liam's the father, they might make it work. First thing Steffie should do is take down that photo of her and Liam. Come on! And Zoe is a jealous bitch. I'm glad her sister Paris is sticking up for herself and keeping the job. And I still say Zoe won't marry Carter and if she does, it won't
  7. Yeah, I pre ordered on amazon. That one song they sang on SNL was awesome. Hopefully the rest of the album is cool. Well, Slash said GNR has been doing new music, so guess time will tell or not?
  8. I know my brother's friend says they keep having to make more covid floors and tons of people on on ventilators and sometimes they have to cut their throats to help them breathe. Terrible. Today on the Talk they showed a reporter from CNN crying after visiting 10 different hospitals in LA. She just couldn't take it anymore. Seeing the families of patients who have died and how it effects everyone involved. Even with a vaccine, still so many people are sick and dying. This virus doesn't seem to be slowing down and if it keeps changing how will we continue to deal with it? Well I
  9. I know I saw part of Bold today and Liam is still crying. It's like it's all about him. I liked that Hope told him drinking is not an excuse. I did see some of Steffie telling Finn about her and Liam. Have to see what he does? Also about the baby. I know soaps do these kinds of stories so well. Glad Paris is telling Zoe where to go! Well, today was the first time in a week that GH was not interrupted by news or some politician talking. A few days last week I missed the last 5 minutes and the beginning of yesterday's episode so I didn't know Sonny was alive until half hour into t
  10. "The Lost Boys, the Thirst" with Corey Feldman I liked this movie and I thought Martin was so funny. Will is still awesome too.
  11. I agree about the Nazis. Also Hitler had many of his opponents killed so he could move up the ladder. If Trump could get away with murder he probably would have. Some of his follwers as we saw are off their rockers, so any little push making it sound like it was the American thing to do, they did. Like I've said before and it's true, no damn common sense and no thinking beyond attacking a US government building without thinking past it. Come on! That's something teenagers do, but adults, should use their common sense and realize it's not a good thing to storm any building especially a governme
  12. Gov Abbott of Texas talked today and said they were trying to get millions of covid vaccines for Texas. they also want to set us more vaccine sites. I saw the doctor from Houston on CNN, he said that anyone that wants the vaccine should be able to get it and stop having all these rules that are confusing everyone including the doctors and nurses. At this rate, it'll take years to get everyone the vaccine. I've seen people in lines for hours to get the first shot. My parents signed up at 3 different websites for the vaccine. So far they haven't heard anything. This sucks. Anyway,
  13. Yeah, thank goodness Sonny is alive but I think he lost his memory. lol Everyone else thinks he's dead. I knew he wasn't dead. I'm worried about how crazy Cyrus is going to get now if he thinks Sonny is dead and his mother is missing. Carly wants to be involved now. Jax will take Joss away for sure. Okay, tell me Liam isn't so damn annoying on Bold. If I was Hope I would leave him. What a complainer, It's all about me me me. lol Steffie told Finn I think he may have to think about this and best of all they don't know about the baby! OMG! lol I also can't tand Zoe. So glad Z
  14. My brother's friend, who's a nurse in LA right now, said they have about 5 floors full of covid patients. So sad to hear this. Dallas had over 3000 cases the other day. My parents are still waiting to hear about when/if they can get the vaccine?
  15. Alive Never heard of this movie. It was on SHO. Never saw any of the actors, but what a good suspenseful movie and he ending was killer! I didn't see it coming. It left me thinking what would be next? Anyway, it was very good.
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