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  1. If any of you guys are cooking for Thanksgiving, shop early. The news said stores will be running out of a lot of groceries before the holidays. Who knows? I can't seem to find the microwave sweet potatoes casseroles. Always have to shop in different supermarkets to get all the stuff I need. Temps in Texas are up to the 60's and 70's once again. And we finally got sun today.
  2. There are also two new GNR face masks. I ordered the yellow one with the GNR logo and the blood from a bullet. I already got a black GNR mask. The masks are $15. There they are! sorry missed this pic. Got the same email. I got the yellow one.
  3. Everyday in my mail there is a ad for someone running for something. I never heard of many of these people. lol Can't wait for the election to be over, but I know it'll take months for the President votes to be counted and if Trump loses, he will probably demand a dozen or so recounts. God help us all. I think this election is the beginning of another problem.
  4. You have common sense and that's a plus! I appreciate your input on different subjects. Like I've said, you're never too old to learn something new about anything. I do hope a vaccine is found for covid soon. I feel like time is running out for so many people and it's very very sad. My dentist is open, but only the patients go into the rooms. Anyone else sits outside in the hallway. They also take your temperature and ask you the usual questions. I have a cleaning next week. I haven't been to my dentist since March, so I really need it.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. with a new baby at home, I think she should stay home as long as she can. I know that's what Genie (Laura) is doing these days. Also the actress Melissa Reeves from Days just got a new grandbaby, so she's been replaced for now. She also lives in Nashville, TN. I saw an ad for Grey's anatomy. It begins in November. If you watch "The good doctor" it begins on Monday night. I do like that show alot. Freddie Highmore is an excellent actor. I think this show will have the pandemic on the show also. I feel sorry for Sasha. I'm glad Carly and Sonny are watchin
  6. "The Bat" with Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead (mom on Bewitched tv series) Friday the 13th part 6 and 7.
  7. I heard this year's show will have a tribute to Eddie Van Halen. My mom was a huge fan of T Rex and saw them in concert in Brooklyn back in 1973. Not sure who will sing since Marc Bolen died years ago. Such a shame. Also if this is the rock and roll hall of fame should musicians and bands that aren't rock and roll like pop and hip/hop/rap be allowed to be inducted? It makes no sense to me at all. Maybe they should change the name from Rock and Roll hall of fame to just all music all of fame. Whatever! I will dvr it and speed through the boring parts.
  8. I agree, what a horrible world we live in and it's only getting worse. I think many people have lost their humanity. Our selfishness is killing babies now.
  9. My grandpa loved wearing cowboy hats and he was born in Brooklyn. He loved cool belt buckles and those little neckties they wear too. I know he would have loved to come live in Texas but he died before he could do it. He also had a garden when my grandparents owned a home. He loved to grow veggies. He was such a great person.
  10. My parents still have a house phone. It's included in the cable package. They must get over 20 phone calls a day from different politians who want their vote. half of them they haven't even heard of. Can't wait for this election year to be over! So sick of all of them bitching about how much better they are than the other guy. Yeah, right. Thank goodness schools are closed next Tuesday for voting. It's going to be one hell of an election. Either way, we're fucked.
  11. I think a lot of bands have a lot of setbacks this year. Many of the bands have taken the time to record new albums, but GNR doesn't seem interested in doing that, so who knows? I doubt next year will be good for huge stadium concerts either. How can we distance? I have tickets for Motley Crue and KISS but if things are the same I won't be going to either of them. I have already paid those credit card bills, so I won't stress over the money. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I don't want to have to worry for two weeks if I caught the virus by seeing a band. Especially if people are drinking
  12. I know with Dante back, Lulu going? How stupid is this? I like Julian and if he leaves that would suck, but he really doesn't have a good storyline right now. I guess they get annoyed but right now is not a good time to leave a tv show. So many prime time shows are delayed and will have much shorter seasons due to the virus. I have forgotten how my shows have ended since last season. Crazy. The original Brooklyn is on maternity leave and with a new born baby I doubt she'll want to come back too soon with the virus. I know the soaps are doing all they can to keep everyone safe, but wh
  13. My parents haven't gotten any mail delivery for 3 days. Not sure if this whole mail in election shit is fucking up the mail or the mail person just doesn't give a shit. My parents neighborhood haven't had a permanent mail person for over 2 years now since the last guy had to retire due to a car accident and he was such a reliable mail carrier. Anyway, bills are due and packages need to be delivered and no one seems to care about this either. It's just so damn stressful which can cause your immune system to slow down and open you up to many illnesses including the virus. I wish
  14. 75000 covid cases yesterday. But no one gives a shit. People in El Paso have to go to other cities to get treated. How fucking sad is this? Dr. Fauci had more good news. If/when there is a vaccine it will only help with the virus symptoms and not avoid you getting it. What else can go fucking wrong this year? Stay well.
  15. Can't wait for the election to be over. Everyday Trump is at another rally and he doesn't even talk about the corona virus that has killed so many Americans as well as the whole world. I wish he was right in his thinking this virus would just go away, but it won't. So many politicians are running down here in Texas. All the commercials talk about how the other guy sucks. How do I know who's right and who's wrong and what the hell is going on? lol
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