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  1. I read in my tv guide since last year's movies were never released in a theater due to covid, that's why none of the premium channels have any new movies to show on Saturday nights right now. This sucks!
  2. Well, Peter made a deal with the waiter to poison Finn, but there was a lazy boy thing on the table and when Chase was little the family would put their drinks on it and spin it around. So I guess Chase got the poisoned cup of coffee. I'm just worries that if this virus is contagious then everyone who came in contact with him will be infected too. Not sure yet. Yeah, not crazy about Willow and Michael either. don't feel the chemistry. I do like Brooklyn though. I think Brando and Sasha will be better together. Not sure about Taggart or what's going on? He has been Taggart since the c
  3. Oh sorry. But pets do make our lives to much better. I think animals should rule the world. Especially cats and dogs. They are just so loveable and make us smile. I treasure my cats because at the end of the day we all need unconditional love and petting an animal calms me.
  4. Another police shooting. More riots. What else is new? I tell you these times it's hard for both the police and regular police to live peacefully. It seems the police are becoming the enemy because of some bad applies. In these hard times you don't know who to trust and police get no respect either. Stopping someone at a traffic stop can cost you your life as if did for one Texas Ranger recently. He was white and the guy who shot and killed him was black. Nothing was made of it. It seems now no matter what the police do, it's wrong. Even if they are chasing down a criminal
  5. I don't give a shit. I have nothing to hide and my life is a bore. If they want to waste money on tracking me go for it!
  6. Numbers are up, but Texas won't put back the mask mandate and close bars. Oh well. Here we go again. Texas has pulled the J&J vaccine due to some people getting blood clots. It still seems like the virus is ahead of us even with a vaccine. If there is any microchips in this vaccine I don't give a shit. I have nothing to hide nor am I a criminal. My life is very boring so I doubt the government would care about me.
  7. Liam is going to have a nervous breakdown. I feel bad for Thomas losing his friend. Poor Chase he got the poison. I hope it's not contagious through the air because then a lot more characters will be getting sick. I really wish someone would punch Peter's face in. I think if they torture him, he might talk. Can't stand how smug he is and Anna and Val are listening to his shit. There is one moment when Peter looks so damn evil I wanted to kill him myself. lol Again with another Taggart don't know why? Feel bad for Curtis and Jordan, but with Shawn coming back maybe they want them
  8. the first few seasons weren't very interesting and I didn't care about the characters, but then as it went on, it did get better. Now with Morgan and Dwight added to the cast it's very good.
  9. Well, FTWD started it's new season last night. It focused mainly on a few characters, but had a shocking ending I didn't see coming. It was kept a secret for over a year until last night. I felt very bad about what happened. I guess it'll be that kind of a season for Fear. If the first show was a shocker, what can be expect from the coming weeks. Crazy!
  10. Cyrus talked to someone on the phone one day about changing the DNA results. He wanted to punish Jackie and Finn. Chase is Finn's brother. Damn it. How do they keep getting medical people to do wrong things? it's like on every soap. I know Peter always is one step ahead of everyone. I want him gone so badly. Not in jail, but dead! I wish GH would just end this shit already, but I'm sure he'll be there at least until the baby is born. I'm waiting for Britt to realize Brooklyn isn't pregnant and offer her Maxie's baby. Since Maxie and Brooklyn hate each other, I think Peter wouldn't think o
  11. Saw this in the movie theater. Al Pacino was awesome too. It made me a little crazy with the constant sunlight. It was very suspenseful. I watched: From a Whisper to a Scream with Vincent Price.
  12. K Thanks for the info. I think because of covid the funeral won't be as big as it usually would be. either way, 99 years old is something.
  13. I hope not, but who knows? Yeah, the Negan episode was awesome. I would still love to see more. I want to see how he got all those people to follow him and be so scared of him. Not sure how they will film the last shows? Some shows are filmed the same way and others aren't. but since they started filming in Atlanta earlier and it was cooler, maybe it can be filmed better. Anyway, the series comes back this summer. Meanwhile, Fear the walking Dead begins tonight and it looks to be awesome.
  14. I watched the last 3 episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was very good but sad to see this series end.
  15. Well, I didn't get excited about Anna and Val holding a gun on Peter since he's poisoned someone too. Peter always seems to have the upper hand. So sick and tired of it. He has to go! Yeah, is Brad still in GH? I guess so for now at least. No Alexis isn't going off the show, so I guess between her and Jason and Shawn, we will be in jail for awhile. lol Also Cyrus messed with the dna results, so Finn isn't Chase's dad and I bet their dad or Chase is the one who has taken the infectious disease drug. I know it's a soap and GH wants to drag it out, but do they want us to reall
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