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  1. Yeah, Maroon 5 had that rule too. They also had a 15 minute testing site in the parking lot. Most people were okay but there were a few that didn't like it because they weren't told until they got to the venue. So if you failed the covid test or wasn't vaccinated fully, you were out the ticket price plus parking plus $30 for a rapid covid test. The moral of this story is get vaccinated. My dad got his moderna booster shot today in Walmart. My mom is getting her booster on MOnday. Now they just have to move their asses and get the covid vaccine approved for kids 12 and under. I wish all concerts would do this. When we went to KISS nothing was checked about a vaccine and most people didn't wear masks. I was surprised since both Paul and Gene fully vaccinated got covid anyway on this tour. Some venues in Texas "strongly suggest" you wear a mask, but unless it's enforced no one does and no one checks. Good. Wish the morons in Texas would check people's covid cards, but so far no one does.
  2. I agree. After Brandon Lee was killed all the stunt guns were supposed to enforced so this would never happen again. This is just a terrible tragedy and I'm sure Alec and everyone on the movie are just devastated by this. Maybe they should make another kind of prop gun so this won't happen again. Maybe using real guns with blanks isn't all that safe? Yeah, terrible when I heard this. A huge fan of Bruce and Brandon and to hear that Brandon was killed because someone didn't check out the gun correctly. When this happened I thought something would be done so this didn't happen ever again. Something was very wrong. Terrible that someone else had to die again over this same problem.
  3. Never get tired of the Friday the 13th movies. I love Part 6 too where Tommy brings back Jason and it begins all over again.
  4. I read on yahoo that the UK is seeing a surge again. Is this true? Damn. This virus is so unpredictable and you don't know what it'll do next? Still wearing a mask and distancing myself and staying out of crowds. Not sure how concert venues are going right now? My friend is going to see MGK on Sunday and she got an email that says you need to show proof of vaccination or at least a 72 hour negative covid test. And you have to wear a mask. I'm curious to see if this will be enforced. I have Ghost in February and want to see how things will be then? Numbers seems to go up and down right now, but people are still getting sick and still dying. Flu season is coming up too. Glad we all got our flu shots. Just waiting for my daughter to be able to be vaccinated and if/when the booster shots are available.
  5. I do like Daniel Craig as Bond, but I understand if he wants out. After awhile they go for a younger Bond even though he would be over 100 years old in real life. lol I wouldn't like a woman Bond, but another male Bond would be cool. I think Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer, would make a great Bond. He's good looking and has that cool wit. Maybe he'll get the job. Guess if they make any more Bond movies, we'll be hearing who will be the new Bond. Probably will see this movie when it comes on cable. Not seeing any movies in a theater for the time being. Not sure what is open right now.
  6. I know GH has had some crazy story lines, but never satan possessing anyone. Days did this over 25 years ago, my mom has watched days for over 35 years and she remembers Marlena being possessed back then. Now she's possessed again. This time the devil is texting her. lol Yeah, I think Katie and Carter are going to become a couple. Katie seems nicer than her nosy sisters. lol Still can't stand Brook and now she is telling her sister Donna to tell Eric how she feels. Come on they were married and got divorced for a reason. I hope Eric doesn't screw over Quinn. I think Peter has that card that he uses to control Drew. Did you see him do that last week? That's how he got Drew to shot at Anna and Robert. So sick of all that mind control shit too. And if Liv doesn't get Leo looked at I;m going to scream. Even his own doctor said to test him. I know it's hard to hear your child may have a problem but it's best to get it checked out. Leo does have a problem for sure. Those Logan sisters are nosy people and Ridge yesterday talking to Carter was super annoying. I'm glad Eric told him to knock it off.
  7. I watch Bill and I do think he's right about Trump running in 2024 and getting elected. it scares the shit out of me, because I feel this will be the end of our democracy as we know it. My hope is Trump will die before the next election. But yeah, Bill is super smart and sees things the politicians don't see or they do and don't care. Biden can't do everything on his own. If Congress doesn't come together by the next election, we are in big trouble.
  8. He also had cancer and other ailments. poor man. He was a fighter, but lost the battle. RIP.
  9. Texas weather was cooler for one week. Back into the 80's and high humidity again. Maybe by November, we might actually get some fall weather to stay. a/c is still on and going strong. lol
  10. Told you Texas doesn't comply with any covid rules. most places say wear a mask, but if you don't, no one enforces it. Texans don't like to confront anyone about anything. I live here, but continue to wear masks everyone inside and outside. I haven't eaten in a restaurant since covid and still don't. When my family and I saw KISS on October 1, the venue sent me an email saying Masks "are strongly encouraged" I can count on one hand who wore a mask. I wore a mask the whole time. There were little kids under 12 dressed as Kiss members, looking very cool, but no masks on them. I ate outside at a table, but wore the mask the whole time. Numbers seem to be up again. Kids are getting sick now. I pray that my doctor will get the covid vaccine for my daughter soon. She's 10. It's funny because Texas was one of the first states, to shut down last year and then re-opened shortly after. Gov. Abbott is a moron and doesn't give a shit about anyone who lives here. Thank goodness school district are requiring masks for the kids and protecting them all the ways they can. I'm glad you did what you felt was best for yourself, but not surprised about your visit to Texas went this way. Glad you are okay. Now you know if you return to Texas, you know what to do because most people think covid is long gone. They are wrong. So glad for Norway. Wish people in the US would comply and get vaccinated and wear masks, but it's not the case. I figure I will wear a mask forever and stay out of places where masks aren't worn. Most doctors agree covid will be here for our lifetimes like the flu, so I will wear a mask and try to keep safe as well as my family and friends.
  11. Creepshow The season's finale episode was pretty good, but then I love stories with werewolves. Halloween Baking championship
  12. I know can't stand Peter doing all this shit and no one can catch him. Well, Jason and Britt are on their way to Greece. I would love for Jason to kill him and save Drew and Leisil and end this whole Peter shit story, but I have a feeling he will make his way back to PC and get to Maxie and maybe that baby too. I 'm like you I'm tired if it and want him dead for good. I know poor Carter and now Katie is going at him and then it's all about her. What's with those Logan sisters? I think if Quinn stays married to Eric, Carter will eventually leave which would be a shame. And on Days, Marlena is fully possessed again by Satan. lol Days seems to just be recylcing their old story lines. She was possessed 25 years ago. lol I can't wait to see where this goes this time around.
  13. Yeah, loved the flashback scenes too since we are supposed to ignore all the other Halloween movies since Halloween. lol I think because Michael Myers has been locked up for 40 years, he just went overkill on all the killings. Pent up aggression. lol Not sure if they computerized Dr. Loomis, but he looked awesome. I know Carly and Sonny have lost it. Maybe they is how they are supposed to play it now? Sonny wants to buy Charlies this week from Ava, so what will he do with it? Will he work there now too? Come on. I just feel like both Sonny and Carly just aren't committed to each other anymore. Whatever! if Sonny goes to Nina I will be super pissed off. I hate her. Yeah, I think Thomas and Paris have more chemistry than she and Zende. Brooke will encourage her sister Donna to go after Eric. Oh boy. lol I think Quinn and Carter should have a chance to see where their relationship could go, because I think Eric needs to let Quinn go. if he just doesn't want to be alone, than marry Katie. lol And Katie is stupid to let Bill go.
  14. sorry posted my message in movie section. weird. Anyway, if you see it let us know.
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