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  1. I agree. usually people like this are jealous of the artists they insult. Oh and Pat Benatar should have been inducted too. That woman rocked from the start and can still rock with the best of them. Still don't know who votes for these artists, but they need to study their rock history. This show is awesome. Always been a wrestling fan and love how this show actually shows all the ups and downs of the people involved in this sport. I think all the characters are unique and such good acting. I know Stephen Armell who plays Jack Spade went to check out real wrestlers for his part. This show is awesome and I really hope it comes back for a second season.
  2. " Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". They really need to change the name since more and more non-rock performers are getting inducted into this. Anyway, best performance goes to the Foo Fighters. Paul McCartney inducted them and after I heard Paul's speech, I understood why he did it. What a great way to end this show since the FF are actually rockers. I also agreed with Tina Turner. Wish she could have been there, but I know Tina isn't in good health. She was one in a million rocker women of all time.
  3. Cool, thanks. "Masquerade" with Bella Thorne It was on one of my premium channels. This movie was awesome. It had you guessing one way and completely went a 180 by the ending.
  4. Sorry for the loss of your rabbit. You are so right losing a pet is devastating, but just remember the good life you gave them and the unconditional love they gave you.
  5. There's a serial murder here in Dallas, who had his trial this week. There's proof this guy has killed many older women and yet one juror held out. The judge was livid. Anyway, he sat there smiling the whole time, but the judge said he will be tried again since he's killed many other women. What the fuck was that juror thinking? As for the young guy, he wasn't supposed to be able to buy that gun, yet he did and traveling over state lines was okay? The gun lawas really have to be changed here in the US. This is crazy. Can't wait to see how the Georgia trial goes with the white guys who killed that poor innocent black man. They are definitley guilty, but who knows how the jurors will go? As for the kid with the gun, I knew he would be innocent because you just knew the judge was on his side, by his actions. Crazy.
  6. Bill Maher had the Mayor elect of New York city on his show last night. Wish we could have a mayor like this guy. He's got common sense and knows exactly what to do to help his people. This guy should run for President one day. I really like him alot. Sorry I forgot his name, but he seems like a really good guy who actually wants to change things for the better.
  7. Damn the nurses can't seem to get a break. This virus does whatever it wants to and just when you think it might slow down, around it comes again. I hope your friend stays safe. And thank her for doing her job and caring for the covid patients. The only side effect my mom had was her arm hurt the next day. I get mine in a few weeks. Hopefully, we'll all be okay. My daughter got her first covid shot on Thursday and didn't feel a thing. I hope she's okay after the second shot.
  8. Oh this sucks. I saw a picture posted on Axl's twitter account, but didn't realize he died. Poor baby. I'm a cat person and have been all my life. Cats are loving creatures and when they die it hurts so much. My mom has lost 4 cats and has them in little boxes around the house. She also puts a picture of them in front of the box. Anyone who loses a pet knows how much it hurts. But we can be happy that we gave them a very good life. RIP Dexter. What a handsome boy he was. Bet Axl cremates him and keeps him in his home too.
  9. Yeah, on soaps there always has to be conflict with couples. Can't anyone be happy? Sonny and Carly aren't happy these days either and sooner or later, Carly will find out about "mike" and Nina, so you know that'll be coming and mess them up. Friday's GH was awesome. I'm wondering since there's talk about Steve leaving if he'll disappear, presumed dead and another Jason will come along. Who knows? I can't find anything definite about Steve either way. Monday is Jax's last day, wondering if they'll replace him eventually? Finally Jack told Finn he's his father. Let's see how this goes? lol I do like Thomas, but I wish he would find someone to love that's available to him. lol Enjoy your holiday. wow 3 degrees. I don't miss those days and let's hope Texas doesn't have the same winter as last year. I don't think we could take it again.
  10. " The House on the Bayou" it was on the Epix channel. Is this a horror movie? I've seen the previews, but looks confusing to me. Was it good?
  11. I got my turkey today. It cost me $15. Not that bad. We'll have plenty of left overs. lol I still feel bad everytime I get a turkey. My brother told me to thank the turkey for giving their life so I can eat it. Okay, still feel bad.
  12. Yeah, take care and hope you feel better soon. If not, get to a hospital. Maybe after this consider the vaccine. Yeah, that stinks. But unfortunately even with the vaccine you can still get the virus, but like your daughter it won't be very bad. Glad she's going to be okay. I know how we parents worry about our kids.
  13. My daughter got her first covid vaccine yesterday in Walmart. The pharmacist was awesome and she didn't feel a thing. Three more weeks and she gets her second shot. I'm feeling better already. Awesome! Yeah, good thing since Dr. Fauci says we all should get a booster now. I'm pretty sure we'll be having to get a covid booster every year like the flu shot. If it keeps us healthy and safe, I'll do it. Damn I so hate hearing about covid cases going up again. Some states in America are bad too. It seems to get better and then go up again. We need to get more people vaccinated. And I thought the US was sending out vaccines to the other countries? How is that going?
  14. A friend told me she saw a new poster of "The Walking Dead" and it had Rick on the cover! it would be awesome for Michonne to find Rick and come back for the final episode and open it up to the Rick movies. Guess we'll find out in February.
  15. Oh lucky you! So glad you will spend the holiday with family. Most of the soaps are only on for 3 days next week, so I'm sure you'll catch up. Yeah, glad Finn found out. Now for the after shock. And Thomas told Paris he likes her! Here we go! Have a great week. The Texas weather will be in the 60's so it'll be nice and mild.
  16. After all the people that has died, I highly doubt the virus is fake. Anyone who believes this is in denial. I wish it was fake. Anyway, I've known people who have had it and got well. But seeing all those sick people on tv is too damn scary to believe it's fake. There's so many things in the world we don't even know about that can kill us, so I doubt this will be the end of covid or any other pandemic in the future. I just wish everything was easier to understand and we got it right from the start. Just too many different opinions which was more confusing to most of us.
  17. Okay heard Dr. Fauci and the doctor on Good Morning American 3 that everyone that has gotten the two covid shots need to get the booster since people who are fully vaccinated can and are still getting covid. Every day is something else. Luckily, my parents got their booster and I have to get mine and hopefully my daughter will gt vaccinated today in Walmart. And on top of this flu season is upon us. Stay well everyone.
  18. Nothing about the movie, but there's a new Limu Emu and Doug commercial showing Doug getting bit by a spider hoping he would turn into Spiderman to get people to buy insurance. it doesn't turn out good. I love those commercials.
  19. Yeah, true about Steve. If Ingo won't get vaccinated and he is gone, Steve will probably get fired too. He thinks because he's had covid he is immune now, but that's not always the case. Anyway, loved that Eric and Quinn could be on the road to recovery soon. Can't stand Brooke and her advice about Donna. She makes me sick with that baby voice of hers. Yeah, I did like Brad and hopefully Britt will come back alive and well and they can be friends again. I wonder if Brad will get his job back at GH? If Britt is Chief of Staff and returns, she probably will hire him. How long will it take Sonny to tell Carly about him and Nina before Nina spills the beans? And Esame has to go, but GH usually keeps the characters you can't stand for a while. lol
  20. Sorry you are right. I'm so terrible with names. lol Yeah, very gory and not knowing who the freaky clown is adds to the crazy shit he does. I think there is a second one coming up. God help us all! lol Not sure if I've seen All Hallow's eve. I've seen so many horror movies sometimes I forget after a while. I heard the freak only came on in the end of this movie, so I guess they moved him up to giving him his own movie now. lol
  21. I agree. Signs was the best movie he made and the movie with Bruce Willis, forgot the name. Anyway, I did guess what was going on but honestly I still have tons of unanswered questions about some things. Anyway, I do like how M does acting in his own movies. I think he's a pretty good actor.
  22. The news said that one woman made it to the stage to tell the guys there about people being squashed and run over, but because of the music and the lights no one heard her. This sucks big time. So far 10 people have died from this event. Even if Travis helps with the bills and funerals, how can he live with this? so many of his people are involved in this mess. It was not handled well at all. Too many people in a small area. Not a good idea. Corey Taylor of Slipknot did a Knotfest this weekend and mentioned it and said how rock fans try to help others who fall or get hurt. Honestly, I'm surprised that no one is ever killed at a SK show, but thankfully they aren't . A concert should be a safe haven for all fans to rock out. It's why we go to concerts to have fun and get crazy. We shouldn't be worried about dying. Just too sad.
  23. Yeah, like Scientology. lol Anyway, Marilyn is being accused of having a "bad girl" room now. I doubt joining any kind of religious cult will help him if he's guilty of doing horrible shit. And hanging with Kanya. Not sure about that one either? A very sad incident happened in Texas on Sunday. It seems a mother with 4 kids in the back seat ranging from 8 months to 6 years old weren't in car seats or some of the seats weren't correctly attached to the back seat area. As the mother made a turn onto another street, the baby fell out of the car and was run over by another car. People thought it was a doll, but it was the 8 month old baby. When people realized it was a baby they stopped traffic and ran to help, but she was already dead. Police are looking into this and want to find the person who ran the baby over. They think the person either didn't realize it ran over something least alone a baby. No charges have been brought to the mother yet. I know it's super expensive to have car seats, but all thes kids should have been in a car seat of a booster seat and made sure they were attached properly to the backseat. This is such a horrible thing to happen. I don't know how anyone let alone the mother can get over this? The police think the baby wasn't secured in the car seat and put backwards in the car and the car seat wasn't attached either. Can't imagine once the person in the other car finds out, how devastated they will feel. I do hope they come forward. How can yo live with yourself once you find out you ran over a baby without realizing it. It's all over the news so I do hope they come forward. I really hate hearing stories like this.
  24. True since vaccinated people can still get covid, but hopefully won't get that sick. I would rather get the vaccination and the booster to stay well and keep my family safe from getting covid. A man in Dallas already died from the flu. We got our flu shots in September, but you never know with the flu? But it's better to get the shot than not. So many diseases are gone now due to vaccinations, so I'm all for them. I don't like being sick and I don't want my child getting sick if getting a vaccine can help.
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