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  1. Girl! I watched this movie too and was disgusted by those men. They deserved to be fired and put in jail. They got a huge raise to leave. What bullshit! Men with power and money get away with so much shit. I commend those women for standing up, but we have a very long way to go! I know charlize looked just like Megan. Unreal. I really good movie. Love movies with twists in the ending. Gone baby gone was another good movie. Really cool! My mom remembers when she lived in NYC, when the Warriors movie was being filmed there. She took the same trains as in the movie and the same train stations. lol She knew from the Bronx to Brooklyn, Coney Island would take about 3 different trains and about 3 hours. lol She felt for those poor Warriors trying to get back to coney.
  2. Most of us need to get this vaccine or it won't keep everyone safe. As for people thinking God or whoever will keep them safe, they allowed this virus in the first place so that should tell you no one can save you and they really don't care all that much. It just goes to show us we're not all that important in the grand scheme of things. We need to do better, but since that hasn't happened since man was made I doubt it'll ever happen. Love that shirt. I love anything with little penguins on it. Look at his little face. Precious. You go girl! As for the beginning of the end, that happened back in March when the whole virus started.
  3. For the 80's it wasn't bad, but whenever I watch it now it seems so lame. lol Charles Bronson movies are awesome. The guy made it huge in his 60's and that's very cool. He was a very good actor it just took the US a long time to realize it.
  4. The UK has the vaccine now. I also read that both China and Russia have their own vaccine. Not sure how they are. We'll probably never find out either. Texas has the vaccines, just waiting for approval. Too many people have died and the medical personnel are so tired and stressed out. We need to get them help and continue to wear masks and stay inside as much as we can. It's hard to believe some people still don't believe this virus. Now Rudy G has it and has probably spread it all over with his travels. Not to mention the thousands of US soldiers that died in the Civil War. What a history our planet has!
  5. Yeah, in the Whitesnake videos. lol I know she and David had a crazy marriage, but I think she had a drug problem. She was on a season of the show that Dr. Drew had where they were in rehab. I recently saw her on those plastic surgeon doctors and she got her boob implants taken out. Anyway, yeah, she was good in B P too. She was also in the Legendary adventures of Hercules with Kevin Sorbo. In Hollywood when an actress gets older the parts are few and far between. She was also on an episode of Seinfeld. Never read the books but saw all the movies and was so glad they stuck with the same actors throughout all the movies. They were awesome and so were the movies.
  6. Yeah, the one from Murphy's Law was thrown out a window and landed on some pointed sun dial. lol Tawney was possessed by the dead guy but was saved by her boyfriend. It was okay until she got possessed and wore that men's suite and ran around trying to kill him with an ax. lol
  7. Yeah, I wonder why GH fired Lulu. I was hoping Lucky would come back but not. Luke lives in Amsterdam so i know Tony couldn't be on the show. I wonder if Robert will ever find out Holly is alive and held captive? Well, maybe they will replace Lulu and that actress will get less pay. Otherwise, Dante is going to be wasted. Yeah, I know Liam is going on and on about Thomas kissing Hope and not letting her talk. He was feeling guilty for sleeping with Steffie and that's why is went after Hope. Poor Thomas. I wonder if he'll be saved? And I loved when Ridge and Steffie couldn't understand why Liam didn't confront Thomas and "hope" like he does all the other times I laughed at that because I was saying the same thing all week long. Well, the actress that plays Steffie is pregnant, so here we go again. lol I was always puzzled why Steffie had such an intimate photo of her and Liam. I think that will be the end of her and Finn unless they sleep together? Who knows? My weekend was quiet. did watch a few movies with my mom. Otherwise I was in. I agree about Mike and Willow. I think she should go back with Chase and Mike should give Sasha a chance. I would love to see Michael go up against Cyrus too. I want that man gone. And why isn't Sasha telling Chase that Cyrus gave her the drugs. Maybe they can hold him on that charge. Also I think Martin Grey and Cyrus are either brothers or related somehow. I wish we could have seen that picture Julian found.
  8. Yeah, it was 1972 London, so yeah the kids were like hippies, but Dracula never go to see the city. He just stayed in one place. It was okay. Yeah, in Murphy's law that one had some mouth on her! lol But it was funny. She was also in that movie with Tawney Kaetan called Witchboard. Tawney is a terrible actress.
  9. The Turning Okay the ending left you up in the air. Until then it was a pretty good movie. If anyone has seen this movie, please explain it to me because I am confused and it can go a few ways. I really hate when movies don't explain shit. lol Thanks. Yeah, but it was weird because this guy brought him back from the dead, lol, but Dracula never left the old church or the graveyard. The victims would be brought to him. It would have been cool to see him walking around London during the 70's. That's what was cool about "Blade Trinity" When Dracula walked around the city and went into a store that sold vampire stuff and he got very pissed at the two jerks in the store. lol classic.
  10. Jack in the Box Pretty good horror story about a creepy jack in the box and a demon legend.
  11. I agree. Everyday the death numbers go up. I think about these people and the families left behind. My boyfriend's mom has covid and now pneumonia. She went to the ER and they gave her meds and a machine to breath easier, but I worry because she is type 2 diabetes and also ashma. She is also over 60. I know some hospitals are turning patients away because they are full, but I pray she will gt over this soon. I feel for the people who are losing their loved ones at this time. Biden says he has a plan to help Americans, I really hope he does. Evan how terrible of you! Enjoy your weekend thinking how we may be suffering you bloody bastard! lol Well, said. I do hope we all stay well and next year is better. We humans have to do better or else this can happen again. And wear a damn mask. Our doctor said that is the one thing that helps you stay well.
  12. I thought these vaccines are free? Yeah, Dr. Fauci made a statement thinking the UK was moving too fast. It's the only time I disagreed with him. I know Britain is smart enough to know what they are doing. I think US pharmacies are getting the vaccines first before your doctors. It'll be easier for me since Walmart is right around the corner. I guess from this time on it'll be a flu shot and a covid shot every year. I can live with that.
  13. Dracula 1972 with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I watched Murphy's Law about a month ago. Love Charles Bronson. My mom is a huge fan too. She saw Death Wish in the movies in NYC. it made Bronson a huge star back in the 70's and 80's. So sad he lost his wife to cancer and then got dementia. Such a cool dude.
  14. Season finale of "Warrior" If you're a fan of Bruce Lee you have to watch this show on Cinemax. it's based on the writings of Bruce that he did back in the 60's. It took all these years for his daughter Shannon to get it on tv. Johnathan Trooper who is the creator of Banshee bought the rights to this and made an amazing tv show out of it. The lead actor is amazing. He must have watched every Bruce movie and studied and learned his moves. He does them perfectly. This show is an amazing dedication to Bruce. All the characters/actors are just terrific. Bruce would be proud.
  15. Well, Julian is not dead so that's a good thing. Means he can always come back. I hope Trina doesn't fall into Cyrus' trap finding her dad. They will both be killed. With GH you never know? Well, now that Dante is back what the hell no Lulu? That is so stupid. If they got rid of Cyrus and his crew there'll be more room for more important characters. I doubt Sasha and Michael and Chase and Willow will get together again. It's been too long and now Michael and Willow care about each other more than friends. I had to laugh on Bold, Thomas had the same thing on his head like Lulu had. I do hope Thomas will be okay. Have a good weekend. Be safe
  16. I know each character is so unique. My mom watched it as a kid when it just came out and she and I would watch it every year and sing all the songs. Now I do the same thing with my daughter. You never get tired of watching such a cute movie. One of my all time favorite Christmas movies.
  17. I hope I can get the pfizer one. they have been in business for a very long time. My grandfather worked for them in Brooklyn until he retired. I trust that company. We get one shot and then 3 weeks later another one. I saw on CNN today that one doctor said the shots would last for 119 days. If that's true, that's only four months? Will we get more shots or wait until next year? Also the only way a mask really works is if you cover both your nose and mouth. Your nose has more germs than your mouth and right now the most accurate test is the one that goes up your nose!
  18. Saw my doctor today for a check up. He said wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth is the best thing to do right now and he said the new vaccines are safe. Guess we'll find out. Meanwhile numbers are way up again. A 35 year old father of 5 kids, who served two tours in Iraq and made it back got the virus in November and died on November 28. He had mild symptoms and then got worse until he was admitted into the hospital where he died. he had no other underlying symptoms and was in perfect health. This virus doesn't give a shit how old you are or how healthy you are. It finds a weakness and attacks. So damn sad. Meanwhile, some government morons, Trump included, are having holiday parties. Biden will have to fumigate every room in the white house before moving in. Vaccines are on their way but too many people are still sick and dying. Just sucks.
  19. Wow. GH fired Lulu. Well that sucks. Guess they will replace her. I know she made a statement that she and her family were moving out of state. For some reason she couldn't find a house in LA, which I thought was weird. Oh well, you're never sure about any job I guess. I have to watch Bold later today. I'm hoping Thomas has a brain injury and that's why he is talking to the doll. lol Yeah, Liam, is a jerk. Hope will never forgive him and I think Steffie still loves him too. Cyrus is now using Trina to get to her dad. I hope Sonny and Jason figure this out before someone dies. Also I think that Martin and Cyrus are related and possibly the whole Laura story from 40 years ago is related to them too. Guess we'll see. Julian is alive! What a shocker! lol I do like him, so maybe one day he will return? Who knows? I loved when Laura slapped Cyrus in his face! That was great! We know sooner or later, Cyrus will be the one to leave the show.
  20. I had a friend who said Heaven and Hell was on earth. Sometimes I think she was so right! I can't imagine sitting on a cloud for eternity or suffering in fire? It seems unreal to me. Sometimes having religions is a good thing, but then again, so many people use their beliefs to cause trouble. I think if there is a powerful God, he should have made one kind of people and one religion. If he thinks eventually we will all get along and find peace, that's never going to happen. God is the parent and we are his kids and you know how that goes! Some of us have no common sense or care about others. How sad is that?
  21. Got my yellow GNR mask today. Very cool looking. I washed it.
  22. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. My daughter and I love it. We also watched the Minions special from the other night. God! We love those little yellow guys. Big Sky and Swamp Thing.
  23. Well, I think Julian is still alive but will go missing. As for Lulu yeah she is in a care place in NYC for now. I know she moved out of state, so maybe she couldn't commute to CA? Anyway, I hope they replace her because what about Dante? I guess the original Brooklynn will be back after maternity leave. I think Cyrus and Martin might be related? Curtis figured out that Martin might know the woman named Gray who Cyrus had in that house. My mom told me that Laura killed someone years ago, but she was a teen so they didn't charge her. I think that's the file Cyrus wanted. Maybe that guy is also related to Cyrus. I just wish Jason would kill Cyrus. I'm tired of him smirking all the time. As for Bold, okay, Hope finally caught Thomas talking to the doll. I have to watch it later on. And Liam and Steffy slept together again! OMG. The actress is pregnant in real live, so I guess the baby will be Liam's. There goes that marriage. lol It's very cold here all this week. Tomorrow will be in the 30's. Winter has arrived! I know most Texans hate this weather, but I love it! Take care. Yeah, I thought Ned's eye was weird. I will have to look at it when he's on Days. lol
  24. The congress is still arguing over how much to spend on another stimulus plan. So many things will run out at the end of the year. I don't know how the government expects people to survive. The food lines are so long and it makes me sad how so many people count on this. Every worse thing that could happen has happened this year. We need a miracle more than ever this Christmas. The news said that there are over 15,000 Angel Tree kids still needing someone to pick their name. It would be so sad for so many kids not to have anything under their tree this year. you can donate online which is what I have done. I haven't shopped in any malls since the pandemic, but I still give to charities through the pc or mail.
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