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  1. You know you can decrease BPM's and still have a click. They probably are still using a click. To know if they are using it you'd have to hear Frank's In ear. and an indication they weren't using it is to increase and decrease BPMS during the same song
  2. From the same cd they could also still pick out Goin Down, Perhaps, State of Grace and As it Began as possible songs that they revamped or just started playing as is with different slash solos. All of the above are stronger than Silkworms / Absurd in my humble opinion, but happy for them to play anything new. If this is what they're into, at least we get to see it and that's fine. But maybe the others will be picked up as well and that's cool to see
  3. He still says absurd in the last leak, exactly like he did here. All slash did was play the guitar leads in his own style, but they didn't change anything from that leak that bumble worked on
  4. I thought it was the weakest of all the leaks so I heard it twice before, it was hard to remember that I already heard this exact version. I just remembered there was a new leak in 2018. Yeah looking back, same shit but bumble isn't on this one. So it's at least as far back as 2014.
  5. Guys not sure what was discussed here before, but the 2018 leak of Silkworms is exactly the same song with the same chorus that Axl sang last night. Not sure if Duff and Slash did more than play the parts already played on that leak with their own style. But the lyrics and arrangements are the exact same ones. So Whatever they did is based on the 2018 leak EDIT just noticed the other thread.sorry!
  6. He has stated multiple times he is selling a lot of gear to buy a very expensive guitar... this kind of speculation is so stupid. Fortus isn't going anywhere,
  7. He is selling gear to buy a guitar that probably costs something like 1 million dollars. It's a 58 or 59 Les Paul. Highly collectable. Kirk Hammet did the same to buy his greenie Les Paul when Gary Moore passed away. I don't think Fortus has any issue with money nor salaries, You don't buy a guitar like that unless you have enough assets.
  8. damn right, the last dead daisies record is their best by far and the best rock record i head this year. Bassline is the catchiest rock tune out there! Glen killed it!!! and so did Doug
  9. has anyone noticed that neither slash nor duff follow frank on IG? Beta isn't following Frank either
  10. i actually heard that version of DJ being asked to joing NITL from a close source, at the time i couldn't didn't want to believe it but i trusted the source as it had close contact with Axl. And sure enough DJ confirmed it soon after. From what i heard he had a contract sent and was gonna do it, but Naty said no and he treasures his marriage like any wise man should. But hey it is what it is.
  11. we've all waited for so long, that it seems like no one cares anymore. Let's just enjoy their past hits and live on with our lives. Nothing to see here...
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