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  1. Got my Exit 111 Manchester shirt in today. Actually pretty fast from the official GN'R store. I put it up with my Louisville shirt and Litho. I'm actually pretty happy to have have the Exit 111 shirt because it was sold out the last night when I attended the concert, the night GN'R played.

  2. 1 hour ago, KeyserSoze said:

    ***Feel free to move this to the proper discussion, I just find it fucking hilarious the guy who replaced the other guy is now making music with that same guy  and hasn't made music with the band BOTH of them were in 


    I know it is kind of weird and funny. That also seems like a strange cast of people, but in this boring time, I am fine with people making any music. Everyone is so bored right now.

    I also understand why a band would not want to put any music and just wait since almost all bands make their money on the road. With that being said, I will still check this out.

  3. I always liked Matt but after reading this book I really think he is a fucking douchebag. I am also glad that they cancelled my preorder for the book. I will not be buying the new version if it ever does come out. He really does think he is way more important than he actually is, and I'm not just talking GN'R

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  4. 1 hour ago, Old_school_gnr_fan said:

    The official merch store has Appetite For Destruction available on red cassette. Don’t know if anyone’s interested. I figured I would grab one. I’ve had the blue one for a couple of years now.


    I bought it, maybe a month ago. They shipped it the day after I ordered it. It came pretty quick. I was very surprised. The official store has never been know to be too fast on shipping things. Hopefully they continue to ship things that fast.

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  5. I watched it last weekend. I liked it, but didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.
    I think that is my own fault though because I think I completely over hyped myself for it.

    I think if you like Blind Melon and Shannon then you will enjoy it. There were many pieces of it that took me back in time to the 90’s. 

  6. 22 hours ago, adamwolff11 said:

    Wow, that's odd! I did. A couple of my takeaways:

    - Matt is pretty full of himself.. there's not much humility and he's not super complimentary of most people he mentions. 

    - It's obvious his feelings are still very raw about the reunion and he feels he should have been included. He doesn't really have anything positive to say about it. He was invited to play, but offered no money by Fernando.

    - His relationship with Duff seems to be pretty affected by it. He mentions Duff thinks Frank sucks, but Axl wants him. Basically shits on how Duff handled the whole thing. Said Slash referred to it as 'just a gig'. 

    - I was most shocked by how he has NOTHING positive to say about Slash. Not even being complimentary of his playing. Basically says his whole go with the flow, easy going stuff is an act and he's more cunning than anyone. Shits on him for stuff related to Guns, Snakepit, and VR. 

    - Glossed over the VR stuff for the most part. Weiland may have been mentioned a couple times, but his death was barely acknowledged.

    - Acknowledged he immediately regretted his HOF speech, which was probably the most adult emotion he showed in the book. Also used the HOF as an opportunity to shit on Slash.

    - Was easily the most complimentary of Axl out of all of Guns members. I felt his takes were pretty fair.. he criticized some of the bullshit, but was also quick to give Axl praise. 

    - This was definitely on the Anthony Kiedis book level of 'Then I had sex and then I did drugs and then I had sex, etc, etc'. It's hard to tell throughout a lot of the book whether he's trying to brag or it's just an honest reflection. A part of me thinks he's a dude that still completely glamorizes the 'rockstar lifestyle', but he's relatively thoughtful at the end.


    All in all, I would recommend it for anyone who likes the band enough to be reading a Guns forum. I'd say 70% of the book involves the period from him joining Guns through the end of VR, which I'd imagine is what most on here would be interested in. And, to me, the fact that this is the first band member's book to be released after the reunion, that was interesting. 

    I preordered mine a long time ago and can’t wait to get it and read it. Nice review!

    I wonder if he is changing anything with the book being pushed back to July? 

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