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  1. I would love to just get the chance to own a Slash model but Gibson never releases lefty versions. It pisses me off. I never really play much anymore anyway but I would like to one day own a Gibson Slash model AFD model that is left handed.

    I am looking forward to what the new owners at Gibson are going to bring to the table in the future. I couldn’t stand Henry J and I am glad he is gone.

  2. Toooooo much! Definitely cutting back in the future. Probably 20 shirts, multiple versions of all the cds,albums,tapes, and books/biographies. 

    Since 2016 I have seen 6 shows of NITLT two tickets for 3 of the shows. Got a lithograph and shirt at each one too. 

    Can’t forget my Nightrain membership from 2015 to 2019

    This isn’t even counting the SMKC and Duff shows 😂  There is probably more but I have embarrassed myself enough already.

    I am done for quite a while now though. My wife is making sure of that 😂 ....unless I can find an unopened L&L for about $250.

  3. I just finished Don't Fuck With Cats and really enjoyed it. It really was disturbing. I also watched the Kevin Hart Don't Fuck This Up and I kind of wish I didn't. I liked him a lot more before I watched it. I also just finished watching The Madalorian on Disney+. I did not love it, but I mostly enjoyed it. I will watch Season 2 when it comes out.

  4. Eddie Trunk is on his show now talking about this situation. He was talking about how he was backstage at Exit 111 and that Tom Zutaut was there too. Eddie said that Tom told him while they were backstage that there was some weirdness going on between him the GN’R camp. Eddie said well I guess we all know what that weirdness is now.

    Eddie is clearly still butt hurt about never getting that interview and I love it 😂 Just hearing the comments he was making as he described how GN’R entered the backstage area sounds like he is still upset they made him move back during that show.

    Eddie also bragged about being the original leaker of anything Chinese Democracy. The guy is such a douchebag.

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  5. On 10/5/2019 at 11:16 AM, soon said:

    I also like the unsubstantiated claim that Duff threw him up against a wall when Pitman showed up for rehearsal. Which, on the off chance that its a true story, would suggest that Axl didnt fire him (since he showed up for practice) and that maybe Duff did.

    I know this just a rumor but do you know how much money I would pay to see Duff in his “punk as fuck” shirt doing that to Pitman? 😂😂

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  6. 8 hours ago, GNRfanMILO said:

    That is what I am talking about! Getting down to the price range I have been waiting for. Looks like it is sold out on that site but I would like to see more of this.

    I really don’t feel like I have to have one, and if I never get one, I am okay with it. But if these prices keep dropping, I am going to probably end up getting one soon.

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