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  1. 38 minutes ago, amaninjapan said:

    Am I selfish if I am secretly hoping nothing ever beats the 4-hour Forum show in Los Angeles in 2017? Since I was there? :P

    No, I would feel the same way, but I am going to be in Vegas, so I hope it goes 4,and has the greatest lithos ever from Mr.Buhler :lol: I am also realistic,so i am not actually thinking either will happen:lol:

  2. 2 minutes ago, amaninjapan said:

    Sorry, I didn't mean to be cheeky :lol:

    I can't confirm or deny which lithos he's doing but my gut feeling is he will do the last Vegas show, at least. He's done a litho for the last show of each major leg (NA 2016, Japan, Australia, Asia, Europe 2017, NA 2017, Europe 2018, Asia Pacific 2018)... it would be a shame for them not to go out with a Buhler bang as usual!

    I agree, they have to go out with a bang, especially after some of the ones that have been on this leg. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, amaninjapan said:

    oh and just in case anybody didn't believe me when I said Tijuana was a Buhler, he just confirmed on Instagram:


    Are you still not reading Lithorati? I had Arian Buhler listed as the artist before GNR was even on stage! ;)

    You got me, I clicked on it while at work, and said I need to look at this when I get home. So, no, you caught me again. :lol: I do like to look at it, it has just been a long time :lol:

    I really do hope he does both Vegas lithos this year. He is really talented and I would love to finally buy one of his lithos at a show.

  4. I was just listening to Eddie Trunk on Sirius and he is talking Exit 111. He said GN"R is the only band he didn't watch and he seems very upset :lol: He said they came came thru with security like the president and Richard told Eddie he could watch from the side of the stage and that a security guy said that he could not :lol: So Eddie seems a little butt hurt that his "friends" wouldn't let him hang out :lol::lol: I love it! 

    Everyone was asking why Eddie didn't announce GN'R and why he disappeared, and this must be the answer.

  5. On 10/19/2019 at 11:17 AM, Amir said:

    This is another thing that bothers me: there's almost zero crowd interaction. Apart from the band introduction I think Axl spoke fewer than ten words last night? It's really bizarre to just see them go through song after song without acknowledging the audience. Not that I'm expecting a ten-minute Axl rant at every show, but just *something* to make it feel less impersonal.

    At least at Exit 111 he called the crowd a bunch of frost bitten motherfuckers lol. That was more crowd interaction than what I have been use to at the other shows I have attended.

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