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  1. Not a riff, but my favorite of his solos has always been the one in Bad Apples. Not a song that's talked about much.
  2. I don’t buy that. They’ve done tons of shows where his voice was totally shot. Rock in Rio 2017 probably being the most prime example.
  3. Based off how he sounded on the most recent tour I doubt he’s doing much practice on his own. People can blame it on his age all they want but we saw in 2016 what he’s capable of when he really puts his foot forward. No reason why he can’t do that again.
  4. Taking part in rehearsals actually keeps your voice warm and in shape. Not singing for extended periods of time results in what we’ve seen from Axl in recent memory. Musicians have to practice to stay up to par. There’s absolutely no reason why he can’t perform like he did in 2016. It’s all a matter of effort.
  5. He doesn't take part in any of the rehearsals. To me that shows a huge lack of effort and it's evident in his recent performances.
  6. If he actually put in the effort to take care of his voice and stay in shape I think he could. But as we all know, that is a very tall order for Axl these days.
  7. Living the Dream was definitely the worst of the three but I thought it was still pretty good. Apocalyptic Love and World on Fire are hard to live up to. Both phenomenal albums.
  8. "I miss that guy" Great to hear Axl say that about Izzy.
  9. I've always liked it. Just a great, straight ahead rock song.
  10. My realistic choice is Pretty Tied Up, but my dream choice is 14 Years and Dust N Bones with Izzy. A man can dream right?
  11. My two favorites have always been Bad Apples and You Got No Right by Velvet Revolver.
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